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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Gossipfunda gossip once again. Today’s topic of gossip is a bit complicated ie But if you are reading this article then you are among those audiences who are tech freaks and want to know every aspect of technology and applications.

So let’s start the discussion by understanding each term of the topic “com sec android app popup calculator”. Then we will move ahead with its meaning, how to fix the issues when it doesn’t work, how to remove it from the system, and furthermore. I would like to answer one more question that- Is a Virus?

What is Android?

The word ‘Android’ originated from Greek means- “having likeness of a man”. 

A product developed by Google, Android is an operating system for portable mobile phones like tablets, smartphones, etc. It is a Linux kernel-based open-source OS i.e., one can install, customize and modify it as per the requirement, and that too free of cost. That’s why many mobile brands use the same OS with various GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces). Almost all the brands use Android as OS. This includes- Samsung, Asus, BlackBerry, Essential PH-1, HTC, Honor, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Meizu, Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, OnePlus, Pixel, Palm, Panasonic, Redmi, Realme, Razor, Sony, TCL, Xiaomi, Vivo, ZTE. We tried to include all the names.

Android software developer kit (SDK) is available to develop programs for Android.

Android phones already have some built-in applications and they also support third-party applications/software. Also, Android programs are developed in Java programming language and run via Java virtual machine (JVM) which is purposely set right for mobiles. We can download Android applications from Google Play Store and other app stores like Galaxy Store (Samsung) etc.

To confirm the device’s operating system, you can check the system’s information by pressing the “About” option in the ‘Settings’ of your device.

What is App means?

The term “App” is the abbreviation for “Application.” It is a Layman’s term we use in our casual language. But it is important to understand it in technical terms. Let us try to plunge into it. So, an app is basically a software program that is designed to perform a particular task. Apps can be categorized as web/online apps and mobile apps i.e., these programs can be used online or can be installed in your systems (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.).

  • Online/Web apps – These are cheaper, faster, and more efficient as they are not charged to download/install and don’t occupy memory space in our system.
  • System apps – They are beneficial in a way that once downloaded and installed in the device can easily be accessed.
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What is APK?

The term “APK” is an abbreviation for “Android Package Kit” also identified as “Android Application Package.” It is a file format generated by compiling the code and utilized by Android OS for installing apps. It has all the required components that are needed to install an app properly in your device. We can have an APK file in our mobiles for app installation. It is the same as the EXE files in Windows. We can all install apps manually with the help of APKs. This is called sideloading.

Difference between App and APK

Both the terms are similar in functionality but there are some key differences between App and Apk:

  • APK files are only meant for Android platforms whereas Apps can be installed on platforms like Windows and Android. A small reminder that Apps meant for android and Windows cannot be installed in iOS or MacOS and vice-versa.
  • We need to install APK files after downloading them. But Apps can be directly installed on the device.
  • APKs can be directly downloaded from websites without signing up. So, it becomes easy to download Apps via APKs. However, Apps need signing up at any app store like Galaxy Store (Samsung) or Google Play Store to download.

What is is a package name made up of the term “com sec android app popup calculator.” So from its name, it is clear that this package is used to calculate the number of apps that get popped. During our research, we found that this package is also used in the Samsung Calculator APK.

When I saw this big term for the first time, I just held my head. It didn’t seem like any familiar language. But after breaking it into pieces and understanding each term, I started understanding this term as well. This was the reason why I included the above topics in this article in a bit of detail.

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What is

To make it understandable in a single line or the best answer to anyone who asks is that it is an APK for Samsung Calculator.  This means that when we download the calculator this APK runs at the backend. These five words make everything clear as it is an APK so it is available only for Android operating systems. And since it is android, it is free to use. It is a product developed by Samsung. One point to note is that an Android 7.0 or above version is required for its installation.

Is a Virus?

I raised a question in the beginning of this article; is this APK a Virus or does it come with a virus when downloaded/installed? So, the answer to this question is a Big NO. is the package name for the Samsung calculator. It’s each and every version is absolutely free from viruses. Also, it is free of cost to download.

How to fix when is not working/not opening?

Whenever any app, website, system, APK doesn’t work properly, the first thing to be done is empty the memory space. As the application gets overloaded it either slows down or does not work at all.

At this point, I will enhance your understanding with the steps to clear the Cache memory and Data Storage of this App.

  • Click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Apps’. From Apps select ‘Calculator’.
com sec android app popup calculator
  • In Calculator, click on ‘Storage’. Then clear the cache by pressing ‘Clear Cache
clear cache
  • After clearing cache memory, clear the data.
clear data
  • A pop up will be shown on the screen. Click ‘Ok’. Data will be cleared.
How to fix when is not working/not opening?

How to remove

It is very easy to remove APK from your device. To get any APK on your device, you first search it on any app store like Google Play Store and then download it. After it gets completely downloaded, it has to be installed. So, installation is a bit of a lengthy process. But removal can be done in just one step i.e., by pressing ‘Uninstall’. But make sure before uninstalling any application or APK that you really want to remove it from your device or not. Because getting it again will be a tedious job.

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While going through this topic I experienced a lesson that is indeed great learning. Just by looking at the topic I got nervous and wasn’t able to make it out. But slowly and gradually when I started searching for it, it became so simple that I was even able to share it with others and even make them comfortable too. A big term with five to six words is just a single word term that is APK. Along with that, I found the base of App as well. So, things can be made simple to understand when we put our head in trying to understand it at any cost. Just break the problem into smaller pieces, find solutions of smaller problems and the bigger solution will be in front of you.