Rishit Jain

I am a great learning author aspiring to become an aerospace engineer and astrophysicist. I learn theoretical physics and astronomy in my free time. Technology has always appealed to me and I have been interested in it ever since I got my first tablet. Since then I’ve created a YouTube channel and a blog related to tech. It gave me an insight into the world of tech as I started reading more articles related to this.


How to free up RAM on PC/Android/Windows tech tips?

Demand space or seems slowdown indicates you require to identify a distinct way “How to free up ram?” Whenever you purchase a new smartphone or PC and glance at the specs, you recognize RAM. We now grasp what storage implies, therefore we can obtain our phone according to the room, but How to free up RAM on your smartphone/PC if required?

Siri for Android

Have you queried that you can get Siri for android? I’m positive you should. Siri was the preeminent virtual assistant accessible on phones, its reputation has only risen. Various Android enthusiasts prefer using Siri too, and that made me questioning, is it feasible to get Siri on Android?

Portable Wi-Fi Router

Have you ever imagined applying a portable Wi-Fi router connection? Working with mobile data every time is very costly here in the US. The regular price of a GB of mobile data is $8! We Americans pay a crazy price for just a GB of data. Let’s find a solution for that

ShowBox For Android

Do you desire ShowBox For Android? Have you ever imagined of watching movies for free? Having an app that unlocks all your entertainment queries in the entirety run. It is simple to apply, has an extensive selection of titles, and allows you to download privileges in MP4 format…all for free!

Samsung Cloud and Cloud Computing

Many organizations have begun offering cloud services to their clients, be it OnePlus, Samsung, Apple, Google, or other clouds. This has rolled out to be a massive achievement for the organizations as it is one of the best resolutions for bodies that have low room on their phone or PC or those who require to have access to their records anytime and anyplace.

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