Kik message stuck on s- How to fix the issue

Kik message stuck on S: if you are a Kik messenger user, and what to understand different terms and features? The Kik messenger which was a great competitor for Skype or FaceTime has a huge active user base despite its shutdown. Also, Kik provides amazing features to the users like directing chatting, face video calls, and many others. This Canadian application is free to use for android as well as iOS users. With its ultimate features let us also know some of the basic terms and most frequent questions of the users. 

In this article let us answer some questions which arise frequently in the mind of the users of the Kik application. Whenever the sender wants to send a message what do the alphabets like S, D, R on the message mean? Let us also know the reasons why messages get stuck on S? If a Kik message gets stuck on S, what does this mean? What are the major reasons for the message to get stuck on any particular alphabet?

Kik message stuck on s
Kik message stuck on s

Apart from this, we will also learn some other features of Kik messenger like deleting messages. Do the readers get to know how to delete messages on Kik messenger? And also, we will cover topics like Kik message history and older messages. Where to find the older messages on Kik messenger and other questions. So, be patient and read the complete article to get full information on Kik messenger and features. You should know about Messages vs Message+.

Before getting into further details, firstly let us know more about the Kik Messenger and Kik messages.

What is Kik Message?

To all the users, who do not know what a Kik Message is, it is a messaging application. To elaborate, Kik is a messaging application, similar to the Whatsapp or Telegram type of messaging applications. Though it is similar to other messaging applications, Kik has many other features to differentiate it. One of the unique features of the Kik application is its internal browser. With this feature, the Kik users tend to engage more time with the application than they do generally.

Let us take a look at some of the important functions of the Kik application one by one.

  1. First comes the most common feature of messaging applications, which is a direct message.
  2. Apart from messages, the users can also share media files like messages, clips, mp4 extensions, and many others.
  3. This application can allow the users to have a group chat with a limit of 49 other users.
  4. Kik application allows the users to have interact with the Anonymous users.
  5. Again the features list does not come to an end, the promoted chats in the Kik app. This feature allows the users to have interaction with people all around or different brands. The brands include music, entertainment, and other industries, with a green star for original application beside the profile. 
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We finally get to know what Kik Messenger is and some of the basic features of the Kik application. You can also read Kik messages online. Now, let us understand the issues with the application like the message getting stuck on S. Also, let us cover the reasons behind this activity and what does this indicate? 

We do not want to waste your time anymore, so let us get to the point first.

S, D, R on the message mean in Kik

Why does the kik message get stuck on S or why is the text beside the message is S. Let us understand the various stages that messages go through before reaching the receiver. When a sender sends a message to the other person, it goes through S, D, and R stages. 

Let us understand each step one by one, firstly, start with S.

S – this means the message has been out from the sender side, which means, Kik server has sent the message. Well, do not jump to the conclusions, sending the message does not mean the receiver got the message. If your message reaches Kik’s servers, then the user gets this symbol S.

D – what does D mean on the side of the message? This is the symbol of message delivery, so this means the other person has got the message. Yes, this is going to be the second step of your message sending process.

R – it is easy to estimate what this letter beside the message is going to mean. Yes, your predictions are right, if you say Read. R represents the word Read, which means if the receiver has read the message or not.

As we are successful in understanding the steps of sending messages, now jump into our problem. Why are the messages moving forward and getting stuck on S?

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How to fix Kik message stuck on s

The receiver being offline:

Reason:  the major cause why the messages get stuck in S is inactive receivers. Most of the users will not have a proper internet connection, this could be the major cause of this error. How to resolve message stuck issues on your Kik messenger application? 

Fix: This issue will not settle until the receiver comes online or has an active internet connection. So, it is better that while using the Kik messenger make sure you have a proper internet connection.

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The application is down:

Reason: this is the most common error that Kik users face these days. This may be the cause for any messenger application and it is likely to be common. To be particular, the Kik application faces this type of errors most commonly.

How can the users find if the servers of the Kik application are down and not working? To know if there is any problem with the servers, then we suggest you use a third-party detector. There are many online checking applications to check if the servers of these applications are down. The users can check this on to see the disastrous down serves of the Kik application.

Fix: the user has to wait for the completion of the maintenance period or can update the application.

The receiver may block you:

Reason: well, this can also be the reason for this issue. Ok, we are not saying this is only the reason but we are saying that this may be the reason. The user will not get any sort of notice if the other person blocks you. Instead, this is a kind of indication if someone blocks you (not necessarily but one kind of indication).

How to know: To verify this, try to add that person into a group chat, if you can then fine. If you are not able to add the person into a group, then it means you are blocked. 

Fix: the only way to solve this is letting the receiver to unblock you.

This how you can fix the issue of Kik message stuck on s. Learn more message blocking is active issue and its solution. To get salvation download Gyan Ganga.

Deleting messages on the Kik

Is it possible to delete messages on Kik messenger? Keep reading to know more about deleting messages in the Kik messenger.

How to delete the Kik messages on the iOS systems?

To delete the messages, the user has to first go to the Kik application. Open the application, then select the conversion that you want to delete in the Kik app. Then swipe the conversion to the left, there you find the list, there select the delete option. Now the user has to confirm the delete to delete the entire conversation permanently.

How to delete the Kik messages on the Android system?

This process of deleting messages is different from what it is from iOS systems. The first step of deleting messages in the Android system is to open the application and select the conversation. Long press on the conversation will let you appear on a menu list with options like Delete, Mute, and Info. The user has to select the Delete option to delete the conversation, then tap on the confirmation tab. This will let the user delete the conversion permanently from the user’s mobile. 

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There is something that the user must know about the deleting of the messages, the application itself deletes messages. Yes, the Kik application indeed clears your chat history all by itself. That means you have a messaging limit on the Kik application. It is estimated that for an iPhone user the limit goes around 1000 messages. And for an Android user, this limit tends to be an approximation of 600 messages.

Now, the question arises about the message’s history and how to view the old messages. 

Kik messages history

To understand why the messages do not last in the Kik messenger application, we need to know about its storage. Firstly, the Kik application stores the messages right on your device, not on any external storage. These messages get the data from your device’s space which is allotted to the application.

The users should also understand that there is no backup for these messages from the application. Hence, the user will not be able to back up the messages. 

How to restore the message in the Kik application is the point of discussion now. So, the answer to the question is it possible to recover the data is yes. But this includes the installation of third-party applications, which means you will be needing a data recovery tool.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is a useful application for iPhone users, to get data from Kik application. This application gets the messages from your phone’s Kik application and displays them on your PCs.

To get more details, go to the internet and surf some matter about the FonePaw iPhone Recovery software. There you can find how to use the software and many other things. 

Things are different in the case of android, the third-party application for android data recovery is the PhoneRescue for Android recovery. The android users also have a chance of Restoring the messages from the settings. The user has to just go to settings and then to Account, and then to Backup and Restore. By tapping on the restore option he or she can recover the older messages on the Kik application. 


The users must know that the Kik messenger has shut down in mid-October 2019. So, finally, let us wrap this article up for now. This article provides you the basic knowledge on the things related to the Kik messenger application and how to fix Kik message stuck on s. Hope you all have got a good piece of knowledge on this application. To be more precise on the thighs like why messages get stuck on S? And some other things related to chat history and message-deleting. 

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