In this article, we’ll discuss the dressing room package Don’t be misled. This is not about the dressing room or any other mall or store, but it’s the dress room app that comes with Samsung Galaxy smartphones.The full title for the dressroom app for the Samsung galaxy dressroom app is Dressing Room – Design Your Combines.

What is can be described as the package name for this Samsung Galaxy dressroom app. This app is extremely useful in designing your styles of clothing. This app has thirty clothing categories, including tops and skirts, jeans, shoe jeans, wedding dresses, winter or summer dresses, and more. With the app, you can make any outfit of your preferences and then send it to family and friends, who will give you feedback on your outfit. Based on their feedback or ideas, you will be able to create additional outfits, and you’ll be able to decide what you want to wear. This app can be helpful if you’re confused about which outfit or dress you can buy or not. It lets you follow your favorite bloggers, artists, friends, as well as look at their outfits. Through this, you can discover what they are wearing and, if you’d like, you could create or purchase the exact outfit.

How do I install this app?

In the majority of Samsung Galaxy phones, this app can be installed. However, in the event that it’s not installed on your phone, follow these steps to install this app. It is possible to install this app through the Galaxy store on your Samsung galaxy phone, or you can download the app via clicking this link. The website will open in the same way.

  • Click on Install
  • App will download to the Samsung Galaxy device.
  • After installing and downloading the app then start it.
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Be sure to sign in with your Samsung account in the app. When you open this app, there will be numerous categories. Select any category you like and mix it with. Pick different categories and create an outfit. This is how you use this app. Please share it with your friends and family and get their feedback on your outfit.

Uses of Dressing Room app:

Its Samsung Galaxy Dressing Room app will prove extremely useful for people who love clothes. You can design your own outfit in this app and then send it to your friends. You can also see their opinions on the outfit and improve it. Follow your favorite fashion icon here and look at their outfits. This dressing area app is suitable for all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or a woman who works or a mother an older woman. There’s something to suit all. It is possible to create outfits and choose the day you’ll wear your dress. With this app, you’ll always know what’s trending available and the fashions of the other. You can save lots of money using this app. There are times when you purchase clothes, and the outfits, look unflattering on your body, or don’t go with the outfit you were wearing to match this new dress. With this app, you can design the outfits you want to wear and test whether they are good-looking or not. It is also possible to get others’ comments on this.


This dressing room app is a great way to see if a dress is suitable or not prior to purchasing. This article discussed what the Samsung Galaxy Dressing Room app can do and how to download and install it. We hope this article will increase your understanding.

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Q1. Can I post my outfits on my social media profiles like Instagram and Facebook?

Answer: Yes, you can easily do this by simply taking a photo of the outfit you created and posting it to the story or post of your social media profile, whether it’s Instagram or Facebook.

Q2. What is the size of the download of the Dressing Room app?

Answer: The size of the download of the dress Room app package will be 6.69 MB. It’s easy to download through the galaxy store or via the linked link.