WhatsApp dark mode

WhatsApp dark mode: Updation is a very important factor in technology business and so is what WhatsApp has learnt recently. It was launched in May, 2009, around 11 years ago. To think how people used text before that is difficult no? WhatsApp has got us the dark mode very recently. Let’s learn about it and to get the dark mode on your phone. Read the full article to know all about it.

WhatsApp dark mode

Since 11 years we haven’t experienced any significant change in WhatsApp except for some minute bug fixing and all. But in March, 2020, WhatsApp thought of going with the flow and launched its WhatsApp dark mode. While the whole world was going mad over dark modes, be it Instagram or, YouTube or the whole phone itself, the WhatsApp also did the same. Now this feature is finally available for Android and iOS users across the globe. This dark version of WhatsApp is really cool and may appear a bit weird to you for some days. But later or sooner you’ll get adapted to it.

Well, it’s no compulsion to have your WhatsApp in dark mode by the company and you can easily to normal white mode whenever you want. But this black version really goes well with the green accents present throughout the WhatsApp. It was just 2 days after the launch, when I got to know about this feature. Now it’s been more than 1 month I’ve opted for dark mode and have habituated to it. This dark mode is not something that will come after updation of the app, but you yourself need to switch to it. The following content will tell you how to put on dark mode on various devices. So let’s start.

How to get dark mode on WhatsApp Android.

The usage of smartphones have increased exponentially and in this generation, WhatsApphas come up with this mode in order to help us. This dark mode on mobile phones provides less strain on your eyes as today, everybody uses their mobile phone almost throughout the day. Following are the steps towards goody health of your eyes.

  1. Go to Google play store and look for your WhatsApp.
  2. Press on the update button and wait while it gets updated.
  3. Open the WhatsApp from your menu of your phone.
  4. Now you must be seeing a three-dot menu option on the right corner. Click on that.
  5. Among the options in the menu, select settings.
  6. You need to look out for option names as ‘chats’. Press the ‘chats’ option.
  7. Now you will see an option named ‘display’ under which, there will be themes. Click on themes.
  8. Finally you get two options to choose from, light and dark. Select dark to get WhatsApp in dark mode and your done. If you need to get back to normal light version, you can again follow the instructions and select light mode.
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Another note for all the Android 10 users.

If you are having a smartphone with Android 10 in operation, you may not even need to open the WhatsApp. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Google play store and look out for your WhatsApp.
  2. Hit the update option given there and wait for a while.
  3. After you are done with the update, open the settings of your smart phone.
  4. Open the display option and try to find dark mode. Select the dark mode and all the apps compatible with it, will get into dark mode.

How to get dark mode on WhatsApp iOS.

Apart from resting your eyes from strain due to white light, this feature serves another ignored problem. The WhatsApp company surely did realize this fact that a white screen in a room grabs attention towards itself. Many times, it gets awkward. Hence the dark mode is introduced in order to not produce much screen light. But for iPhone users, there are always restrictions and to enable dark mode, you need to have an iOS 13 powered iPhone. Till date only this version has got the feature. If you have it follow the instructions to get dark mode.

  1. Launch the app store and look for your WhatsApp.
  2. Press the update option given there. Wait for a while till it gets updated. If you don’t see any update option, it simply means, your phone has not got iOS 13. Hence, you may consider buying a new phone.
  3. Now unlike the Android process, you don’t have to open your WhatsApp, but your settings.
  4. After opening settings of your phone, you will see an option of ‘display and brightness’. Click on that option.
  5. Now you need to select dark mode option from the menu. Selecting this will lead to switching all the apps into dark mode, which are compatible for it. Hence, your WhatsApp will get into dark mode automatically.
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Also, there is a shortcut to this dark mode on iPhones. This is through the iconic scroll up bar menu in iPhones. You just pull up the menu and then Long press the brightness bar. After you do this, you will automatically see two options, light mode and dark mode. Select dark mode. This will also directly switch all the compatible apps to their respective dark modes.

How to get dark mode on WhatsApp PC.

While the WhatsApp has got updates on Android and iOS, and you may expect a way to get a dark mode on PC too. But unfortunately, for now, there is no update to make your PC WhatsApp in dark mode. However, it has been leaked that the Facebook owned company is working on it. Sooner or later we’ll get the web version or PC version in dark mode as well. But hey, wait, we still have got you an unofficial dark mode for PCs. Interesting right? But to make it clear, it uses third party extensions. So let’s learn how it works.

This works as by applying a theme on desktop and the best part is that it works for windows and Mac both. So let’s learn, how it works. The XDA member ‘m4heshd’ is out with a style dark mod for WhatsApp web. This dark mod along with NodeJS installation is responsible for targeting the items with UI. This mod does not hamper any underlying code that is responsible for the operation of the client. This m4heshd is actually not a third party extension, hence you can be sure that your messages are not going to be passed to the developer. Also, you need to have a desktop client installed on your device. The m4heshd is apparently open source so you could easily go and check the underlying code. Also, you can build it on your own.

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How to install m4heshd

Here are the steps to download this mod.

  1. Firstly, you need to install or download the following files that may seem related to the system. Windows x86, Windows x64 or else Mac OS.
  2. Now you have to run or play the WADark file, whereas the WhatsApp desktop’s official client is already operating in the background. The developer of this mod suggests that after installation, you should not delete the script folder. The script folder is used to automatically make sure the backup of original files is done. This is done so that if you want to remove the mod in the future and get back to the normal client theme, then you must not lose your original WhatsApp source.
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Another method

  1. Firstly you need to download the stylus extension and install it. This is for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users only.
  2. After you are done with installing the extension, type userstyles.org in Chrome and press enter.
  3. You will see multiple themes along with the dark theme.
  4. After this, you need to click on ‘install style’.
  5. Finally you have to go to the WhatsApp web and refresh it once again. Your WhatsApp web will become dark automatically.


While we discussed that the latest WhatsApp dark mode is so good, we need to look on the other side of the coin as well. This latest update has many problems as well. The first problem that we see is that there is no update on WhatsApp web till yet. So if you’ve got habituated to the dark mode on phone, then getting back to the light theme on WhatsApp web is difficult and annoying. Also, if you treat this problem using third party extensions, then many people may get worried about their data security. The leak of private data is a concern.

The second problem is few errors in appearance. For instance the black theme blunders the emoji keyboard as it leaves a whitish background behind the emoji.


We have discussed all about the WhatsApp dark mode, what it is, how do you switch to dark mode and the problems related to it. This Facebook owned messenger hasn’t got us any significant update except for the fact that they have started realising us that Mark Zuckerberg apparently rules the world. But now they’ve come up with this very fresh dark mode, which is really good.