What is android vending

What is Fix the com android vending error in just 5 minutes without any third-party app! Stuck with “The application (process has stopped working unexpectedly”? Can’t understand why this error popped up suddenly? Want to know where com android vending is used for? See what the android vending error means and how you can resolve it.

See how you can trace the error to its core and resolve it like a professional. Learn about why you should take this error seriously and resolve it as soon as possible. Did you know that this error can make your phone useless and vulnerable in a few days or weeks. The error can leave your phone without updates or download any new app from the Play Store. But worry not as we got your back with different solutions.

Learn how to resolve errors by uninstalling updates or factory resetting or using root explorer or flashing Gapps. If you don’t know about rooting then no problem as we got you covered with our other article. Learn everything you need to know at one place without any of the hassle. And if you are more interested then checkout a video for a faster solution.

What is

Let us first understand what does means and we need it. It is basically the installer name in the android platform. Breaking down the word or syntax does help us in understanding it better. Now the word installer tells the android about from where or source from which the app is being installed. Now the word “ tells us that the app in question is being installed from the Google Play Store. You must be getting the idea about and why it is used. 

The data which is related to the Google Play Store are stored and kept safe but in case it is deleted on a non-rooted phone. In such a case you will get the error saying “The application (process has stopped working unexpectedly”. And the app which you were trying to install will be stopped and removed from the task que.  In such case you will be left confused as to what does the work android vending means? 

Keep in mind that this is a problem with non-rooted phones, as rooted phones have the option to change the Gapps (Google Apps) anytime. But if you have a rooted phone then this problem will be caused by the Gapps you used during the installation process. Usually the error occurs when the days of the Play Store is being tampered with or is removed forcefully.

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What errors do?

If you got this error then we fear that you can not download anything on your smartphone. This error ruins the user’s ability to download any app on their smartphone. Whenever you will try to download any app then you will encounter this error and your app will not install. 

Unlike other errors this error is serious and you need to resolve it as soon as possible. The error can make your phone unusable, as you can not download any new app or even update any app. We would recommend you clear your schedule if you want to resolve this error from your phone. But keep few things in mind before we go further:

  • Charge your phone to atlas 70-80% as it will take some time to solve.
  • Recover all your data in either an external storage like SD card or upload on any cloud.
  • Do not attempt anything else without knowing what you are doing, you may end up worsening the problem.
  • Try restarting your smartphone once before trying other steps and see if it resolved the error.
  • Keep a backup phone with you in case you are a busy person or receive a lot of calls.

Now lets see the various ways we can resolve

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We discussed about the error but now lets see how to remove the error from your smartphone.

How to fixprocess has stopped unexpectedly?

Now in case the Play Store data is removed or accidentally removed on a non-rooted device. You will receive the error message saying “the application (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”. The error will occur again and again when you will open the Play Store for downloading any app or game. 

However, if your device is rooted then the problem will be caused by the Gapps (Google Apps) package which you installed in your smartphone. Or if the Google Play Store data is not behaving normally or started acting up for some reason. We already mentioned above that this will take the ability of a user to download and install the apps. Making their smartphones virtually useless, as you can not continue to use your smartphone with this error. 

And you are not alone in this, there are a number of people who get this error. Over the years more and more users are facing this error on their smartphone despite their actions. Sometimes a third-party application can also clear the data, generally badly coded or made programs do this. So we made a list of steps for you which you can try to resolve the error. But keep in mind that if your smartphone is not rooted then you can not try the “only for rooted users”steps. If you want to root your smartphone and try those steps then check out our article.

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Now lets see the various different ways to resolve the error:

Uninstalling latest update of Play Store

This should resolve the issue and worth giving a try.

  1.  Open your smartphone and look for “Settings”.
  2.  Once found, open the settings and look for “App and notifications” or “App manager”.
How to fix "process has stopped unexpectedly"?
  1.  Open it and tap on “Show all apps” or “show system” to see all apps and search for “Play Store”.
show system app
  1.  Look for the app from the list and open it once you find it.
  2.  Now, once it is opened, tap on “Uninstall latest version” and once it is done restart your smartphone.
  3.  Next open the Play Store and let it update, give it around 10-15 minutes. Now your error should be resolved and you can download any app or game that you want.

Factory resetting your smartphone

This should not be your first option as all your user data will be lost, this is why you should backup all your data. 

  1.  Open your smartphone and look for “Settings”.
  2.  Now, open the settings and look for “Backup and restore” or “Backup“.
Backup and restore
  1.  Open it once found and navigate the settings for “Factory data reset” and open it.
Factory data reset
  1.  Once the phone turns off, put the phone in recovery mode by pressing simultaneously Power button + Volume up.
  2.  Once the settings open, use the power button to select and volume buttons to navigate.
  3.  Now clean the cache data of your phone and reboot your smartphone. Your error should be resolved and you can download any app or game.

Your smartphone will restart with the only difference in the time it will take, once it completes your device will be just like new. 

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NOTE: Charge your device at least 80% before attempting to factory reset the device. If your device shuts down in the middle of the resetting process, you can run into bricking your smartphone. Or in other words, we can say you can ruin your smartphone.

Flashing Gapps (only for root users)

If your smartphone is not rooted then you should skip this step.

  1.  Power off or turn off your smartphone. 
  2.  Now put your smartphone in recovery mode by Power button + Volume up (Home button if you have it).
  3.  Now flash the Gapps (zip file) again in your smartphone all over again.
  4.  Once the process is being successful then boot up your smartphone and the error should be gone. But you need to login again to all your Google accounts.

Using Root explorer (only for root users)

  1.  Use the root explorer application on your smartphone, use the app to gain access to “” folder. The path for the folder will be “Android/data’ or ‘Android/data/data”.
  2.  Once you find the folder, delete the folder.
  3.  Now just open the Play Store and try to download the app or game which you wanted to download. This should resolve the error and you will not have any more issues.


We saw what is and how to resolve “The application (process has stopped working unexpectedly”. Keep in mind that you should try rooting your smartphone as it is better than factory resetting it. If you decide to factory reset your smartphone then we mentioned our articles where you can learn how to do it. We also mentioned link for our article for best root apps, you should look into it.