Whatsapp beta version

Communication these days have surely become the easiest, all because of today’s social media platforms. But especially, WhatsApp is preferred over other platforms by maximum people all around the world. This famous platform has announced another version of it, called a beta version. Read the whole article to know about the beta version of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp beta version

I’m sure you all must be using WhatsApp most frequently to chat and call your friends and relatives. This social networking platform has got you another version called a beta version. But let’s first know how did this company emerge and decided on the beta version.

So basically, the most famous chatting platform was developed by two ex-employees of Yahoo. Many people don’t know this fact that Brian Acton and Jan Koum, who was actually rejected by the Facebook company, after leaving Yahoo. They left Yahoo in 2007 and then it took them 2 years to actually realize the importance of a messenger. After that, they named their company ‘WhatsApp’ to make it sound like ‘what’s up’.

However, just like all other people, they too failed at the start as their initial version kept crashing. It’s when the Apple company at that time started a new thing called push feature when Koum tried again. This feature enabled apps to give notification even if you aren’t using the app. Koum got inspired and made changes to WhatsApp, where it could give the status of users as well. And finally, they got successful, that even Facebook decided to buy the company for the US $19 billion.

This globally famous messenger has announced the beta version launch of its app. This version is available for Android and iOS both. The beta version for iOS, i.e., was launched on 5th March 2020 whereas beta version for Android, i.e. 2.20.73, was launched on 6th March 2020.


Now next comes the question of what is beta actually? So, a beta version is a temporary trial version between two updates (alpha version and released stable version) where the company test the new version. If WhatsApp has a beta version, it means that after the previous version, the company is going to launch another one, but it is on trial. All apps go through this procedure, maybe multiple times in order to get a stable version. This beta helps the developers to get feedback or correct any glitch or bug before they launch the stable version.

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Different between stable and beta version:

So describing briefly, the stable version is a thoroughly tested version on which people can rely. This does not have any loophole or any bugs or errors. Whereas, the beta, as explained above, is a Testing stage where you may get different features. These features, after getting analyzed, if found any problem, may not be seen in the stable version.

WhatsApp announced beta version would give you the extra feature of extending your conference call list. The WhatsApp you may be using today will give you a maximum of four members in a group video call or normal audio call. Whereas, the beta version will give you a maximum of eight members in a group video call or normal audio call. This update is being provided by the WAbetaInfo that also revealed its limitation.

This beta version is not available for all smartphones, but only for those devices that are running on Android v2.20.133. Also, for iPhone users, it is available for v2.20.50.25. However, it is being assumed that this is a strategy by WhatsApp team to gain popularity in the lockdown period. While people are shifting towards zoom and other apps for group video call, it launched a beta version for the customers by extending the limit of people. Even if your friends don’t have the beta version of WhatsApp, still you could add them up in your call with at max eight people.

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How to download the beta version of WhatsApp

  • Open/launch the Google play store or the Apple app store.
  • Check whether the beta version is available or not. This can be done by scrolling downwards.
  • If the beta version is available for that app, then you will see a message saying “become a beta tester”.
  • In the next step, click on the text, “I’m in”.
  • After that, it will ask you to confirm by tapping ‘join’.

One thing to keep in mind is that these beta versions are available for only a fixed number of people. If the required number of testers is fulfilled, you can’t enrol for being a beta version tester. Even if the option is available, as soon as you click to download it, it will show you a message. The message is saying, “Thanks for your interest in becoming a beta tester. However, the app’s testing program has reached its maximum number of testers” will be displayed on your screen. 

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How to uninstall WhatsApp beta version

Once you are done with beta testing, as soon as the stable version comes, you could easily uninstall the beta version. Just follow these steps:

  • Open /launch the Google play store or the Apple app store.
  • Search your app from whose beta version you want to leave.
  • Click on the app and wait for the details of the app to open.
  • Scroll down the page and look for the beta testing section.
  • Click on the text button “leave” to exit the beta version.
  • Now look for uninstall option and click on that to uninstall the app.
  • Finally, when uninstall is done, click on the install button to again install the app.
  • Wait for a while to let it download, and you are done with the stable version of the app.

Safety issues

After understanding the definition of the beta program, the most important question that comes to our mind is what about the safety of the app? Is it safe enough? So technically, the beta software is totally safe and keeps your media or chats safe and secure. But you should also know the problems that are caused by it. For instance, you may experience some interruptions while using the app in beta mode.

It may appear inconsistent due to the unsolved bugs. However, there is a simple solution to this, and you could just run your app in a virtual environment. VMWare and VirtualBox are two famous programs for this. If you are using a windows device, you must have a restore point as well that can help you get your device back in its original condition. The WhatsApp is also currently in closed beta version, and soon it may change to the stable version.

In 2009, the WhatsApp was hacked with the help of spyware. An Israeli surveillance team allegedly installed this spyware on many people’s smartphones. This was one of the cyber crimes the WhatsApp has come over. Hence the WhatsApp has made the beta version safe enough not to leak your data since that incident.

What’s further

After knowing the basic WhatsApp messenger and the WhatsApp beta, you need to know what ‘WhatsApp Plus’ is undoubted. 

The WhatsApp company does not yet create the WhatsApp plus, hence it is not an official app. To be precise, it is anoutmoded app of WhatsApp. This makes you unlock the new features of WhatsApp that you won’t get in standard WhatsApp messenger. There are multiple apps, similar to this in the market, like WhatsApp gold or GBWhatsApp. But these apps are not encouraged at all as they are third parties that aren’t available in Google play store or the Apple app store. Many people prerequisite downloading beta versions and such WhatsApp plus apps for unlocking extra features. But this could sometimes lead them to be a victim of cybercrime. Though the beta version and WhatsApp plus are different things as beta version are secured by the company, while the latter isn’t.

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The beta version of WhatsApp is a really interesting thing to know. It has opened the feature for its users, which was most awaited. This feature will allow you to call more than four people on a group video call or typical audio call. But this is only if you are enabled as a beta tester by WhatsApp. Also, if your friends aren’t a beta tester, still you could bring them on a video or audio call with precisely eight people.

This version is a supported version and will not leak any personal information of yours. The article also explained the difference between a stable version and a beta version. Also, it covered the WhatsApp versions like the WhatsApp plus which aren’t safe at all. Beta versions are safer options while unlocking new features as well. We may see the stable version of WhatsApp with allowance for more than four people in a call very soon. Hope you learnt all about the WhatsApp beta version.