Get 3 operator kills with 1 magazine not working

In the world of competitive gaming, completing challenges can be as rewarding as winning the game itself. One such challenge that has been creating buzz in the gaming community is the ‘Get 3 Operator Kills with 1 Magazine’ task. However, many players are reporting difficulties in completing this challenge, citing issues where their progress isn’t being tracked or the challenge isn’t registering as completed. This article dives into this issue and provides solutions to help gamers overcome this hurdle.

Get 3 operator kills with 1 magazine not working

Understanding the Challenge

The ‘Get 3 Operator Kills with 1 Magazine’ challenge is exactly what it sounds like: players must eliminate three opponents in a single game using just one magazine of their weapon, without reloading. This challenge tests not only shooting skills but also strategic planning and ammo conservation.

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Identifying the Problem

Many gamers have reported that despite meeting the criteria, the challenge shows as incomplete. This issue could stem from various reasons:

  1. It turns out, it’s a game registration issue. The description is accurate, but the game fails to register your achievements as it should.
  2. Misunderstanding the Rules: Players often misunderstand the challenge’s requirements.
  3. Server Issues: Occasionally, server lag or connectivity issues can prevent the challenge from registering correctly.

How to fix get 3 operator kills with 1 magazine not working

  1. Understand the Challenge’s Mechanism: Despite the challenge’s name, it seems you don’t need to get all three kills in a single life. You can achieve the goal over multiple lives, as long as you don’t reload your weapon.
  2. Plan Your Kills: Aim to get one kill per life. After each kill, it’s okay if you die, but do not reload your weapon. This way, each kill counts towards the three required for the challenge, using the same magazine.
  3. Count Your Kills Carefully: After securing three kills (across one or multiple lives), make sure to reload your weapon. This step is crucial because if you continue without reloading, additional kills won’t count towards the challenge.
  4. Strategy for Survival: While your focus is on getting kills without reloading, don’t forget basic gameplay strategies. Stay vigilant, use cover effectively, and choose your battles wisely to ensure you can secure at least one kill per life.
  5. Weapon Choice: Select a weapon that has a good balance between magazine size and damage. You want to ensure that you can get a kill with the limited bullets in a single magazine.
  6. Practice Patience: This challenge requires patience. Rushing into enemy territory or being too aggressive might lead to quick deaths without securing any kills. Take your time to make each shot count.
  7. Monitor Your Progress: Keep an eye on the challenge tracker (if available) to ensure your kills are being counted properly. If you notice any discrepancies, try restarting the game or check for any game updates that might fix tracking issues.
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Tips for Completing the Challenge

  1. Map Awareness: Choose maps that favor close-quarter battles.
  2. Aim for Accuracy: Focus on headshots or high-damage areas to maximize your damage output.
  3. Team Play: Coordinate with your team to trap or funnel opponents into your line of fire.


While ‘Get 3 Operator Kills with 1 Magazine’ is a challenging task, it’s not impossible. Understanding the challenge, choosing the right equipment, and employing a smart strategy are key to conquering this task. Remember, in the realm of gaming, persistence and adaptation are your greatest allies.