1080p TV

Televisions are something that can be used to gauge history. It has been there with us since the 1920s, and it has itself experienced an evolution. Nowadays, we have got exceptional 1080p TV(1080 pixels televisions) in the market or even more than that. But it all started with vacuum tubes 100 years ago. Let’s know a few of the amazing 1080 pixels television that you can buy. Read the full article to know all about them.

1080p tv
1080p tv

1080p TV: An Introduction

You must have heard your family saying that they had the vacuum tubes TV that showed only two colors, black and white. It was the time 100 years ago, and today we are here at 1080 or 4K quality Television. These latest TVs give the best image quality with a superb motion of pictures. At present, almost every TV you look at will look alike, with a great display and multiple features. But, it’s hard to differentiate whether it is 1080p or more than that. Let’s look at some of the amazing brands and their models that will give you the best watching experience. These may include all kinds of TV, budget type, big screen, small screen, full of features, etc.

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1- Sony Bravia KDL32EX400

Sony is the leading company when it comes to manufacturing televisions. It comes with great picture quality that will mesmerize you. This is a 32-inch television with 1920×1080 resolutions LCD screen. It is equipped with ambient sensors and light sensor technology. Much of the predecessor of the Sony Bravia has 720p, but you undoubtedly have the option of downconversion. These are 720/60p, 1080/24p, 1080/60p, and 1080/60i. Four HDMI ports are available in this television, and you can easily connect a 1080/24p supporting blu ray disc player in any of these ports.

You also extra features like advanced closed captioning along with USB and DLNA playback for videos and pictures. The screencast option is also there. If you want to watch YouTube or Amazon prime like apps, you could do that even. The speakers are fantastic and can easily make your room a good theater for watching movies. There are many prices available according to the models under the name Bravia. You can have a look at them as well.

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2- Samsung UN32N5300

Samsung has always produced amazing television, and yet this one is another piece. It has a 1080 pixels resolution LED IPS display. This comes in a 32-inch screen size and is suitable for a small lobby or a room. The picture quality is excellent, and due to the IPS display, you will be able to get a good wide-angle view. You won’t have the problem of darkening or deterioration with this Samsung television. The display is good enough to handle glares and reflections, but you may have a problem with sunlight, which is usual. However, the input lag of this Samsung TV is a bit high. Also, it does not have variable refresh rates that are used for advanced gaming. Hence, it may affect gaming performance and isn’t recommended for gaming purposes.

Although, the motion handling of this 1080p television is good enough for watching any content. The contrast is also good that can obviously be expected from Samsung. However, you may encounter problems while watching in the dark as the display isn’t good with blacks in the dark. Overall, it is a decent TV that is in the budget. 

3- Sony XBR75X900F

Another amazing television from Sony is this model that isn’t under Bravia but is an excellent product. It offers a great display of 4K clarity, and the looks are to die for. It has thick black bezels at the edges, but however, it looks like a showpiece. The brightness has been just perfect as expected from a Sony TV. Since this too is an Android TV, you will get all smart TV features like playing YouTube, Amazon prime, etc. The display is not OLED but Sony’s original 1080p tv LCD display. It has a perfect contrast ratio and vivid colors due to the X1 extreme chips.

This model has three USB ports, four HDMI ports, and a port for old analog devices. It is also compatible with Google’s assistant and comes with a voice-controlled remote that connects over Google home as well. The only problem is that this model is an expensive model due to its high-performance delivery. Overall, it is a fabulous option to go with. 

4- TCL 3 series 40S325

This model by TCL is a good option TV to look out for in the 1080p tv range. The 40S325 will give you an LED VA display with 1080p resolutions. However, you have the variants in screen size like 40 inches, 43 inches, 49 inches, and 32 inches, where the 32-inch model will not have 1080p quality. You get a 720p resolution in the 32-inch model that is also pretty good. The pros and cons are that it has a reasonable contrast ratio and nice control over blacks on the screen. Hence you would love to watch movies in the dark. It also supports the ROKU TV smart that will enable you to stream numerous channels and apps.

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This TCL 40S325 has a plastic build as a con in looks. Also, the speakers aren’t good enough, and you may have to look out for some external speakers. The brightness is even average, or I would say okay. And if you have many people at home to share the screen with, you may experience a problem while watching the screen from the sides. This problem of image deterioration is usual with VA displays. Overall, it is a regular TV with 1080 pixels, but few cons, however, it manages its images being a 1080p budget TV.

5- Samsung QN65Q60

You must go for this model of Samsung if you want a TV with many more features and a QLED screen. QN65Q60 gives you natural colors and proper brightness. The screen is a flat 4K resolution QLED screen. It is equipped with the patented technology of its own that is the quantum dots technology. Hence, you get accuracy in colors with billions of shades. It supports HDR10+. You have four HDMI 2.0 ports on this TV. The sound system has two 20 watt speakers. Also, you can connect any wireless earphones with this TV using Bluetooth.

A strange thing about this TV is that it supports the Bixby voice assistant as well. This will give access to Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. So if you use Bixby, it will be convenient for you. Along with that, this TV supports Apple devices as well, that isn’t there with many TVs. You can easily use Airplay 2 and access iTunes, movies, etc.

6- Oneplus TV Q1 series

Oneplus is a leading company in mobile phones and has now finally emerged in the television industry as well. The Oneplus Q1 series is a product that will make awestruck you with its looks. It has a nearly bezel-less screen including a screen to body ratio as 95.7%. It has got the colors on point with perfect HDR 10 and HDR+. You get a QLED display with a gamma color magic chip. It has multiple quantum dots, and a blue LED unit. The screen size is enormous of 55 inches. It has a high color range of 120% of NTSC visuals.

You get an inbuilt sliding soundbar that gives a Dolby atmosphere. It also has noise cancellation technology.This TV is a lightweight TV and can fit into any aesthetic. You can connect over the internet to Netflix or Amazon prime like apps easily. You can even tether your oneplus mobile to it. Viewing the content from sideways won’t be a problem with this TV. The Oneplus Q1 series starts from a price of $975 that is really affordable for a TV that will transform your home into a theatre. 

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7- LG LJ5300

LG LJ5300 is a 43-inch large screen sized television that will be perfect for any large hall in your house. It has a display of LED IPS type with resolutions of 1080 pixels. This TV isn’t going to disappoint you while watching from side angles at all. The brightness is not at all a problem because of the IPS display, but the same issue in dark is there. However, this LG TV is not suitable for gaming due to the high input lag of the device. Also, the LJ5300 operates at the LG webOS smart interface, which may appear smoother when compared to the ROKU TV interface. Overall, this TV is fit for those who are more social and have lots of people most of the time in their home.


1080p tv: We have come a long way in terms of the evolution of television. And now we have got the best of technology and mesmerizing display in TVs like QLED other than old LCD displays. The above-listed televisions are all 1080 pixels TVs and available in many screen sizes. However, the list is not in any specific order, but the best TV brands are added randomly. You may visit your nearby store to get more information about these products and some more models. You may also check the prices of these products as it may vary according to your location. These 1080 pixels TVs are high performance and will fit your needs for smart TV. Stay updated with us to know more about some related topics.

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