How to catch someone spying on you? | Symptoms of Hacked Computers


How to catch someone spying on you? Unauthorized access to any computer system or account comes under cyber-attacks. Hackers are an anti-social guy, who gains access to others’ bank account, unauthorized access of a computer, breeches user’s privacy and may destroy systems database or may demand a bribe for releasing the systems, etc. Hackers are computer experts they use their skill in bad habits and offends the people. There is a cyber law for these hackers and they will go behind the bar when traced by cyber police.

There are so many laws for the bad guys but attacks occurred day by day and users faced problems. Here Gossipfunda will discuss how to prevents these attacks, how to recover your system or data and how to register a complaint in Cyber cell if you are a victim of any fraud or any Cyber-attacks. How to catch someone spying on you: there are several methods by which you can understand about it.

How security breaches?

This is an advanced IT era and lots of users are aware of cybercrime. Therefore, hacking is not an easy task, that’s why the attacker uses modern techniques in hacking. Without complete information about the target, it is impossible to gain access to the user’s database. So, first of all, the attacker set a target user and try to get complete information about their target. There are lots of ways today to gather information, such as social media and other IT facilities. Social sites are the main source of reconnaissance, reconnaissance is the first step towards cyber-attacks, People didn’t care and they reveal their daily activity, date of birth, family member’s name and many more. Then the question is how to catch someone spying on you?

It is observed that a lot of user makes a password with a combination of DOB and his name. In this case, it becomes to easy to hack their mail ID and some other accounts, from there attacker, could enter in Bank accounts and then finally user may be in great trouble. Below are steps of hacking, be aware!

  • Reconnaissance
    • Footprinting
    • Social Engineering
  • Spread ransomware
  • Install key logger
  • Spread Viruses


To gather meaningful information on a particular target is known as reconnaissance. There are two categories of reconnaissance, footprinting and social engineering. Some times a hacker uses tools and some times may be formal meetings or interviews or something else. In this way, the attacker gathers more information about the target and assimilates all collect, and generates meaningful information.



Gathering information about the target system with the help of some tools and commands is known as footprinting. In the footprinting process, we can gather lots of information such as – IP addresses of target, about the operating system, about firewalls, VPN, URLs, etc.

Social Engineering

In this case, the attacker interacts directly with to a target user and tries to fetch lots of meaningful information. There might be some categories of social engineering.


In this case, someone very close may harm or record the information. Such as call recording and another recording. These recordings may give useful information to attackers and attackers could perform a hacking attack.

Shoulder surfing

Hackers keep an eye on target users for taking ATM pin and other crucial information. As we have seen when we stand in the ATM line maybe someone would notice your ATM pin, so enter your PIN carefully and never reveal any crucial information to anyone.

Spread Ransomware

Ransomware is a designed tool for hackers. It was designed for antisocial activities. Such as demanding ransom, stealing data and public confidential data of the company and many more. It is designed by crypto virology and could be transferred by email attachment. It could automatically come with any affected software. Ransomware encrypts all database and demand ransom for decrypting it. We are aware never download any suspicious mail attachment as we download lots of applications from any source it might be harmful to you. Always download the app from google play store or any other trusted store.


There are lots of software over the internet and they copy all user activity, username, and password in PC and easily send all information to Hackers. Key strike logger software has used to monitor human interaction with the computer. This tool copy keyboard key strike pattern, so in public places, it might be stolen user name, password and much more information. So let’s know how to save you, always use any trusted antivirus in your personal computer, never use your internet banking from cybercafé, monitor your banking activity regularly, update your operating system regularly, open only trusted websites or website starts with ‘https:\\’ or see the lock-in address bar.

Spread Viruses

Viruses access lots of memory spaces and make processors busy so normal antivirus could not detect any malicious attachment, in this way system may get hacked. Always keep it in mind to use only trusted and licensed antivirus. I have already discussed in another article about some famous antivirus.

How to catch someone spying on you

  • Password change
  • Antivirus stops working
  • Fake mail has broadcasted.
  • Unknown software installed
  • Random pop-ups
  • The Internet browser has redirected to an unknown destination
  • Duplicates of files or folders.
  • High network traffic
  • Online money deduction

Password change

when you feel that your Gmail password is not working. Your FB password is not working and checks your online banking password in another pc. Is it working or not, if not then your it’s clear your system and all your account is hacked. Don’t worry read what to do.

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What to do

The most crucial account is a bank account, so call on the Toll-free number of your bank and register a case. Therefore, your account could save. If your Gmail password has changed click on forget password and you will get a verification code on your mobile. Enter this code and your password will have reset the same step must be followed for FB account. In case your all entries in FB has changed then say all your friend to report your account so that it will be deleted by FB.

Antivirus stops working

Antivirus would be disabled by the hacker so if you see your antivirus is going to disable frequently might be your system security is compromised. Hacker may have installed some software that will give systems access again to the attacker.

What to do

When you notice such activity be alert and restart your pc. By restarting the PC hacker’s session will have been aborted and check there might be some new software that will be installed. Check and remove it, enable your antivirus and keep it on full scan. Definitely you will be get rid of hacker’s attack.

Fake Mail

Each and everyone must check their mail regularly. Has there any fake mail sent? And check to who has it sent and what was the matter? Is there any unwanted activity from your account? So please change your account password as soon as possible. Install a licensed antivirus and keep on system firewall.

Unknown software installed

It is the most appropriate sign if you will observe there are so many unknown software is installed without your intervention. Sometimes when you install any software in addition to there may be some other software. You would not read the instruction then might be some other software automatically will install. So please read instruction at the time of new software installation. If you see some activity in your system then definitely someone has stolen your security keys.

What to do

Scan all drives of your computer, delete cache files and uninstall unknown software from your computer/phone.

Random pop-ups

There might be some pop-ups, it doesn’t mean that your system is hacked. When you register on a website then it will give you notification while surfing the internet. But if you get an adult notification, some other pop-ups which you have never open in the browser then it is clear that your computer security is compromised. It is one of the most prominent ways of how to catch someone spying on you.

What to do

Copy your bookmarks and reinstall the browser and scan your computer system.

The Internet browser has redirected to an unknown destination

If all your search in the browser has redirected to an unknown address then it is clear your system is hacked. Be alert, first of all, use any other PC and change all your banking, Gmail or any other social sites password(Don’t use your older system till it could not be scanned or checked well)

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Duplicate of files or folders

If many duplicates of files or folders are replicated it doesn’t mean your system was hacked. File replications may be due to viruses. So, don’t worry scan your all drives. But these viruses may slow down your system or may delete your crucial data.

High network traffic

when a hacker wants to hack server, he sends lots of request to the server and didn’t respond, when the server sends the syn message and wait for acknowledgment but hacker never send acknowledgment in this way server got busy in sending the syn message and waiting for an acknowledgment. This time hacker hack server easily. Monitor traffic if there if any application consuming huge space stop it soon.

Online money deduction

Every bank has its online banking facility, by using this facility hackers’ clean victims account. As I have mentioned above there are lots of methods to get information about a particular person. If your money has deducted from your account it is clear your bank account was hacked. Very soon call your bank and stop all your online transactions and services. Take a photo of balance deduction I will discuss how to register a case with cyber cell.

How to defend Cyber-attacks

We advise you to follow at least the below-mentioned point to secure your privacy/email/bank accounts etc. carefulness is best defending tools from cyber-attacks.

  • Use a licensed operating system
  • Update your OS regularly.
  • Install a licensed antivirus
  • keep on System Firewall
  • Use strong password
  • Never open a malicious attachment
  • Never use online banking in a cyber cafe.

How to register a complaint in cyber cell

There is Cyber Police is ready 24 hours for help to victims. If you faced any cybercrime you must keep one proof of fraud, which shows that proves the fraud and note some more information about fraud. Following steps are for registering to a complaint when you know how to catch someone spying on you-

  1. Click on and select ‘file a complaint’ option
  2. There are some notifications to read it carefully. Tick the box I accept and click
  3. Here you see two option select one
  4. Report cyber-crime related to women/child
  5. Report other cyber-crimes.
  6. Then it will ask some details to fill all the details and upload proof of fraud.
  7. After the final submission, you fill to get a complaint number, you can track your complaint by complaint ID.

Gossipfunda wishes, your complaint will be resolved soon. Be aware so that the chance of fraud will be reduced to zero.


Now you have got a detailed idea about how to catch someone spying on you. There is being an advancement in IT technology day by day. So, all users must be updated about the latest technology. Gossipfunda is always with you and will keep you updated with the latest technologies. In case of any fraud, there is a full step of registering a complaint with cyber police.

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