Best Root Apps

Best Root Apps: Rooting has come a long way. These days, there are even apps that will help you do it yourself. The days when you needed a hacker friend or cousin who is good with the computer are long gone. But there are a few things that you need to know. 

Best Root Apps

How to begin is the first thing. And the answer to that is, with an app. But what are the best apps out there? Well, this post is the answer to that one. Keep reading till the end and you will come across the most trusty apps for rooting.

What is rooting?

For the lads who have been living under a rock, rooting is a way in which you can access all of your phone’s features. There are a lot of restrictions that are put on your phone by the manufacturer. And during rooting, you just remove these restrictions. Like all things rooting also comes with its fair share of troubles. Hence, consider both the risks and rewards before making your move. 

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1. New skins and custom ROM

After rooting, you can equip your phone with new looks. Moreover, you can change it to a degree that you previously couldn’t. And with a custom ROM, you can seriously boost up its performance and battery life. 

2. A whole lot of apps

A rooted phone has access to a lot of best Root apps that an ordinary phone does not. Furthermore, you will be able to try out the free versions of paid and premium apps. And as a bonus, you can get rid of the pre-installed apps on your phone. 

3. Ad-free

Ads annoy everyone. Consequently, most people want to get rid of them. But not all have deep enough pockets to pay for them. And that’s were rooted phones can be pretty sweet. You can enjoy an ad-free experience without paying a dime.


1. You will lose your warranty forever

Apparently, these restrictions are kept with your phones well being in mind. Therefore, if you get rid of them voluntarily, the company will remove your rights to warranty and other services. So, do it at your own risk.

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2. You may end up with a brick

This is the worst-case scenario. Rooting will fetch you a great result if you make it to the other side. On the other hand, if anything goes wrong your device will end up a brick. After all, you are tinkering around its system files. And it is very hard to bring a brick back to life. 

3. Some apps will ban you

This is mostly the case with apps that are aimed at online cash transfer. Since the security of your phone is compromised, these folks won’t take their chance with you. Similarly, trade apps and even some online gaming apps may turn you down. 

The best root apps out there

So if you have got everything in your mind and still chosen to root your device, you will need a trustworthy app. So check out the list below and choose the one most suitable for you. 

1. Framaroot APK

Let’s begin the list with an app that is well with the times. Framaroot was developed by XDA. And these folks are one of the top dogs when it comes to the Android developer’s society. Needless to say, due to the brains behind it, your phone won’t be at the risk of threats like a black screen, or soft brick. 


The app works around several loopholes in the software of your device to look for the most efficient way to root your device. Moreover, the app works well with a lot of Android devices. 

Features of Framaroot APK

  • It is a single click rooting app. So, you don’t have to do much to root the device. 
  • There is an unroot option. Hence, you can go back if things don’t work out for you. 
  • There are options that will help you to check the root status after the process is complete. 
  • The root process is very secure. 


  • Framaroot does show some rather annoying popups. 

2. dr.fone 

Dr fone has a lot of distance beneath its wheels. Therefore, it being on this list is not such a big surprise. The software actually does its thing with through a PC and the rooting process is done very smoothly. Furthermore, it is a one-touch rooting app. Hence, it is very popular with people who want a hassle-free way of dealing with rooting. 


Apart from the rooting app, dr. fone also has several other apps up its sleeve. And one of them is its recovery app. It’s not really connected to the things we are discussing but its also worth a try. 

Features of dr.fone 

  • dr.fone comes along with a strongly backed up algorithm. And this helps to avoid a lot of potential harm that may come on your phone’s way.
  • A majority of apps on this list may be only available on Windows. And also on Mac OS if you are lucky. But dr.fone is available on a lot of other platforms as well. 
  • The app has been able to root over 7000 devices successfully. Hence, the probability of your success is very high as well. 
  • Very clean and efficient rooting. You won’t know a thing. 
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  • There are some phones that it is not compatible with. So, check out all the smartphones on its list before trying. 

3. King Root APK

King Root is yet another brainchild of the developers from KingRoot studio. And these are some folks who always have codes and algorithms in their mind. So, picking this app for rooting your device won’t be such a longshot. 


Naturally, there are a lot of versions of the app that makes it compatible with different devices. The 5.3.7 version will help you with all the smartphones that run with Android within the versions 4.2.2 and 5.1. 


  • It is an APK. Therefore, you don’t need the assistance of a PC for rooting your device. That right, you can just do it on your phone itself. 
  • The user interface makes the whole process of rooting effortless. Hence, even people without a hacking background can use this app with ease. 
  • There are frequent updates. So, you can also root the newer versions of Android that are sure to come up. 
  • Kingroot has a good community out there. And it is filled with people ready to help.


  • You have to tinker around with the settings on your phone a little to install this app. For instance, you probably have to allow downloads from unknown sources. 

4. CF Auto Root

CF Auto Root is a PC based rooting app that is widely used to root all kinds of Android devices. Furthermore, it is very easy to use, and the rooting process does not alter the OS too much from Stock. Hence, it is the perfect tool for beginners and those new to the concept of rooting. 


Unlike most apps on this list, CF Auto Root also works as a single touch root app. Although the process is not that hard when you come down right to it. But don’t let that fool you, the software does pack a lot of power behind its punch. 

Features of CF Auto Root

  • As mentioned above, a single touch is all it takes for rooting your phone. 
  • On its site, there are many versions of the app. In fact, there are different versions for different phones under the same company. 
  • It employs a slightly different rooting method for Samsung devices which utilizes Odin3. This is to make sure that Samsung users don’t go through much of a struggle. 
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  • The rooting process can prove somewhat difficult for some users. But don’t worry, it is easy to look up the steps you need to follow. 

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5. KingoRoot 

Kingoroot is a very efficient app and has been around since 2013. The peeps behind Kingoroot are quite proud of their accomplishment but to be fair to them, it is not their only accomplishment. Apart from Kingoroot, they have come up with a lot of apps including SuperUser, PureCleaner, SuperBattery, and so on. 


Recently the app has been on a roll. This is likely because of its great performance and a wide variety of devices it can root. And the list includes companies like Samsung, Google Pixels, HTC, OnePlus, Sony, and so on. 

Features of Kingoroot

  • The procedure is very straightforward. In fact, it only requires a single touch. Hence you can avoid a lot of hassle. 
  • It is one of the most powerful rooting apps on the market right now. Consequently, the success rate of the app is quite high. 
  • Both PC software and Android APK of this app are available. Therefore, it is very suitable for people who don’t use a smartphone as well. 
  • An Unroot option is available. So, you can change your phone back to the way that it was if you don’t like what you end up with. 


  • There are some pop-up ads that can get under your skin after a few times. 

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Wrapping up

Best Root Apps: Reading this post has probably opened your mind to some great options when it comes to rooting apps. Look up those a bit more and you will know how to use them as well. And best of luck on the whole rooting part.