What is a scrap car value calculator & how does it work?

Do you have a car which is in a condition beyond repair? Then, it is time to scrap your car and get a good deal out of it using the scrap car value calculator. Sometimes it is too old or too damaged to get it back to good shape, in such cases, it is sensible to disassemble the parts and extract what is usable. In this way, you are not adding extra waste or junk and to top it off, you are also recycling and getting some money out of it.

Before you give your car off, you need to know the real-world value of the parts you are going to sell. Besides, you can sell the whole junk car to the Junkcarsus professionals that will help to make a calculation. Instead of heckling or bargaining with the scrap car buyer on the spot, you can use the calculator. Such tools can help you to know the worth of the parts you are selling based on the time frame the part has been used, and the importance of the part. So let’s give you hindsight as to how the process of scrapping works and how to calculate using scrap car value calculators.

scrap car value calculator
scrap car value calculator

Why scrap your car?

Well, sometimes the repairs are too expensive or too damaged to be salvaged. In fact, it might be better to add in a thousand bucks more and get a new car. Following are some reasons why you should consider scrapping your car:

Dead ride

Those moments when there is a crack in the engine or a damaged differential, there is no point in replacing those parts because they are way too expensive. Also, any short circuit which damages all the electrical parts might not be salvageable depending on the extent of the damage.

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Too old vehicles & ecological issues

Cars older than 10-15 years might sound cool because of their vintage look and feel, but when you take the car to your mechanic,  the service team gives you a quote similar to a brand-new car. Repairing the car doesn’t make sense anymore. Also, old cars would require either weekly or monthly repairs, which can empty your pockets quicker than you can imagine.

After an accident

When your car was in an accident, it is up to the insurance company to calculate the scrap value. Of course, they would depreciate the value. Usually, it is almost 20% less than the market value. It is a total rip-off.

Decrease your carbon footprints

When you scrap your car and recycle the plastic and metal, you make up for the carbon emissions you leave on this planet. Almost 80% of your car is recyclable. Moreover, you take care of the neighboring environment and local area this way.

What is a scrap car value calculator?

The scrap value is based on several factors and not the first number that comes to mind of the buyer. In the USA, there is the National Automobile Dealer’s association that provides certain guidelines to calculate the scrap value. You can also contact the professional services as Junkcarsus to help you here and make calculations quickly and easily. Following are the important components:

  • The company and the model number
  • The miles traveled by your car
  • The age of the car
  • The shape and condition of the car

How to use the calculator?

Several reputable junk car dealers have their own automatic scrap value calculator. But you, as the seller of the scrap parts, have to put in the details to the last exact detail. For example, you would sometimes need to put in the weight or the rim size of the tires. An R-19 with tire width-250 mm would sell for more than compared to R 17 with a tire width of 200 mm. Such small details can bring a lot of difference in the scrap value. If you cannot put the exact details, it is not a problem, you would receive an average price for your car.

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All you have to do is open the website of the junk dealer that you like or if it is one of the recommended services by your friends or local users, and put in the VIN. Next, you would have to recognize the mileage covered by your car and the current condition of the car. This would give you an average price.

Whatever details you have, make sure you write them in, the more details, the better. After you submit all the details, the junk dealer company would go through the details, inspect your car, and make the best offer possible. If you are happy with the offer, you can go ahead and schedule a pick-up.

Additionally, you need to make sure your metals are being recycled properly and that you are being paid for that. Therefore, make sure you check out the current prices of the metal. In that way, you know that the junk dealer is paying the right price for your car parts.

Average scrap car values in 2022

We have compiled a list of average prices people are receiving for their cars. It is different in different states of the USA. For example, it can be $295 per ton in Iowa, while in California, you can expect as high as $500 for your junk car. Some states like Florida offer lower prices like $50-$100 per junk car.

Final thoughts

There you go, those are some requirements and instructions to sell your old car and get a good deal out of it. Some cars are worth more, while others are worth less. If your car covered less mileage, you would receive a higher price for your junk sale.

There are several factors that affect your scrap car value. Make sure you do your homework before choosing the right junk dealer. Check out their websites. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations. After all, you have a lot of memories with that car, and you want it to go in the right hands.