Automation Bots – What Are They, What Do They Do, And Types

This article will cover what bots are and how they work. We’ll also look at a few different types of bots, such as vote bots, scraper bots, and more, to see what these automation bots can be used for. We’ll also look at the importance of using proxies, such as the ones provided by Smartproxy, with your bots.

Automation Bots
Automation Bots

What Is An Automation Bot?

An automation bot is a piece of software that has been programmed to complete a specific task without the need for human interference. Bots can be very useful for completing repetitive tasks that would ordinarily take human hours. This frees the person to do other more complex activities that cannot be automated.

How Do Bots Work?

Bots normally operate over a network. They use this network and other internet-based communication applications such as IM (Instant Messaging) to communicate with one another. The bots are programmed with a specific algorithm instructing them on which tasks to do and how to do them. For example, bots can be programmed to talk to humans and mimic their behaviors, or they can be programmed to do other tasks such as collecting information or making purchases. However, these algorithms are very specific to certain tasks. So you won’t be able to use a bot programmed to talk to people to also collect data.

It is important that you use your bots alongside a residential proxy. This is because residential proxies are linked to real devices, so when the bots conduct their automated tasks, the website it’s on won’t see that it’s a bot as it will appear to be a real user. This means your bots won’t get banned.

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9 Different Types Of Bots

Many different bots are available, and they’re all created to do certain specific tasks.

Spider Bots

Spider bots are some of the most well-known bots sometimes known as web-crawlers. These are internet bots used to browse web pages, download them and then index them. This indexing is critical to providing search results using search engines like Google. Spider bots were created specifically to help search engines retrieve relevant content when a user searches for something.


Votebots can be used to get online votes faster. This can be useful if you’re running a competition or promotion on Facebook or another channel and want to generate more interest so that your competition gets shown to more people, then vote bots are a great solution.

Scraper Bots

These bots are programmed to automatically read and collect data from various websites and store the information offline. This is a useful tool for web scraping for market research, pricing analysis, and competitor monitoring. However, it’s important to note that you have to respect the website’s rules regarding scraping data, and you cannot pass the collected information off as your own as that is a copyright infringement.

Social Media Bots

Social media bots are programmed to act just as followers on specific social media platforms. They can be programmed to leave comments, like posts, and interact in other ways. People use these types of bots to make their accounts seem popular to be shown on more users’ news feeds and gain real followers.

Download Bots

Download bots are programmed to download programs or applications. They can be used by users who want to boost the download statistics of a certain app. These bots can also be used in more malicious ways, such as launching denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), harmful to websites.

Ticketing Bots

These robots are programmed to buy tickets to popular shows. They can be used to give you a much-needed edge when trying to get tickets for a specific event. Some events can sell out within minutes, and if you aren’t quick enough, you’ll miss out. However, since a bot is much faster and mimics human behavior, you can use them to get the tickets for you. Some individuals use these bots to buy many tickets that they can then resell for a profit.

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Chat Bots

Chatbots are another robot that we come into contact with frequently. These robots are programmed to communicate with people. You may have encountered these bots on some websites. These bots are there to provide a level of customer support by answering questions. These bots can also be used to automate tasks such as reporting a credit card as lost or similar tasks.

Final Thoughts

Bots can be useful for automating repetitive tasks that take a lot of time and effort. By using certain bots, businesses can free up their employees to deal with other tasks that cannot be automated. Make sure to pair your bots with appropriate proxies to ensure they work optimally.