Stuck with the error stop unfortunately? Wondering why the app is used in the first place? See if the app is stealing your data in the background. Or is the app making your call behind your back? Learn the use of com samsung android app telephonyui on your phone and how you can remove the app if you want. If you are stuck then check out the video on our YouTube channel.

The app comes with the Android OS (Operating System) pre-installed and it is responsible for you being able to make and reject calls. This app is called “server.telecom” and it is responsible for calls from VOIP connections, sim management, and other important network-related tasks.

Android.telephony is also known as “InCallUI”, and we will be looking at the meaning and usage of the app later in the article. But you should keep in mind that you will find the app only on a Samsung phone. So if you are using any other phone then the name will be different, however, the functionality will be the same.

If you are a little confused then don’t worry since we will be discussing all this later in the article.

What does mean?

Before we can dive into the meaning, let’s focus on the name which we have here. suggests that this is a package/file which comes under the Samsung folder. This means that only Samsung phones will have it and no other phone can have it, the name can be different on other phones. suggests that it is an app on our phone and you can see it for yourself in the “system app” list, we will see more later about it.

TelephonyUI is another name for “InCallUI” which is very clear from the name. If you split the words, In-Call-UI. You will notice that it is responsible for the UI (User Interface) when you are In-Call. In other words, this app is responsible for you being able to see the caller name, phone number, and being able to cut/pick calls.

Just like any other app on your phone, it is also an app that lets you call however, it is a system app. This means that you are not able to remove or alter it in any way since it also provides other essential features.

If you try to find it on your phone chances are that you will stumble upon the same app with a different package name “” or “”. The name can vary from device to device, you will be able to understand the use of the app by reading the name.

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So we can say that telephonyUI is used to show the caller, different call options, accept & reject buttons, call recording, switch audio output, and more. 

What it is used for?

As we have already discussed in the previous section, the app is responsible for showing you the Phone app UI (User Interface). You can understand UI as the appearance of the app, the brain of the app is different. Here the telephonyUI only has the work of showing you the call screen as well as possible. The screen has caller ID, options to hold/mute, options to pick up and reject calls, etc. The app also has the option to reject calls & send a message to the caller, you must have noticed it on your phone.

Now you must be familiar with the app and why we use it in the first place on our smartphones. You should also know that the app does more than just show you the screen, so the app is crucial for your call-making experience. The app’s complete description can not be found because these apps are systems and developed internally by Samsung.

Now we can move forward to the actual uses of the app which you use unknowingly. As we have already discussed, the app provides a lot of different functions phone which are mentioned below:
  • Muting calls
  • Accepting calls
  • Rejecting calls
  • Making conference (group) calls
  • Writing down in the memo/notes while on call
  • Sending messages without the messaging app
  • Putting a call on hold
  • Call recording
  • Turn the screen off then you put it on your ear and turn it on when you remove it from your ear
  • Minimizing the app and seeing the bubble
  • Saving any number while on call

Why my device does not have inCallUI or telephonyUI?

It is not possible that your phone does not have the app because if that was true then you will not be able to make any calls on your phone. If you have noticed in the earlier section, the app can have different names such as InCallUI or telephonyUI, etc. The name will be dependent on the phone and will change with software updates over the years.

Now you should be able to understand that every phone has a different version of this app and since the app is a system app, we can not modify it. System apps are the apps that come pre-installed with the Android OS and we can not remove them, unlike all the normal apps. If you somehow managed to remove the app then your phone will crash while you make calls or the Phone app will refuse to open in the first place.

If you want to find the app on your phone then see the next section as we have discussed the whole process there.

How to remove

The simple answer to the question would be NO, you can not “remove” the telephonyUI app from your phone. However, you can disable the app if you want for some reason. You should keep in mind that the app will only stop working for a while and will be active once you get a call on your phone. Or we can say that the app will go in sleep mode till it is needed on your phone.

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We would suggest you not stop the app as it does not consume a significant battery or occupy any RAM space. So stopping it will make no difference to your phone’s performance. Also, we should not tamper with the system apps since they are essential for the phone to run seamlessly and properly.

But if you want to remove the app anyways, follow the steps mentioned below to stop the app:

  1. Open your phone and go to Settings, look for Apps or Apps & notifications.
  2. Open it and wait for the list of apps to appear, tap on three dots at the top of the screen.
  3. A menu will open, tap on “Show system apps” and wait for more apps to appear.
  4. Now look for “android.incallui” or “android.telephonyui” in the list.
  5. Tap on the app once you find it, and then tap on Force Stop.
  6. The Force Stop button should be inactive now, but if not then tap again.

Now the app is stopped and it is in a sleep state, but it will become active once you get any call on your phone.

How to fix What does stop unfortunately?

If you are facing the problem of the app not working properly then there are some tricks which we can use to solve it. Try all the steps one by one and see what worlds for you. We will suggest that you read the title first and see if it matched your case, this will save a lot of your time.

1. Restart your phone

This seems pretty simple but we tend to forget that nowadays our phones are rarely if ever rebooted. This can cause some problems as the cache fills up over time which slows your phone or even makes some apps not work properly.

Simply restart your phone and check if the problem is still there, if it is then move to the next trick.

2. Check for low storage and RAM

In most cases, the problem is with the storage getting clogged up which does not let other apps run at all. First, check if the storage on your phone is full of more than 95% occupied. An easy way of telling is with a message in notification “Your storage is nearly full”.

If it is not full then check if the RAM of your phone is full or not. However, on most phones, you can no longer check it.

3. Update your phone software

If you avoid updating your system for a long time then it can cause a lot of problems for us and the phone. This is worth the short since security patches are always important regardless of anything not working properly.

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Update your phone and restart it, notice if the problem of stoped unfortunately still persists. If you notice that the problem is still there then move to the next trick.

4. Rollback the app’s update

IF you have recently updated your phone and noticed the problem immediately after the update. Then the problem is with the update itself, to solve it we need to go back to the previous version. However, the process is widely different for different phones and Samsung phones do not allow users to revert. The only possible solution is to do a factory reset, only do it if you are not able to use your phone at all. (Factory reset will remove all your data and settings.)

5. Take your phone to the experts

This is the last thing we can do since all the other tricks are not working for us. Take the phone to an authentic service center and get it looked out. Most probably the problem will be with the software and you should not be charged much if at all. This will surely fix stop, unfortunately.


In the article, we learned about the app which is also known as InCallUI. The utility and daily life uses are also discussed in the above article. If you missed anything then we would highly suggest that you go back and complete the read.

The thing you should keep in mind is that the app is only on Samsung phones, but if you using any other phone then the app’s name will be different. You can still locate the app with the help of keywords “InCallUI” and “telephonyUI” in the search section.

We have answered all your queries in the above sections which will not leave any need for a Q&A section. But if you have any query then feel free to drop them in the comment section. We will be more than happy to help you out with your problem.