Service Commitment Definition and Meaning

There are bad companies, good companies, and great companies. The bad ones can sell something once, but, most likely, small and large flaws will make clients turn away from them over time. Good and great companies will thrive, but there is one factor that sets them apart. This factor is a commitment to service. Great companies have impeccable service. If there are two stores with the same products and prices, customers will prefer the one with better service.

Service Commitment Definition and Meaning

What is service commitment? 

To create a great company, you need every employee to be committed to excellence in the service. Everyone, from janitors to top managers, should contribute to improving the service. Service commitment is a strategy that requires everyone to understand why they are working and sincerely want to do their job well. There may be also another definition: service commitment is a meaningful activity of employees aimed at creating long-term relationships with customers.

If you have created a good product and know how to sell it at a profit, then creating a commitment to service is a necessary step for the overall prosperity and scaling of your business. Transformation should touch all departments: from recruiters to sales managers. The culture of the company will not immediately put dollars in your pocket but will pay huge dividends in the long run.

Service commitment meaning and origins 

As mentioned above, service commitment arises when each employee understands why they do their job and consider their activity meaningful. After all, a business creates much more than just tangible and intangible values. It gives positive emotions to its customers, helps to satisfy their needs, and improves their lives. A powerful brand is a brand that has been able to establish positive relationships with clients and communicate its mission to them.

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However, there is a question: how to make sure that all workers, especially those who work directly with customers, want to give their customers not only a product but also a piece of their soul? There are several options that can be used separately, but they work better together:

Financial incentives

If you ask a person why they work, most likely, the answer will be: “To earn money.” However, if you ask them what they like about their job, they won’t put the salary first. Obviously, financial rewards are a very important tool for strengthening service commitment. No one will do a job with passion if they do not have enough money to pay their bills. However, huge salaries are unlikely to help you create a great company without other means.


Many people go to work because they have pleasant relationships with their colleagues and clients. Usually, work takes 8 hours a day, and this is almost a third of our life. Commitment to service arises where there is no cut-throat competition, are intangible rewards, and is a high team spirit.


Value-based companies can last for centuries. If each worker of Disneyland understands that they do not just sell tickets, launch an attraction, or bake buns in a cafe but give joy to children, the motivation of such an employee will be much higher. To build a service-committed firm, it is very important that the internal values of employees coincide with the values of the company itself. 

Impeccable service is not only the key to a prosperous business but also the glue that holds the team together from the inside. If a company does not pay attention to service, then very soon, it will have to put out fires in every department. Employees committed to service understand that their work matters and want to do it better and better. Therefore, service commitment is a strategy that is sure to bring success to your business.