Five Online Tools For Creating Vector Images

Whether you’re creating a new logo, updating website images, or designing a brand name font, having scalable assets allows you to get the most out of your designs. While standard raster images are an excellent start, they often become pixelated or “fuzzy” when scaled up. This is due to how the image’s pixels are rendered, so converting your raster images to scalable vector graphics (SVGs) can give you a cleaner, crisper look. In addition, creating an initial design as a vector graphic can save you time and effort in the long run.

Though easy to create and more commonly available, its resolution does not change as a raster image scales, making the larger image look blocky and distorted. Since poorly scaled images can affect the perception of a design, a number of solutions are available for creating scalable vector graphics to add to depositphotos. Depending on the images or software you already have, you may need different tools. Here are a few to get started:

  1. Vectorizer: This free service converts raster images to vector graphics or vectorize an image. It allows conversion for multiple images at once and supports a wide range of file types. Vectorizer is one of the most accessible services for image conversion, but it does not provide much when it comes to settings.
  2. Autotracer: Autotracer works in the same way as Vectorizer and provides a way to convert image files into scalable vector graphics. It also provides several settings to get exactly what you need from the conversion.
  3. Public Domain Vectors: This one can take some getting used to, but it provides a way to generate vector graphics based on some parameters. The generator has a bit of a learning curve, but this site also provides several public domain vector images.
  4. Vectr: This online resource allows you to create vector graphics without going through the convection steps. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a starting image, this is a good option if you don’t already have a finalized raster pic you want to use.
  5. Media Modifier: Similar to Vectr, this site allows you to create your own SVGs, and lets you add to and edit existing ones. This service is designed to provide users with exactly what they need with many different tier options.
Five Online Tools For Creating Vector Images


Vectorizer is one of the best-known online SVG resources. This simple site is a free conversion service that creates SVGs from various standard raster graphic formats and allows you to vectorize up to 20 images at a time. Once the conversion is complete, the new SVG files can be downloaded separately or as a zip file. Unlike many free online services, Vectorizer does not require any personal information to use it.


Autotracer provides the same service as Vectorizer and converts raster graphics to SVGs. Similar to Vectorizer, this site allows you to upload raster images in various formats, but it also gives you the option to provide a URL for the image that needs to be converted. While Vectorizer is a fundamental service, Autotracer delivers several primary and advanced settings that allow you to get the exact product you need, whether that means treating white space as transparent or reducing color count. Again, no user information needs to be provided to use this service.

Public Domain Vectors

Public Domain Vectors is a different online tool that allows you to generate SVGs from various bases, whether that be text or a specific shape. The site has a variety of parameters and inputs you can use to affect the generator’s output, and while these settings give the user a large amount of control, they can be somewhat tricky to learn. Although the resulting images may not be great for logos or brand names, they can produce eye-catching backgrounds and patterns. 

Since randomly generated graphics can be challenging to use, vector stock images can also be a good option. Stock images are already-created designs that can be used for a small fee or for free, depending on the usage license type. Along with its SVG generator, Public Domain Vectors provides some SVGs in the public domain. Though these will not be specific to you or your product, they can be useful.



While many online tools focus on converting existing images into scalable vector graphics, Vectr is a free service that allows you to create and download them. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Vectr lets you create an image from scratch or upload an existing image to edit. New images can be made with simple shapes, text, and freehand drawings, and the same tools can be used to update existing graphics. Though the core service is free to use and does not require any user information, creating an account allows you to save designs and get back to them later.

Media Modifier

Media Modifier is a very similar service to Vectr, allowing you to create new images or edit old ones with various tools. Though its starter tier is free, the other paid tiers give you additional features. The free tier provides plenty of templates, stock images, and content updates. Its Popular Format features allow you to design your images to fit the standards of a target site or just set the number of pixels to whatever you need.


For any company, brand, or artist, image is vital. Everything from your logo to images on a webpage tells people something about who you are, so making sure your graphics are clean and scalable is essential, especially in creating vector stock images. Finding the right visuals to use for your brand can be challenging enough, so once you have them, find the best way to present them. Scalable vector graphics allow you to change the size of your image without losing quality or sharpness, and you can turn any image into an SVG or even create one from scratch with the right tools!