What is Mobile Installer

The mobile installer is an app on Android devices which helps the user to install and update mobile apps automatically in background. As we have used Google Play Store, it is similar to that. It is available only in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Singapore. You may think that what is the need for it if we have Google Play Store. When you want to download a certain app from the Google Play store, it is not available because it is downloadable only if your device has Mobile Installer. 

To use this, you only need your phone and good internet. It helps you to keep all your apps up to date. In the background, it will automatically update the apps, and it ensures that all your apps have the latest version. For certain apps to install in Google Play Store you will see a notice with ‘Mobile Installer’ it indicates that to download this app, your device should have a mobile installer.

Mobile Installer

It can also be used if you want to test or develop the application, you can use this which allows you to install that testing app on multiple devices. This app makes the process of installing and uninstalling applications simply as well. A mobile installer app is one that helps you to keep the user by providing the most features and controlling the bloatware as well. A few applications that are not available on the Google play store or Apple store can be seen in this app.

What is Mobile Installer?

This is an app that helps to install apps that are not available in your country, it is available for both Android and iOS users. Along with installation, you can delete the apps through the app if you don’t want to use them. You can search new apps in the Mobile installer also, but be aware of malware while using. Only download the apps if you trust the source of the software like popular app stores or official websites. The app’s main point is that it is used to update preloaded apps on Sprint Android phones.


1. Saves time

It takes care of small app requirements like updating the app to keep up with the latest version. The installer makes it easy to find apps you need which may or may not be available in other play stores.

2. Improve operations

As it works on the backend part for Android devices, it helps to improve the operations and working of the mobile. If you have set the Mobile installer to automatic then it will improve your performance and operations.

3. Helps users to find apps

We know that it is an app included by the manufacturer, it allows the user or customer to find other small apps. It takes care of some other necessary items.

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4. Promote efficiency

The mobile installer app allows the device to take care of necessities by itself without prior knowledge to the device user. This promotes the user to use the device as the user does not need to concentrate on the working of the device like updates.

5. Good user experience

The main aim of the developer is to improve their user rate by providing a better user experience than other competitors. If we automate the  Mobile installer then the needed updates will be done.


1. Consumes a lot of storage

As it installs most of the additional third-party applications without your knowledge, it consumes a lot of storage. This includes installing a few apps which may not be used by you.

2. Difficult to uninstall

If you want to get rid of the Mobile installer app it is difficult to uninstall or remove it. Because it is embedded in Read Only Memory (ROM) if it is pre-installed by the manufacturer. 

3. Battery drain

This app downloads many background applications, and because of these applications, the battery of the device get drains easily. You will be unaware of these problems which makes you rely on battery saving apps.

4. Low performance if removed

As we know if it is embedded in ROM, and you uninstall the mobile installer application, it affects the performance of the phone. Because it handles the apps which are downloaded via the installer. Hence, you can keep the installer if it is not affecting your storage.

5. Tough to find the presence of malware

If you have no idea what kinds of apps are listed on the installer, it is better to not install them. However, you have to check the source of the app before using it.

Is it safe?

Whenever we listen to something about the devices we use daily, it is an obvious question that Is It Safe? In that case, everyone dives to check all the information they need. It is neither spyware nor malware. The mobile installer helps to install apps that have trouble installing from Google Play Store or the apps which you want to try out. Once it is installed, all the apps will be displayed, find the one with which you want to work and install it. You can use other ways to install any app. But the Mobile installer is a great option if you want to reduce difficulties in an easy way.

Uses of Mobile Installer

1. Keeps app up to date

The apps on the device will be updated automatically if the latest versions are available. The installer ensures that all the apps are up to date by updating the apps in the background. 

2. Controls bloatware

Mobile installer controls the bloatware applications which will download some applications automatically on your device without any acknowledgment.

3. Install software wirelessly

It is one of the best tools to install software on your device when there is no USB Port to connect to the computer. Or you don’t want to complicate the process of installation.

4. Track apps

The mobile installer keeps track of the apps that are installed on your device, and need to be updated. On one go you can select the app for updates, deletions, etc.

5. Install apps

You can install apps in Mobile Installer that have some trouble or issue while installing from any Store. Open the Mobile installer search for the app you want to install and it will be installed.

Fix Mobile Installer has stopped working

It is the most common issue while using apps. It will show a black screen for a few seconds and the app will crash or stops working. Or it will pop a message that Mobile Installer keeps stopping. When you are using for installing an app that requires more storage then it might lead to crashing. Here are a few methods to work on to fix the problem.

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Method 1: Restart the phone 

Restarting or rebooting the phones helps to remove all cache and data forcefully, and boot the file from scratch. Try hard reboot your device by pressing the power button for 10 seconds. Try opening the Mobile installer again to check it’s working.

Method 2: Check for Updates

Check any updates for the Mobile installer by clicking on the ‘Updates’ button which will appear on Google Play Store. Click on update, it will install the updated version of that app. Follow the instructions listed below to check updates for the Mobile Installer app.

Check for latest available of Mobile installer.
  1. Goto the Google Play store.
  2. On the search, type the Mobile Installer app.
  3. It will show the ‘Update’ button, tap on it
  4. It will update the Mobile Installer app

Method 3: Reset app data

To reset the app’s data, make sure you have saved all the important and necessary details you may need like login credentials and some setting preferences. Open ‘Application Manager, and click on it. Either you can delete the data of this particular app or the data of all apps on your device. After this log in with your account credentials and work on settings.

Method 4: Charge the device after the battery drains

If none of the above methods work then wait until the phone battery drains and the mobile turns off. Put the mobile for charging, and press the power button. This may make work out because all the files will be loaded again.

Method 5: Reinstall the Mobile installer

You may need to uninstall the app and reinstall mobile installer. Usually, Android restores all the previous settings so you can get the basic settings. After reinstalling check, if the Mobile installer is working fine or not.

Method 6: Force stop

If the app continues to crash when you are using it, force stop would be the solution that can solve a few issues of the app. Force stopping stops current running processes and runs the process again. It won’t affect the cache and data of that app. So follow the instructions to force stopping the Mobile installer app. 

  1. Go to the Phone’s settings.
  2. Look for Apps.
Look for Apps
  1. Search the Mobile installer app to force stop.
  2. Click the Force stop button
Tap on force stop button
  1. Restart your phone

Method 7: Clear cache

The main advantage of cache is fast accessibility. This may lead to using the old data again and again. Sometimes this residual data or files makes the apps crash or stop abruptly. Follow the instructions

  1. Open Phone settings.
  2. Go to Apps.
  3. Search the Mobile Installer app to clear the cache.
  4. Look for the storage button.
Storage button
  1. Then clear the cache by clicking on clear cache.
Tap on Clear cache
  1. Restart your phone

Method 8: Disable background data usage

Is enabled by default on most smartphones. By enabling it, the app will be active in the background i.e. when you are not using the app. It consumes a lot of data and the battery of the device. So it is recommended to disable it if there is no need. You can turn off the background data settings by following the instructions.

  1. Go to the Phone’s settings.
  2. Look for Apps.
  3. Search the app you want to force stop i.e. Mobile installer app.
  4. Select “Mobile data” from the list.
  5. Disable it by turning ‘Background data usage’ off.
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Method 9: Clear recently used applications

Temporary loading issues can be the reason for stopping if you have used a few apps and not cleared them it may cause the crashing of apps. Just press the recent application menu (left button) on the mobile. Close the Mobile installer app and open it again.


This app is mostly found in the sprint version of Samsung devices. It helps to improve the performance and efficiency of the device by keeping track of apps for updates and installing new apps. It is recommended to install the apps only if you are sure about their source. You got to know about the advantages, disadvantages, uses of Mobile Installer, and ways to fix Mobile Installer keeps stopping. These apps also consume data and space on your device. After following these steps if the app is stopping again and again. This might be the problem with the version of Mobile Installer, wait until it is resolved by the developer team. If you have found anything missed or any suggestions feel free to comment, we will be happy to address them.


Why do I get a notification as ‘Processing request’?

You will get this notification because in the background an application is downloaded. Although it doesn’t need your permission to complete the installation. It provides a notice that some app is downloading. Most of the time these Mobile installer apps lead to a slowdown in device performance. You can get rid of this by uninstalling this kind of bloatware, you can remove this Bloatware from the device. Usually, these kinds of apps are meant to save time by automatically installing the needed apps.

How to get rid of Bloatware?

It is preinstalled app, If you don’t want to trouble yourself with uninstalling it with long processes you can follow these ways. For mobiles and computers, find and purchase the devices which provide minimal Bloatware example: Google Pixel 4 and Nokia 9, etc. Download the program from official websites only, because it will have the lesser possibility to download or install other apps or Bloatware. If your device has already some kind of Bloatware like a Mobile installer, it is acceptable to remove it from the device.

Can I use some third-party apps to remove Mobile Installer?

Yes, you can remove the Mobile installers by using third-party apps. Using NoBloat Free the process of removing installers easy and simple. The advantage of using these third-party apps is that it helps to identify the system apps easily. There are some cleanup apps that also remove bloatware in a simple way as we remove other normal applications. If possible you can remove the Mobile installer as same as removing other normal apps also.