Easy grader online calculator: Making grading sheets effortless

Online easy Grader Calculators

Online easy Grader Calculators: On a day to day basis, preparing a grade sheet is a lot of work. You have to find out the marks that belong to various percentages, and then you have to assign the grades necessary. And you have only the aid of a calculator for performing these tasks. Even the calculator won’t be enough when the total number of questions in odd number. It’s just a great hassle. 

But you are a teacher in the modern era. Technology has developed to a great extend in the teaching field with tools that have helped teachers and students in many ways. So there must surely be something that can help you out in this scenario. In fact, there is. Its called a Grade Calculator. And to know more about the best grade calculators you can use, keep reading this post. 

Easy Grade Calculator

Let’s begin with the Easy Grade Calculator. It is one of the first sites you are likely to come across when you look up online grading calculators. And from the looks of it, it probably is the simplest ones available. But that does not mean that it is not effective. The Easy Grade Calculator will get you through a lot. 

The Calculator is actually one of the several teaching tools developed by the Teacher’s Notepad, a site run by a teacher couple who devote time to help new teachers spread their wings. Apart from the calculator, the site also gives you access to several other tools that they have developed. These include apps that help out in reading, writing, spelling, and so on. You can access these by clicking on the Teaching Tools tab. And you can find it at the top right part of the page. 

Apart from such tools, you can also find blogs and articles on child education. Moreover, there are even articles about toddler care and best animal pictures for prompts. After all, the tools are designed for 5 to 10 year-olds. Just as the case above, you can access these by clicking on the Teaching Resources tab. And it is, in fact, the first tab. 

Other tabs on the site include an About tab that will inform you about the site’s developers and their life. Furthermore, there is a Contact tab that lets you access some contact details, should the need ever arise. 

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The Calculator

The calculator can be plenty useful when you have the quiz sheets of an entire class to grade. Obviously, special emphasis on the word grade. Because just giving them the total mark isn’t enough.

When you open the calculator, you will see a box near the Number of Problems option. And that is where you are supposed to enter the number of questions as per the question paper. After entering that number, click on the LET’S GRADE! button right below. Now, the grade sheet will be shown below. Apart from having the number of right answers and the grade, it will also show you the percentage of marks scored. Moreover, to make things interesting and easy for your eyes, there is a color scheme to tell the grades from each other. And it goes from green to red as you head down the list. 

Online easy Grader Calculators

At this point, you might be wondering the maximum limit of the questions you can input. Well, don’t worry, apparently there is no such limit. We tried a 1,000,000,000, and the calculator still showed results. 

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Easy Grader

This is the one among Online easy Grader Calculators that we are going to see today. Easy Grader was developed by The Muller Avenue Group, and you can find it on the GradeCalculate.com. Just like Easy Grade Calculator, Easy Grader is also a free online app that is meant to make the lives of teachers much easier. 

The site comes with some additional tabs in this case as well. There is a Blog tab that will let you in on updates and features regarding the calculator. And right next to this tab is the Download tab. Just as the name suggests, this tab will let you access the link needed to download the app on your phone. Furthermore, there is a Support tab that is aimed at collecting donations for the app developers. So, if you really liked their app, do stop by and donate a bit. They accept donations through both PayPal and Credit card. 

Now, speaking of the calculator itself. It has a very elegant design and has a lot of additional features when compared to the previous grade calculator. So, let’s check it out. 

Using Easy Grader

The basic procedure is very simple. There will be a box labeled Number of Questions. All you have to do is enter the number of questions on your question sheet and then hit the Calculate button right below the box. Within a few seconds, you will see a table with the number of right answers, percentage of marks, grade, and the number of wrong answers. Moreover, the grades have a color gradient that makes telling them apart effortless. Also, the color changes from green to red as we move down the list. 

Easy Grader
Easy Grader

There are some additional features of Easy Grader that make it kind of superior to the former calculator. You will be able to see two options under the Calculate button. First is the Half Points option. This option helps you out when the questions you ask are two-parters or when the grading scheme allows for half points. 

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And the second option is the Bonus Points option, which comes in handy for bonus questions. A perfect tool for teachers who want their students to go beyond. When you click on these options, another box will appear, where you can add then the number of bonus questions. After adding them, click on the +Set option to get the grade sheet.

A bonus option is a feature that is a bit rare. But the features don’t stop there. The calculator has another option called Grade Scale option. And using this option, you can vary the percentage two which a grade belongs. For example, if the range for an A is 95% to 100%, then you can change it to maybe 90% to 100%. You can make this change for any grade as well. After making the change, just hit the Set Scale option. This feature can be used in tests where there are a larger number of candidates. 

Online easy Grader Calculators: Set scale
Set scale

The only limitation of the calculator is that you can only enter a maximum of 500 questions. But this does not seem at limitation at all in a practical scenario. Hence, Easy Grader is a great tool all around. 

Grade Calculator

This is the final app that we are going to take a look at today. Now, the online Grade calculator is not just one app. It actually is three apps combined, the Easy Grader, Average Grade Calculator, and Final Grade Calculator. So, you can use this site for multiple purposes. Hence, it is an efficient teaching tool. 

Easy Grader

Let’s look at the tool used to calculate grades online . This grade calculator is pretty straight forward and easy to work with. There are boxes labeled, #of questions, and #wrong. Just type in the respective figures, and you will see your percentage of marks in the Result box. But you probably need the entire grading sheet. Just click on the box near the Show Grading Chart option, and you will get the entire sheet. Although the sheet does not show the grade in letters. That is, there is no A, A-, and so on. Furthermore, the grades do not have a good color variant either. 

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Consequently, this grader is inferior to the one above in a lot of ways. 

Easy-grader: Online easy Grader Calculators

Average Grade Calculator

If you are a teacher, then you have to deal with a lot of grade cards and probably more than once in a while. This is a pretty hefty process, as you have to calculate the average grade of all your students. And this gets messier when different subjects have different weightage. But this calculator can deal with this issue quite efficiently. You can calculate the average grade when the individual grades are in percentage, letters, or points. Moreover, you can take the weightage or credit of each subject into account with the help of Online easy Grader Calculators.


Final Grade Calculator

This tool is more suitable for kids rather than the teachers. Or perhaps teachers can use it to help out the more motivated kids. Sometimes a smart student might get a less than satisfactory grade on an internal exam. But the student still might want to get an A by acing the final. So, you can tell them exactly how much they need to score in the finals if you know the weightage of both exams. 

You can do this by entering the current grade, desired grade, and final exam weight all in the designated boxes. 


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Online easy Grader Calculators: The post covers in-depth about three grade calculators that can use to grade your sheets. So, go on and use one of them. Needless to say, continue your good work. All the best.