Best plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism is the most easiest thing right now with uncountable data available everywhere on every topic. The writers use it to get their work done without even their own efforts. The students use it for their projects and much more. In order to abandon this new trend, let’s see some of the amazing best plagiarism checkers that available online for free.


Plagiarism has become the most common thing these days. Many of us have heard the name plagiarism, but actually don’t know the meaning. Let’s first understand in detail, what plagiarism actually means, and then later see some incredible best plagiarism checkers online.

So basically, plagiarism has a small meaning, but vast examples seen everywhere. It simply means using some other person’s work, under your name, without even giving credit to the real person. Plagiarism can be seen anywhere, like in article writing, song tunes, smartphone design, or even in dance patterns. Plagiarism is a crime, be it in any country. Sometimes it is intentional, but seldom, it is just a mere coincidence. If you are caught in plagiarism, the other party may sue you. If you are proven guilty, then you may have to pay a lot of compensation amount or can even end up in jail in case if it’s a big issue.

Today, we have got sites that are free and available online that can detect plagiarism within minutes. This can be both the boon and bane for you. If you want, you can access these apps from the Play Store or even Google to check any kind of unintentional plagiarism. Let’s look at some of the popular and free best plagiarism checkers apps and sites.

Best plagiarism checkers product list


Grammarly is one of the most popular plagiarism checker sites that are available online. This site is going viral among all kinds of people due to its versatility. It gives you features like grammar check, punctuation error check, spelling check, tone, and much more apart from plagiarism check. This software is pretty much good, especially when it comes to punctuation. Grammarly is an American company that is totally into writing solutions. It uses natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence for its services. This company was established around 10 years ago, which has headquarters in San Francisco. Grammarly gives you two types of offers. One is the free version. Another is the paid version.

Well, this site is purely for articles, not for any dance or fashion plagiarism. This site proofreads your content really fast and will give you multiple types of errors in the content if present. But sometimes, you may find it less effective than other apps. However, you cannot get Grammarly as an app on any app store. Though an equivalent  Grammarly keyboard is available to download, that corrects your mistakes while you write anything. The  Grammarly plagiarism checker premium version will cost you $29.95 per month. In fact, there’s an option for the quarterly and annual subscription as well that is priced at $19 and $11, respectively. Read more: grammar checker free.

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Quetext is another excellent site that will be a solution to all your plagiarism problems. It uses the contextual checking technique that won’t display the highlighted, copied text, unlike other apps until the next text is also plagiarized from some site. If you write a quote, it will probably not be highlighted, but if you have copied the explanation for the quote as well, even if it is with other synonyms, it will show up the text. This will come under plagiarism. Quetext has an extensive database of around 35 billion websites, 20 million books cached data, and millions of journals listed on it. This is such a fabulous app that can even catch your hidden plagiarism through the rearranged words in a sentence.

This site gives you a 25000-word limit, which is a lot. Well, you can sign up for free and get to use the site benefits. But, if you aren’t a paid member, then you have access to only a 500-word search limit for plagiarism. There is also a fixed number of scans per user within the free use of the site. You will also be restricted from excluding sources of your choice and downloading the reports. Also, another disadvantage with the free plan is that you will not get a 100% accurate result due to the absence of DeepSearch technology. The paid version of Quetext starts from $9.99 per month, and in this, you get unlimited reports to download, and the word limit to increases. You get a full PDF report to download in case plagiarism exists. Overall, its the best site to gauge plagiarism accurately.


Plagium is a speedy software that is used worldwide for plagiarism checks. Most schools also prefer this software to compare the students’ works with the information available on the internet. It has news, articles, blogs, and social media in its database. So if copying or plagiarism is detected, it will show the percentage too quickly. Also, you get an option of a quick search, deep search, and a file comparison that can be used by anyone from any profession. You can upload the file or even copy-paste it. The other advantage over here is that you will be permitted to search up to 5000 words at a time. In fact, while you start the site, you will get clear instructions on how to use it.

The only thing here that bothers is that copy-paste is free of cost, but when it comes to uploading the file, you must pay a fixed amount. Though the rates are low, but it unlocks multiple extra features for you like the printed detailed reports. The prices may vary from USD 0.005 to $0.08 for every 1000 characters that will depend on the quick search or deep search selection. It is available in other languages as well, except for English. Overall, it is a super awesome tool for plagiarism checks.

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This site is one of the most well-known sites after Grammarly and Quetext to check plagiarism. Though you can’t get accurate results like Quetext, it still has a lot of good things with pretty okay results. This software is versatile as it gives you grammar checks, banner browsing, reverse image search, and much more apart from plagiarism checker. It is a totally free website for any of its tools. However, one disadvantage people find is the less word limit for plagiarism search. In Duplichecker, you only get a maximum of 1000 words to check for.

You can either upload your file or just copy-paste into the box given, and you are good to go with your tool. But, if you are an unregistered person, then you may have a disadvantage of being able to check your content only once per day. However, if you have registered on Duplichecker, which is for free, you may get 50 free searches every single day.

Paper Rater

Many people may not be aware of this site, but it’s also a good site when it comes to plagiarism detection. Not only this, but it gives you auto proofreading as well apart from grammar checks and plagiarism checks. It gives you results within seconds and is easy to use. But, if you upload a paper for plagiarism check, you will surely have to answer a few of the questions about the paper. It is a totally free site but has a premium version as well.

However, if you click the premium button, it will direct you to the Grammarly site. Also, the con of this site is that many people found it to be less accurate with the results. Maybe this could be the reason behind the less popularity of this site. However, no one’s perfect, and hence if you are using this software, do make sure to look in other options as well. 


This software called Plagiarisma has got a lot of stuff and is a really nice online site. You can go and check your plagiarism-free of cost. Not only plagiarism checker, but when you visit the site, you will see options like article rewriter, grammar checker, and language translator as well. For plagiarism check, it will allow you to go ahead with 1500 words only at a time with free usage. Also, you will be asked to fill a captcha, and then only you can go ahead with the check plagiarism command. This is a super easy site and can even support more than 190 languages. Also, id does not matter whether you are using it on Windows, Android, or Blackberry.

Plagiarisma works well with all of them. But, in the free version of this site, you get only 3 checks or scans per day. However, if you get the premium, you will definitely have the advantage of getting unlimited checks per day. The paid version will be for $5 per day that will permit 100 searches. Also, you can get a pack of $50 for 6 months. This software is Norton secured, and hence your data that you put up to check will be secured. This is one of the biggest advantages of this plagiarism checker. 

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Turnitin is also online software that most schools and colleges use for their checking. In this software, if you are a student, then you individually can’t check your own work for free. In this portal, you submit your work to the teacher, and then it gets scanned totally. After that, it compares your submission from the database of its students, depending on each institution. This website is also versatile in terms of the services they provide. Except for the plagiarism detector, it gives you proprietary and much comprehensive scoring system for each submission made. It works really precise and provides a similarity with the index in its report. 

The Turnitin prices aren’t like other softwares that are available online. You won’t usually get to see the costs if you try to look for it yourself, but apparently, it charges the institutions $2 per student. One thing people take as a disadvantage is that individual gauging isn’t a thing in Turnitin. You surely need to submit your work to the teacher, and only then it starts checking the plagiarism.


Best plagiarism checkers: Well, we have seen some of the phenomenal free online software for plagiarism checks that you can use. These sites haven’t been arranged in any particular order but are random. We have got this data having pros and cons using all the reviews from the people. To be honest, among all the above sites, you go with Quetext and Grammarly as your first priority to get accurate results. However, you can even check other sites as well at least once and then decide your perfect site for plagiarism checks. Also, stay updated with us to get all the necessary information that you need related to such topics like best plagiarism checkers.