| What is Captive apple com Can’t understand what does Apple captive is? Tired of looking for helpful web pages with no success? We got you covered with our article on everything you need to know about the Apple captive. Learn why we need it in the first place and why is it bothering you? See how you can protect your virtual self from hackers with a captive. And why your android or Windows is using Apple captive! Learn everything there about Apple captive with minimal effort.  

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Where is used?

In technical words, it is a non-HTTPS website that is used to check for captive portals. Captive redirects your request to a login page which is provided or controlled by the ISP(Internet Service Provider). Once you login then you will be redirected to your desired page and in the meantime firewall checks if everything is in order. Now if you are using public WiFi then you will be allowed to use the internet for a limited amount of time.

What is

Now let’s understand what does means when you encounter it! Whenever you connect to any WiFi or hotspot then you are redirected to a captive portal. This is the interaction between the customer and the provider, and it is a restricted network connection where all your requests are redirected. You must have encountered this page while logging in to any company or campus WiFi and even some public WiFi. Now the site will give you some terms & conditions or maybe even a payment option which you need to agree on before using the WiFi.

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Apple comes in the picture as it provides a landing page when you try to join a network and check if the network is captive. This is not an exclusive feature as other IPS or vendors also provide you with similar portal hosts. 

And if you are wondering that you need an iPhone or Mac to access the portal, but Apple provides a much simpler offer to companies. This is why you will encounter the captive apple page even when you are using any android and even Windows.

All the Apple devices will reach out to captive and then wait for a response from for a “success” response. If the response is not received “success” then you will be given a “timeout” response. And if redirected you will be prompted to log in on the company portal.

If you are using a Windows device then you will see and for most Android devices it is

How captive apple com is used by non-Apple devices?

Apple devices need to detect that if you are on a captive network or not with the help of captive apple com. And once your devices detect the appropriate response from captive then some Apple-specific action will happen.

Google’s Android and Microsoft devices use the same method but with a different portal. If you are using a Windows device then you will see and for most Android devices it is Here the way different portals handle your request and login will vary but they work on a similar principle.

You will see Apple’s captive portal on other devices as it makes other company’s work easier. If you want to see for yourself the apple captive then simply visit and you will get a “success” response. But if not then you will be greeted with a page saying “Please login to this network”. In your daily life, you will mostly not even notice it, as the application download captive and do it for you.

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What roles does play when you’re connecting to a public WiFi network?

We already discussed it above but let’s see an example to understand it better. If you are in a cafe and use the public WiFi network then it must say “captive powered”. This is the web page you will encounter to log-in or sign-up for the network. And if it is a pay to use type of service then you must agree to their terms & conditions to access the internet. When you are connecting to a WiFi network then you must have notifies it takes a while to connect. This is because your iPhone is visiting Apple’s site to check the captive portal in the background without bothering you.

How do I turn off captive.Apple.Com?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can turn off or even avoid Apple captive while connecting to a WiFi network. In technical words, you can not disable the captive portal connection behavior which is put in place by Apple themselves. The only way to avoid captive is if you never used public WiFi which is true for many people.

And if you are facing problem with the captive then you can open the safari or chrome and the login page should be visible.


We saw what does the captive apple means for you and why do we need it in the first place. Keep in mind that a captive is in place to protect you from hackers. It is one of the most common tricks for hackers to get your login info with a fake login page. This is why you should check the address of the page before giving it your login info. We saw that does captive means in technical words with a real-life example. If you are still curious about the captive then you can contact Apple customer care for more info. As Apple forums do not provide you with any useful information. 

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