How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5? Rooting phones these days isn’t a major fuss, the same goes for Samsung Galaxy S5. Though it does require you to know a few things that are probably out of your comfort zone. But don’t worry. That is the very reason for this post. And once you are through, you will be able to root your S5 all by yourself. 

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a much better phone than the former S4. And it packs a lot of power under its hood. With a Quad 1.9GHz octa-core processor, it runs fast. Furthermore, the 16GBs of internal memory will give you the space of a whole lot of data of your own. How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5?

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Rooting is a process with which you can get your hands on all the restricted features of your phone. Though you can use your phone in new ways, it can also lower its guard when it comes to security protocols. 

What is

Why should you consider rooting?

Essentially, rooting your device will give you an edge over ones with conventional software. But there is a chance that you might not be aware of everything that rooting has to offer. So here it is. 

1. More skins to choose from 

Ever noticed how a car with a custom paint job always catches your attention? You surely might have imagined doing that to your car someday as well. The same goes for your phone with rooting as well. In fact, you can even upload custom skins with a little bit of tinkering around. 

2. New apps to install

The underground holds many wonders and the closest we can come to it probably might be installing some restricted app on our phone. So, if you wanna open a gateway to those apps out of your reach, then rooting is the way to go. 

3. Go away junk apps

No matter which phone owner, there will always be some apps that they never use. But we sure keep these around as they often cannot be uninstalled. And if you want to get rid of these pre-installed apps, you might as well consider rooting your device. 

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4. Ad-free

Why do you play all your favorite games offline? Because you don’t wanna run into the ads that ruin all the fun while you are in a streak. Likewise, people other than gamers face the same scenario with other apps. Since rooting can help you remove these ads forever, that’s another reason to go through with it. 

5. ROMs that are custom designed

There are several ROMs out there that can give you a lot of great features. That’s because they all deal with a much more proficient kernel. And for those of you who don’t know, a kernel is the intermediate between the software and hardware that helps things get along. 

6. New updates

Ever wonder how some guys seem to get a hold of new versions of Android before they even release? That is another one of the pros of rooting. You get a hold of such versions that come out as test packages.

7. High performance

No question about it. Due to several reasons, your device is kept at a hold considering its performance. But rooting can deal with those limiters and get your device to run at its max. 

8. Improved battery

Since you get rid of a lot of unwanted processes and apps with the help of rooting, your battery benefits as well. As it will no longer fall prey to all those unnecessary background activities. 

9. Better backup

Backing up a regular device is a lot of pain. You have to set up different methods for different media, apps, and contacts. And even after that, there might be some places you miss. On the contrary, in a rooted phone, you can back up pretty much anything you want. 

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Why rooting might not be the thing for you?

Before you get all excited about rooting there should be some things you should be aware of. Clearly, any gain will come at a price and the case is no different from rooting. So, here’s the info that you should also consider before making the decision. 

1. Losing your device

The worst-case scenario is that if something goes wrong, you might lose your device for good. In fact, it will become what techies call a brick. That is only the hardware will be left behind. And it will take a good effort from some pro computer experts to get it back to running. 

2. You will lose some apps

Although you will get to use a million apps, there are some apps that won’t allow you access. Especially apps that deal with money transfer. These apps have much higher security concerns and protocols that don’t permit them to give access to rooted phones. 

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3. No more warranty

Rooting will you access to a whole lot more. But on the other hand, it also lowers your phone’s guard. Hence making it a more easy target for security threats. And this is very undesirable as far as phone companies are concerned. Therefore, they tend to take off warranty or other services for devices that are rooted. 

4. Update failures

Updates are crucial. Though rooted phones can get access to new updates with more features there is also a probability of the reverse happening. Sometimes, you might not be able to update your version due to the glitches in its system files. 

Measures before rooting

1. Backup what’s needed

Rooting involves pretty much brainwashing your phone. Hence it is reasonable to take necessary action beforehand. So you should backup all the data you deem worthy. 

2. USB debugging

Whatever software you are using needs to recognize your device. So be sure to enable this option that you can find within the Developer options. 

USB debugging

3. OEM unlock

Unlocking OEM will release all restrictions on bootloader on your device. Since bootloader is the only thing keeping your device’s software form getting modified, this step might be required by most rooting apps. 

OEM unlock

4. Developer mode

In many phones, including Samsung Galaxy, the Developer options only appear after enabling Developer mode. Therefore, before rooting with any method you have to tend to it. 

5. Battery Life

The rooting process generally takes a lot of time. And your phone has to make its way through it. So make sure that it has anywhere above 60% charge, to begin with. 

Here we go: Rooting Samsung s5 


You are surely gonna some kind of tool to root your phone. Apart from the usual PC and a USB cable, you will require support from software that specializes in rooting. And here we are demonstrating it with a software called dr.fone. 

Obviously, there are many other apps you can use to root your device other than this one. So why choose dr.fone. That is a good question, so let’s take a look at its features. 

Why choose dr.fone?

  • There are over 7000 devices that have been successfully rooted with the app. So you don’t need to be all worked up about it working properly.
  • You won’t need to spend a single buck on the app as it is up for grabs absolutely for free. 
  • The software was definitely made with security risks in mind. So you don’t need to be worried about that either. In fact, the developers made the software with this in mind. 
  • Furthermore, the user interface of the software is very simple and easy for even newbies to use. 
  • Since Windows is the most frequently used OS by users, the software has versions supported it. But versions compatible with other OS exist as well. 
  • You can completely trust the app and the rooting process is very efficient as well. 
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Using dr.fone for rooting

  1. Before taking an actual step in the process, you first got to have the software on your PC. So go to the official site and download it. Use your preferred browser for this. 
  1. Bring up your USB cable. And connect it’s one end to your S5 and other to the computer.
  1. dr.fone needs to detect your phone. Hence, there is a need to enable USB debugging. The option is present within the Developer options
  1. As soon as the software picks up your device on the radar, it will show a Start option on the screen. Choose it and then wait. 
  1. The software will now evaluate your phone and if it sees the scope for rooting, it will show a Root now option. Select if you are sure that its the way you want to go.
  1. A prompt will appear, asking for your confirmation. Choose accordingly. 
  1. The rooting will take some time. And you will be notified once it is done. 


How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5? Before rooting, make sure that you really want to do it after considering its possible downside. And if you still want to proceed, you know what to do. Fair warning though, the method may not work on some phones, since there is always a chance for failure. So feel free to subscribe to other methods if you prefer. Good luck. 

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