com.qualcomm.atfwd: What is this?

com.qualcomm.atfwd: what is this? Is com.qualcomm.atfwd a Virus? How to unistall this? Do your system apps ruin your mobile usage by battery draining?  One such system app is here, that can make your works more pretty at the same time if not needed can absorb your battery.  If you’re a Miracast user, then explore a lot about other apps and software that can help you out in screen mirroring and advanced options regarding your PC’s screen.  Do your office presentations much neater than before by exploring this technology.

What is com.qualcomm.atfwd?

com.qualcomm.atfwd is a system app supporting the WIFI screen displayer.  It helps streaming video players that telecasts TV on big screens.  Numerous apps for screen mirroring have been developed and the need for such an app is rising with the aid of technological advancement.  Whatever app you use for screen mirroring, this system app is most essential for its working.  It has nothing to do with any other android processes.  By installing or uninstalling this feature no changes can be seen in the basic working of your mobile. 

To Locate com.qualcomm.atfwd go to Setting then App

Setting then App

Search for com.qualcomm.atfwd


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Is com.qualcomm.atfwd a Virus?

Answer to this question is “NO,” com qualcomm atfwd not a virus

What is screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring:  Screen mirroring is a feature that helps to view whatever media you see on a mobile phone to the TV.  Images, videos, FPS, and other games, Netflix and YouTube can be broadcasted to your Smart TV from handsets.  This technology update is followed by various software developments to use it.  They include Miracast and Airplay. 

When using screen mirroring, people used to confuse with few anonymous terminologies that function with screen displays.  Those are screen mirroring, screencasting, screen sharing, and screen capturing.

Screen mirroring Vs Screencasting Vs Screen sharing Vs Screen capturing

Screen mirroringScreencastingScreen sharingScreen capturing or recording
Screen mirroring makes you view your phone on another device like TV.  It connects both the devices and does mirroring activity.  When using screen mirroring, you should not exit from the application from which you are seeing.  If so telecasting will be stopped.   Wired and wireless screen mirroring facilities are available.  Airplay was one of the most used wired less screen mirroring.  Its usage had been reduced nowadays.   Screencasting is nearly similar to screen mirroring.  But it doesn’t connect with your handset and gets videos from the application.  So, you can use your mobile for any other uses too during casting itself.  Apps like Chromecast are being popularly for screencasting.   Chromecast acts as a media player by receiving a URL from your mobile.  It doesn’t mean you should stay in the same app.  Only till grasping the website URL mobile is used.  Later on, it plays the content it was redirected to.Screen sharing refers to screen mirroring of your device in another person’s device or PC.  It serves for corporate meetings by enhancing interaction between many users from different locations.  The only condition to satisfy is to ensure compatibility.  Everything runs smoothly when users have the same software.Screen capturing is a feature used to take a picture of the page visible on the mobile’s screen.  It can be used to explain procedures while guiding someone for works.  Some such work is done by screen recording.  It records as if a video.  Whatever is done will be taken as a video.

Gaming using Screen mirroring technology 

If you need to do gaming on a big screen using screen mirroring technology, then ensure that your device is compatible with Miracast; a wireless display adapter too. 
Plug the wireless display adapter into your TV’s HDMI port.  Transfer the input method to the wireless display adapter.In your handset, you can see a list of items.  From that, select your wireless display adapter.You’ll be connected to your PC now.

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Ease of access:  These days, work from home culture is in top use and various technological developments to increase its efficiency are done.  Now, employees can participate in meetings more efficiently than any other video conferencing techniques when using screen mirroring to present.

Added options:  Updated screen mirroring software and apps are filled with advanced options to facilitate the user with screen sharing and screen recording features. 


  Compatibility is a great difficulty.  Many people feel it difficult to pair up devices with different brands.  Some brands provide smart TV as well as android phones or tablets from which mirroring can be done smoothly.  But if you try to cross pair this, then any third-party apps are needed to enable.

Substitution apps for Miracast

So, this is all about the working of com.qualcomm.atfwd.  Other than this, it will not function or interfere in any other system app’s functions.  But the battery is considered essential for it.  Battery draining is faced by even non-users of this system app.  If you don’t use screen mirroring and sure that you will never use it in that device ever, uninstalling can be done. 

TeamViewer:  Team viewer software provides a 256bit AES session securely.  Its data compatibility is much wider.  Supports both mobile data and WIFI.  Helps to view device information and provides relief from the watermark.  It extends the usage of it by offering limitless screen mirroring.  Additional options are provided by Team Viewer to enhance the usage.  It provides remote controllability and helps you while troubleshooting the parent device. 

LetsView:  Lets view is designed to be a multiplatform PC screen mirroring software.  This software supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.  It also telecasts different protocols to display such as Airplay and Miracast.   It provides a wireless connection to all the devices and access can be done only after security measures like PIN code set by the user.

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Mirroring Assist:  Helps you to create bookmarks in the system you use to screen mirroring.  You can connect your PCs with it always.  An easy finding option is also available.  QR code scanning facility is present in it.  When you are screen mirroring your device, you can simultaneously do a screen record.  It will be saved and you can review it whenever you want.  Security can be strengthened by setting a password. (it is optional to use a password) 

Some other apps

Samsung smart view:  Smart view app is compatible with Smart TV by Samsung.  There is a remote-control function and playlists option.  It pairs up only with Samsung smart TV and Samsung mobile products.  If you have Samsung Smart TV and need to pair up with other products, then using Reflector 3 can help you out. 

Apowermirror:  This app provides a screen mirroring facility and also a whiteboard for note-taking.  The ability to mirror is extended to 4 devices simultaneously. Used for gaming purposes without emulators.  It can be used from a wide variety of devices.  It accepts iPhone/iPad and intelligent devices like VR and AR too.  The normal version of this app provides facilities to screen mirroring, screen recording, and take a screenshot.  Even though the premium version offers more useful services.

AirDroid:  Screen stream monitoring:  It provides screen mirroring services similar to dual screening.  Direct broadcasting to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and UStream is the added benefit of AirDroid.

To remove a few apps and services you should know its usage first.  Just by seeing its battery usage, you can’t decide whether it is using the app’s resources usefully or draining it.  Here are a few system apps that are present in your mobile and their functions are explained.

System apps

  • Com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel:  It is a phone dialer app that manages contacts present in the device.
  • Com.qualcomm.shutdownlister:  This app acts as a signal analyzer and helps you to shut down your mobile.  Removing this app from android will ruin your mobile.  You can shut down mobile until that app is reinstalled.
  • Google apps:  Some google apps used to send update notifications and warning notifications using small apps only.  Deleting those or force stopping them may lead to self-destroy of your mobile. 
  • Com.qualcomm.atfwd:  Unlike those apps, atfwd is a WIFI displayer.  It is not the most essential service for mobile and doesn’t make any changes to basic services.  If you are a miracast user, then this app is most needed.  Never uninstall it.  Are you a miracast user?
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Uninstall com.qualcomm.atfwd

When you have no use with this app and face data exhaustion by it, then uninstall it. Right click on the app and click on uninstall, If not found then you can force to stop the app, and root to uninstall this.

Fix Error com.qualcomm.atfwd

Greenifying it (if you use a non-rooted phone and wish not to root it)

Greenify is an app that helps people to manage apps.  You can push off certain unused apps if you wish into hibernation.  It turns off app functions temporarily and helps you to retrieve it whenever needed.  To know its functioning, it has an app analyzer, that helps the user to know about battery usage of a particular app.  It suggests only important battery draining and background running apps to be hibernated.  Even though, if the user wishes they can force hibernate. 

Set up greenify

  • Open greenify and go to the initial setup page.
  • You can choose the option “my device is not rooted”.
  • Granting the permission is essential to hibernate any apps using it.  If permission is granted to app, then it will analyze all the apps and show up what all apps need to be hibernated. 
  • When you don’t give this permission to it, then you may hibernate any other apps that need not be hibernated.  Doing this can lead to increased errors and bugs.  It can also stop a few essential services.  This step is much important.
  • Now, select the “+” icon, and from the drop-down options select “show more apps”.
  • You’ll be shown all apps that are fit to hibernate.

After uninstalling it, check the working of your android basic services like transferring data via WIFI and USB, synchronizing telephoning, and deep sleep.

Data transfer through WIFI and USB:  Devices installed with bloatware may stop data transfer.  Doing such works can help you in the checking process.

Deep sleep:  Many devices may not undergo deep sleep when it is installed.  So, if the device goes to deep sleep you can ensure that the app is no more available in it and all functions are working well.

If you are not a screen mirroring user, its time to say goodbye to this app.  Certain limitations may harm your device badly.  If not, then this is going to be your good supporter in your works.  Utilize it well with different apps and software available for screen mirroring.  This kind of bloatware is usually present in all the devices you use.  At the same time, you can easily uninstall if you see it as an annoying one.

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