WhatsApp new feature to edit send messages for iOS use

One of the most popular instant messaging services in the world, WhatsApp has over 2 billion monthly active users. The software is renowned for its user-friendly design, end-to-end security, and frequent upgrades that add fresh functionality to improve the user experience. The capability to edit text messages is one such function, which was formerly exclusive to Android users. It’s a game-changer for everyone who has ever sent a message they later regretted, though, that WhatsApp has now made this capability accessible to iOS users as well.

WhatsApp new feature to edit send messages for iOS use

What is the Message Editing Feature on WhatsApp?

Users can alter messages they’ve already sent using WhatsApp’s message editing tool. A user can simply press and hold the message they want to edit after sending it if they made a mistake or want to clarify anything they stated. There will be a menu with many choices, including “Edit.” By choosing this, the user can make any necessary modifications to the message by opening it in the text box. After making the necessary adjustments, pressing “Send” will substitute the amended message for the original one.

How to Use the Message Editing Feature?

Using the message editing feature on WhatsApp is simple. Here is how you do it:

  1. Tap and hold the message you want to modify.
  2. The “Edit” option will appear; choose it.
  3. Change the message as you see fit.
  4. To send the revised message, click “Send.”

It’s important to note that you can only edit messages within a certain time frame after sending them. This period typically lasts for five minutes, however it may differ based on your internet connection’s speed and other elements. The message cannot be changed once the editing window has closed.

Benefits of the Message Editing Feature

A message’s ability to be edited helps avoid misunderstandings and spare the user from potential embarrassment. It’s also a fantastic approach to demonstrate that they’re taking ownership of their words and want to ensure that they’re communicating in a clear and concise manner. Group chats may be simpler thanks to the message editing option. Several users frequently type simultaneously in group chats, which causes texts to quickly become jumbled or challenging to follow. If someone discovers they’ve made a mistake or stated something ambiguous, they may rapidly amend their message and make sure that everyone understands what they wanted to say by using the message editing option.

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There are several benefits of the message editing feature on WhatsApp for iOS users

Rectifying Errors

The ability to amend messages provides users with the most evident advantage of error correction. It is possible to edit typos, autocorrect mistakes, and other issues right away without having to compose a new message.

Saving Time

The ability to alter messages is a useful time-saving tool. Instead than attempting to send a follow-up message to fix an error or clarify something that wasn’t clear in the initial comment, you may automatically refresh the original message.

Improving Communication

Users of WhatsApp can now edit messages, which makes it simpler for people to communicate more effectively. Better personal and professional connections may result from this.

Reduces confusion

Correcting typos and imprecise statements might assist to lessen any confusion that might result.


Users only need to follow the methods they are currently accustomed to when sending messages in order to use the functionality.

Limitations of the Message Editing Feature

Although it is a helpful addition to WhatsApp, the message editing feature has several drawbacks.

Here some of the limitations are

Short Time Period:

There is a time limit on how long you can change a message. While it may be inconvenient for users who discover a mistake after the editing window has been closed, this is designed to avoid manipulation of the feature.

Possibility of Confusion:

Even though edited messages are identified as such, confusion could still occur if the original message was already seen and addressed. This could result in misunderstandings or even arguments.

Not Available for All Messages:

Only messages that have been sent within the last few minutes can use the message editing capability. In other words, if someone sends a message and then sets their phone down for a time, they can miss the editing window and won’t be able to make any changes later.

Limited time for editing:

There may be confusion if the original message has already been viewed because users only have a brief window of opportunity to make changes before they are recognised as “modified.”

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Not 100% secure:

Although the message editing option can help fix little errors, it might not always work. For instance, if a user sends a message containing inaccurate information, changing the message might not be sufficient to entirely fix the error.

Confined to texts only:

The ability to edit messages is now limited to text messages and does not work with other communication kinds, such as pictures or videos.

Potential for abuse:

The ability to update messages after they have been sent raises the possibility that only some users will misuse it to alter the subject matter of their messages once they have been read, which could also cause recipients to be distrustful or confused.

While the WhatsApp message editing capability provides numerous advantages overall, there are some specific drawbacks to consider when using it. Users ought to be cognizant of these limitations and responsibly utilize the feature to avoid any potential problems.

The role of message encryption

End-to-end encryption is one of WhatsApp’s primary advantages since it helps to ensure that messages are private and secure. When a user makes the switch to a message on WhatsApp, the modified message is once again encrypted and delivered. This lessens the possibility about someone eavesdropping the information or obtaining unauthorized access.

Additional Details

While WhatsApp’s message editing tool may seem like a small addition, it actually fits into a bigger trend of making messaging apps more adaptable and user-friendly. With the purpose of facilitating and streamlining communication, applications have been implementing a variety of capabilities lately. GIFs, stickers, audio messaging, and other features are instances of this.

Noting that the message editing function is not exclusive to WhatsApp is also important. Users can edit messages they’ve sent using functionality found in other messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams. The feature’s simplicity and use make WhatsApp’s rendition stand out, though.


Overall, WhatsApp’s ability to modify messages is a helpful addition that will make messaging easier for iOS users. Although there are some restrictions to be aware of, the benefits of being able to fix errors and save time make it an advantageous tool for anyone who uses the application regularly. It’s possible that we’re going to witness more capabilities like this as messaging apps develop and get smarter, enabling communication increasingly simpler and more organic.


Is it possible to turn off the message editing feature?

No, there isn’t a way to stop people from editing messages right now. This function is activated by default and cannot be turned off.

Will changed messages show up in the chat as new ones?

No, altered messages won’t show up in the chat as new ones. Instead, they will display the timestamp from when they first appeared along with a little “modified” label to show that they have been edited.

Can communications that have been altered be restored to their original state?

The original version of a message cannot be restored after it has been altered. The original form of the message will nevertheless still be accessible to everybody who has already seen it without any editing.

Can other users view the changes made to a message?

Absolutely, a small “modified” label that appears next to the message lets you know when it has been edited. This guarantees openness and contributes to keeping the conversation’s integrity.