WiFi Direct Samsung: Feature

Do you want to protect your valuable mobile data? Upload large files in a matter of minutes instead of seconds. Learn to use this Direct Samsung feature on WiFi. Direct Samsung feature on your smartphone and reduce the amount in time and data. Learn about the various applications for WiFi direct and learn how you can utilize these. Learn how to utilize WiFi direct on your Samsung phone with our fantastic step-by-step tutorial. If you’re looking to learn it in the easy route, check out this video posted in the YouTube channel.

Our smartphones today come with features we’re not even conscious of. Many of these features are hidden within the menus and sub-sections of the phone, which are not easily accessible. This shouldn’t be the case because we have paid for these features and they will simplify our lives simpler. WiFi direct is one such feature. In the article, we’ll look at the purpose for which it can be used and how to use it.

However, if you know about WiFi direct, then bypass the intro and go to the next steps. We recommend that you go through the introduction as it helps you understand the function better.

What is WiFi Direct?

In simple terms it’s a simple way to communicate directly between two device (device-to-device). In contrast to the standard WiFi that we utilize in our everyday lives It doesn’t require multiple devices or an router(centralized system) to work. WiFi Direct allows you to connect to other devices using this feature without hassle. The term ” direct” indicates that users are able to connect directly to devices, without setup or other procedures required.

EXRTA The EXRTA is referred to as WiFi direct due to it following similar security protocol for the standard WiFi connection. WiFi is equipped with a range of security protocols such as WPS and WPA/WPA2 that you have encountered when adding an additional network.

There is also WiFi Direct as the newer version (second-generation) of the WiFi technology. It permits phones that don’t have an Internet connection, to create a connection to each other such as modems, routers and hotspots, and routers. Think of friends creating a network to share information and the internet between them.

Additionally, WiFi Direct lets us create the wireless connection among you and friends using WiFi directly on their phones.

Another feature offered via WiFi Direct is the ability to screencast or mirrorcast to another device (sharing the contents of your screen to another device’s screen). WiFi Direct is also compatible with NFC (near-field technology for communication) that allows you to connect two phones at only a single touch. You can find out details about the NFC chip in your phone with a simple Google search.

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More details regarding WiFi Direct Samsung

Today, WiFi Direct is used extensively across the globe for a variety of reasons, since it’s supported on smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and many more. Samsung Galaxy S came with the WiFi Direct feature first in the year 2010. Following that was released, all smartphones come with this feature inbuilt, and only a few devices don’t have offer this feature. Even Apple’s iPhones come with WiFi Direct under the names ” AirDrop” or ” AirPlay” These are more well-known since they are simpler and speedier. You’ve probably heard of AirDrop. AirDrop function, even whether you’re an Android user.

You should now know the main reason to use the WiFi Direct feature of your smartphone and how it could help you get things done. If not, we’ll explain it to you.

WiFi Direct lets you be connected to other mobile phones, even if you do not have the cellular or WiFi service. With using this connection you can also transfer files and other information. This is a huge help when you don’t have cable access or a high-speed internet at that time?

Why use WiFi direct over Bluetooth?

You might be wondering what makes it differs from Bluetooth sharing, which is what we are already using. The reason for this is:

  • Higher data transfer speeds
  • The distance between the devices
  • There are fewer issues with connection and fewer steps to take
  • Better data sharing experience

You’ve probably noticed the slow data transfer speed using Bluetooth and the amount of times that the transfer was cancelled or was unsuccessful. WiFi Direct is an enormous improvement from the old Bluetooth information transfer.

We highly recommend you try it.

Different applications of WiFi Direct

We will look at the diverse applications that make use of WiFi direct and how it is employed in many different applications. The applications include from screen sharing, sharing files playing games with sync, sharing data, and so on. This part is optional If you’re not interested in these applications or If you already know about these. Let’s look at these applications in greater detail:

File Sharing

We all know that sharing large files isn’t something we’d like to do, or even want to do with pleasure. However, the use of Bluetooth for sharing, it is not a simple task and the issue persists even after all these years. Another option is to connect physical cables and transfer information from the device to laptop or computer.

With the advent of WiFi direct that allows large files to be transferred without hassle and in less time. Even data from old devices could be transferred efficiently and without hassle using WiFi direct. We’ll go over how you can utilize WiFi Direct on your phone.

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Another area in which WiFi Direct is used is ” Files by Google“, you’ve probably noticed the speed increase on the app due to similar reasons.

Printers wireless

If you own a high-end printer, then it will come with it’s WiFi Direct feature built-in to. It lets you communicate with your printer wirelessly, and it also allows printing directly from your mobile. Wireless printing is through your phone. Open any document, and then look for the printer icon on the top or at the bottom.

Screen sharing & games

Applications like Miracast or screen casting app. Share screen casting utilize WiFi direct to display what’s displayed on your screen on the screen you want to show it on. This is mostly used to share movies directly from your phone to your television. If you own an Smart TV it is possible to stream your screen from YouTube. YouTube application directly.

If you’ve ever played a game like space team , then you must be familiar with the multiplayer feature. Any game that provides offline multiplayer is using this WiFi Direct feature. The games that tell players to remain close while playing online with your friends use WiFi Direct. In any event you should be able to take advantage of multiplayer without installation or other steps.

How to set up WiFi Direct in Samsung?

Every smartphone supports an WiFi direct feature, however some smartphones might not have the feature. The steps could differ from the device you are using ( depending on the company and the User Interface) however, the fundamental steps will remain similar. In this post, we’ll focus on Samsung devices that use The OneUI.

This option “WiFi direct” is also called nearby sharing and it is important not to be confused by its new title. Google offers its own app to share files via WiFire Direct, which is known by the name of ” Files” Click this link for the download application.

We are fortunate that in the modern day smartphones we don’t have to turn off anything manually as everything is done automatically. If you’d like to know whether your device supports WiFi Direct (or not), visit Settings> Network & Internet> WiFi Settings -> WiFi WiFi preferences and then WiFi Direct. If you choose WiFi Direct then your device will begin search for devices nearby.

For Android 12:

If your device runs the most recent version of Android then you won’t have an option to activate it manually. The device will turn on as you have a stable internet connection. It is also operated automatically without the need for the assistance of anyone. The process of scanning nearby devices will begin after you click Wireless Direct Tab.

Note Note: If you wish to connect your phone to the smart TV, laptop or printer, desktop or any other device. You must enable WiFi Direct on that device since they won’t connect automatically. Turn on your smartphone to ensure.

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Instructions to use WiFi Direct with Samsung

Follow these steps for using WiFi direct on your Samsung smartphone. If you have a different phone then you will find the ways to use them. We will concentrate exclusively on Samsung devices in this post.

For Android 9:

  1. Open your phone, then navigate to the Settings and look on Wi-Fi. (You have to turn off up your WiFi to on prior to you make use of WiFi Direct or share files wirelessly.)
  2. Then, tap the WiFi Direct button and you’ll be able to see the scan. (The scan will scan for all devices nearby.)
  3. Select the device you would like to connect. Be sure that your other device is WiFi connectivity to allow you to find each other quickly.
  4. The second device will be invited for connection Tap at the ” Accept” button to link both devices.
  5. The other gadget will get an invitation to connect. Tap Accept to allow connections to be established.

for Android 11 and above:

  1. Start the Settings and search at ” Connections“.
  2. Connect to Connections and then click on ” More connection settings“.
  3. You can now either tap ” Nearby device scanning” or click on the slider.
  4. From here , you can switch off and on the WiFi Direct, and learn the details by clicking ” About Nearby device scanning“.


We learned the feature known as WiFi Direct in Samsung, and the reasons we should care about it. Today, we do not need to share files in this manner however, sometimes larger files could cause issues. This is a great method to share any big document with your acquaintances without throwing away your data. We hope this article could help you, however, if it didn’t you’d like to discuss it, feel free to leave your inquiry. If you’d prefer to learn more about a quick solution make sure you watch the video we have on YouTube video.