Throughout this post, in several respects, we would get an understanding of a soothing viewpoint that will assist you and your outlook to be more fluent and welcoming. We also know about facebook programs for getting data, messages, etc. Although would you even know about com.facebook.katana service? Let’s break the com.facebook.katana code and grasp this program more smartly. You are in the right place if you want to get rid of the Facebook katana. However, a clear vision is provided by Gossip Funda before moving through this article.

What is com.facebook.katana?

Katana” is the Facebook smartphone application’s structure nickname. In a comparable way. “Katana” seems to have the symbolic connection of being something sharp and breaking into everything it sees, and in comparison, this application has many levels equivalent towards how repetitive flipping and beating produces thousands of layers that create the katana blade”, says the creator of Facebook Katana.

What is com.facebook.katana?
What is com.facebook.katana?

That code phrase for the Facebook app on Mobile devices is com.facebook.katana. Similarly, the orca is about the Messenger application. If you prefer to continue to use the software, you do not need to delete such documents. Sometimes you can delete it amid these files after you have downloaded the software personally. Clients could only uninstall it when the app comes pre-installed. The Katana directory is connected to the Facebook account, and only users mostly with the Facebook Messenger app can find it. You can see two separate directories if you have activated both the Facebook Messaging app and the Facebook app on your mobile. com.facebook.orca, and com.facebook.katana, respectively. The Katana folder includes valuable information about your smartphone Facebook client. You are in the right place if you want to get rid of the Facebook katana. 

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Is com.facebook.katana a virus?

In one word if you want to know then “NO”, katana is not a virus. Mostly on the Facebook katana directory, there seem to be a number of divisive replies that the database is a virus or ransomware. Most of the people have also stated that the Katana file is a virus which MAKES some people more frightened of an unidentified hacker that has infected the mobile or damaged their records. The Facebook app automatically generates this box when the system is configured. If the software is deleted, it can vanish. The Katana folder is connected to the Facebook app, which is only accessible on computers running the Facebook Messenger app. 


Just like the Orca folder that contains Facebook Messaging app info, the life of the Facebook mobile website has taken the Katana folder to your machine. 

The com.facebook.katana product title is part of the Facebook software that runs very well on every device. It is not ransomware, so it is possible to fix certain toss warnings as well as other problems created by the application or document. 

How to get rid of this application?

There’s really no path to remove com.facebook.katana without the program itself being uninstalled, and so you’ll need to delete the software if you want to get rid of the archive. As we have learned previously that there is really no purpose in deleting the katana directory, as the archive would be immediately reconstructed despite any permission message through the app. We have provided a way to remove it see the below.

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Fix com.facebook.katana error

Fix1: Clearing Cache and Data for com facebook katana

A simple way to fix this issue would involve some of these steps. This method is for Android devices. Clearing Cache Files from the device. This could be really helpful to you and our mobile in many ways and will help you to fix it.

  1. On the device, open Settings. 
  2. Select the parts on Applications & alerts. 
  3. In the Recently Opened Applications, click Facebook or search it through See All Apps
  4. then tap on the application. 
  5. Find Storage, or tap Cache & Storage. Clear cache 
  6. Pick the Clear Cache & Data option. 
  7. Once again, log into the Facebook program.
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Clear Cache & Data

Fix2: Clear Browsing history, Cookies, Data, Cached files

This method is for the Facebook application present on your device.

  1. Open the FB Browsing App: Like chrome or opera
  2. Press the Further Button-Settings to open. 
  3. Select Account Setup/Privacy & security
  4. Roll Down to the Browser. Choose Clear Browsing Data.
  5. Check all: Browsing history, Cookies, Data, Cached files, etc
  6. Now, clear all cookies/Clear Data from the websites and blogs you have accessed when using the FB app.
Clear Browsing history, Cookies, Data, Cached files

Fix3: Uninstall Updates

  1. Go to setting->Apps->facebook
  2. Click on three dots on the right corner
Fix com.facebook.katana error

Click on Uninstall Updates

Uninstall Updates

Fix4: Force Stop Facebook

Go to setting->Apps->Facebook->Force stop

Fix5: Uninstall Facebook

Go to setting-> Apps->Facebook->uninstall

Second method to Uninstall Facebook: setting-> Apps->Facebook->Apps details in store

Apps details in store

Click on uninstall, then reinstall the App, this will fix the issue.

uninstall, then reinstall the App

Fix6: Root your mobile

Rooting your phone will empower you to do many impossible task in the OS. Read how to flash a phone.

Fix7: Factory Reset

Factory reset is not advised by gossipfunda, it can loss your data and time too. But if you wish you can go for different ways to factory reset without data loss.

Fix8: Contact Fb CC

If you still facing the problem related to Katana, then immediate contact to FB customer care.

How to remove com.facebook.katana?

To remove the Facebook katana the only way is to uninstall or delete the app from your device. This is the only way to remove the katakana files from your mobile. Once you uninstall Facebook, it will automatically delete the katana files from your device and make it free from com.facebook.katana. You can try root too.


These methods will help you to fix the error faced by you due to the facebook katana. Also make sure to comment on the various methods you know which will help users to repair their errors, on Gossip Funda