Mobile bookmarks: Backup/Sync/Rearrange/Adding/Editing/Deleting

We are all lazy and do not want to remember all the things all the time. Also, I think there is no need to remember all the stuff when we have the “Mobile bookmarks.” Yes, it is true, now you have options to save your favorite sites, URLs, and links on mobile. Some simple questions arises:

How to use web bookmarks on an android phone, and save the Mobile Bookmarks? How to Backup and Sync them and rearrange in different ways? No worries, this article helps you gain the information regarding Adding/Editing/Delete Mobile Bookmarks on your phone and get them from old phone to your new mobile.

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What are Mobile Bookmarks?                

Bookmarks allow you directly access the specific webpage. In the bookmarks list, you will be able to see the website addresses. When there are a lot of bookmarks, hard to find the webpage we required. We can also reorder many ways with the bookmark functions. With the help of them, you can view your history, most viewed websites, and can rearrange the bookmarks list in alphabetical order. You will be able to add shortcuts that allow your bookmarked webpage to your phone home screen. All web browsers allow us to use bookmarks. We can also import the bookmarks and backup them, which are deleted or lose accidentally.

What are Android Mobile Bookmarks

How to Save Bookmarks in Chrome on Mobile:

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser is located on your home screen or in your Android phones. Select three vertical dots icon  in the top right corner. You can view the drop-down menu.
  2. Tap the Settings option on the screen, Sign in at the top and then google accounts will be displayed. Select the account which you want to Sign in.
  3. Tap the Arrow icon in the top left corner. It returns you to the browser. Open the page you want to bookmark. Tap the address bar at the top and entre the address of the webpage.
  4. Go to the  three vertical dots icon in the top right corner of the screen. You can view the star icon at the top of the drop-down menu. This icon will save the websites to your bookmarks list. 
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What are the bookmark options:

  • EDIT BOOKMARK with this can be able to edit it of the bookmark or URLs (webpage addresses). You can enter the location where it will import to another folder.
  • DELETE BOOKMARK, you can delete the selected bookmark in the bookmarked list. We can also backup, which eliminates using the Bookmark Manager.
  • ADD SHORTCUT allows you to add a shortcut to the webpage in your bookmarked list to your mobile home screen.
  • SET AS HOMEPAGE allows you to set the bookmark to your homepage so that you can reach the webpage within time without messing up in lots of them.

How to Add or Edit or Delete a Bookmark:

Go to Chrome bookmarks location and overview.

Adding Mobile Bookmark

             Go to Bookmarks list press +/* add/start icon. Enter the Name, address, and location you want to save the webpage. Tap the Save option, and bookmarks will display at the bottom.

Editing Mobile Bookmarks:

            In the bookmarks list, tap and hold the bookmark is edited. Tap EDIT BOOKMARK and entre the location you want to save the bookmark.

Deleting Mobile Bookmarks:

            Tap and hold the bookmark to delete. From the bookmarked list. Tap DELETE BOOKMARK. You will be displayed a confirmation option. Press OK.

How to find a lost bookmark:

   Go to the Chrome app in the browser on Android phones. Tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen and choose option Bookmarks. If the address bar at the top, then Swipe up on the address bar on the screen. Press the Star icon that you will be displayed the folders and look for your bookmark. 

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How to import and rearrange bookmarks:

Go to Chrome in the browser in the top right corner, and select the option Import bookmarks and settings. A dialog box will display, choose items to import. You can view the imported bookmarks in a folder. If you want to organize, you can use the Bookmark Manager.

Order my bookmarks alphabetically 

Go to Chrome in the browser choose the option More at the top right. Select the Bookmark Manager option, then select the folder that must organize. Above them, your tap Organize. Select the Reorder by Title option on the screen, then bookmarks will be arranged in alphabetical order. So this makes you easily select them in the bookmarked list when required.   

Rearrange your bookmarks

Open the Chrome app, tap More at the top right corner of the screen. Tap and hold the bookmark you want to choose to depend on the most visited webpages or webpages. Drag them above and below. You can also set your specific for your homepage. 

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Apps to Backup Bookmarks on Android Mobile

Mobile bookmarks
Mobile bookmarks

When you accidentally delete or lose them, there are apps that can help you backup android bookmarks easily. When there are a lot of webpages hard to find the webpage which is required so without all these difficulties we can use few apps which make easy sort in different ways.

Backup Bookmarks and Sort 

 You can easily backup the bookmarks on your android devices or tablet. It can sort them, so don’t get confused with a lot of them, and that makes it hard for the bookmark you are searching for. Besides, you can move up and down, which makes you important. When you hold them, you can get the details regarding the webpage, which is bookmarked.

Bookmarks Manager

This app makes you in great use in backing up bookmarks to SD card. A great advantage is you can restore bookmarks that you saved from the SD card. If you have many, you can sort bookmarks by alphabetical, and you can also delete them, which are stock locked. But the main drawback with this app is it only supports Android 2.1 to 2.3.7.

Apps to Backup Bookmarks to Cloud/PC

We can sync the bookmarks from your computer to the cloud, so you can directly get them back with apps like Google Chrome Sync, Fire sync, and Xmarks.

Google Chrome sync

           When you installed Google Chrome on your PC/Android mobile, you can directly use it to back up with the data with your Google account. Open the Chrome and then Sign in. Select the settings and choose option advanced sync settings

+ then through this can easily control the data. Choose Bookmarks to organize will be able to view Export bookmarks to HTML file. With this, you can import the bookmarks to another one. You can also save your bookmarks in an HTML file. 

Firefox sync

For this, you need to install the app both in Android phones and computers or PC. You can backup the bookmarks on Android to computers or desktop firefox. It is to sync the data in the browser. Now to use this sync go to the browser and select the icon of sync and then synchronize with your Bookmarks, Open tabs, and ID with passwords. 


Xmarks is a comfortable app among all backup apps to sync the bookmarks and very easy to use and backup bookmarks of Chrome, Internet Explorer and more. It automatically sorts all the bookmarks in alphabetical order. You just need to sign up your Xmarks account with login with your specific details about your google account so all browser bookmarks will backup on multiple computers. You can easily able to save, add, or delete them. The edit or add options are also more flexible with this app.

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Transferring bookmarks to a new Android Mobile

We saw many apps which allow synchronizing data among PC and Android smartphone but not between two Android devices. However, transferring bookmarks is not a direct process to copy and forward bookmarks from your old phone to a new mobile, so for this, you need to use software Bookmarks I/O

Using Bookmark I/O

First, you need to install the app to your old mobile from the google store and select the Phone tab that will display on the screen. Tap the Menu option from the above options and then click Export SD card from the context menu. Enter the Name, Location, and tap Save to write the bookmarks onto the folder. Then connect the smartphone to the computer or PC and then select the option OPEN DEVICE TO VIEW FILES from the below-displayed menu bar. Tap and drag the HTML file to the PC C: drive and then disconnect the phone when the transferring bookmarks get completed. Install the app in the new mobile and the Sign in with your account to open the app, select the HTML file, tap the Menu option below that is displayed, and then choose IMPORT TO PHONE from the context menu.


The important thing is all of us use chrome and can’t remember all the websites we refer to daily. With the help of mobile bookmarks, we can directly open the bookmarks icon and visit URLs and view our history. It’s annoying when we need to search a specific website in a bookmarks list that is messed with many of them. We can just arrange our bookmarks list and make some shortcuts with all this we can share with others. Thank you guys, I hope this will help you to explore the genre of technology.