Windows 20 the new concept

Here we are going to discuss the concept of windows 20. If you are eagerly waiting for the new version upgrade from Microsoft windows, then this article will tease you an idea about how the version upgrade will be. This concept was developed by a Turkish developer who previously teased the features of Windows XP and Windows 7. Also, this article will tease leaked elements of the idea and Microsoft answer to a leaked video.

Windows 20

In today’s world, most of the computers run on the Operating system developed by Microsoft called Windows. Each release was focusing on unique development on windows OS. The latest version running on windows is windows 10—this version considered a significant success because of its adaptability to all devices. Now Microsoft is focused on future versions naming the concept as Windows 20 (The future of Windows 10). Windows 10 is the only version that is supported by Microsoft. The Company aims to bring its new successor into the market with tremendous improvements. In this article, we are going to discuss the suggestions given to implement the concept of Windows 20, analyzing leaked videos on Youtube.

Evolution of Windows OS

In the year 1985, Microsoft co-founder Bill gates released the Windows Operating system. This operating system ran on top of DOS. There were nine versions of Windows OS. They are Windows 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Each of the windows version has its unique specialty. Windows 1 was the first OS to built with Graphical User Interface (GUI). Firstly windows run on a 16-bit system. In windows 2, the concept of Minimizing and Maximizing was introduced. The main focus of Windows 3 was Multitasking and supported with 256 colors. Windows 3.1 was a significant upgrade from its predecessor. The versions of the font were introduced in this version. Also, this was the first Windows OS to control programs with the help of Mouse.

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Windows 95 comes with the latest START button added with the taskbar. Also, Windows 95 runs only on the 32-bit systems. Two main focus of Windows 98 is the introduction of new Windows Media Player and Improved USB support. Windows ME was the last MS-DOS based OS. It includes an essential update of Automated recovery tools. In the next version, Windows 2000 is the first OS to support hibernation. One of the best versions of Windows OS is Windows XP. This software aims to improved color and background performance. Windows Vista developed to improve security performance. Microsoft Windows 7 aims to strengthen the smoother, stable, and more reliable for the user.

Windows 8 had a similar user experience like windows seven, but new features like widgets, USB 3.0 support were introduced. Microsoft Windows 8.1 was a professional Windows OS and introduced a new version of MS office, and it is focused on touch devices. Windows 10 brought up a significant change in the OS field. It was designed uniquely for various devices like mobile, Tablets, and PCs. Also, it introduced the windows store to download windows app.

Leaked Features of Windows 20 concept

Based on the leaked video, Windows 20 teased as one of the most straightforward and flexible OS. The leaks suggest that Microsoft is trying to bring the customized taskbar in this version. The toolbar can be customized according to user preferences. Windows 20 brings the All in One settings app with integrated PC settings. It is designed similarly to OS X (Mac OS). Also, this video featured that there will be an Action Centre. It focuses on giving quick access to settings on the PC.  Also, this video featured smart dark mode enabler. Overall this video teased that there will be smoother UI in the improved version of Windows 10.

Microsoft Answer to leaked video

Microsoft has reacted to the leaked video on Youtube. They tweeted that they don’t have any plan to focus on windows 20. Also, they tweeted that they have an idea to improve windows 10. Microsoft has a view to enhancing the OS and user experience smoother. The primary mission is to protect customers from the security vulnerabilities and provide support to customers at most extend.



In my view, I recommend Microsoft to move into the next version rather than looking into Windows 10. Microsoft needs to develop the successor version by resolving major bug fixes. Also, in future Operating System are going to focus on web-based applications and need to be adaptable for all devices regardless of any brand. In next OS will be developed with  

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