22 Best Android Launchers: Customize In 2023

22 Best Android Launchers: Customize In 2023: Check These 22 Intriguing Android Launchers which will make your android life very easy.

What’s an Android launcher?

Android tablets/phones/Tv are inoperable with no launcher, which Includes your house monitor and also the catalogue of most of the programs readily available in your own apparatus. This is exactly the reason every system has a default option launcher pre-installed. For example, a Google Pixel apparatus will come pre-installed together with all the Pixel Launcher.

Why employ third-party launchers?

The Solution to This query Is Really easy: Third-party Launchers provide screen personalization for both consumers to satisfy their requirements. To Help save From the problem of surfing through countless hundreds of launchers available on the engage in a retail store, Here’s a list of this most useful launcher for Android. The programs will be clarified in Detail together side their download links farther down this report.

22 Best Android Launchers Customize In 2020

Meanwhile, It values launchers to get Android apparatus, you can be Spoilt for alternatives. You’ve got the Nova, Pixel, Apex, Lawn Chair, Micro-Soft Launcher, etc.. The list could carry on. You may possibly all know about those launchers and never have tried out all of these. But, there are still several launchers that often not to don’t compensate for those lists. Exactly why? Nicely, it really is due with their odd, intriguing plus also a relatively strange direction of performing.

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1. Lens Launcher

This bizarre however intriguing seeming Android launcher really Holds a significant role – it demonstrates all of the installed programs within a screen. To accomplish this, of course, it needed to reduce steadily the proper execution variable of each and every and every icon. This really is the place where the actual ability of lens launcher is useful. In the event you are doing an audible gesture on the icons, then it is going to offer you a fish-eye opinion. Providing a visual stimulation, it expands the section exactly where you do the gesture or at different words, it supplies a more convex non-rectilinear look.

You can further personalize the lens in Conditions of size, Distortion variable, scale variable and cartoon period. The star size varies how big icons founded on DPI. Whereas the dimensions variable boosts the magnitude of each program’s icons in a proportionate way. So far because the distortion variable goes, this describes the sum of the distance to be produced by the middle of this monitor. Generating far more distance in the middle will shove on the icons farther in direction of the corner. You can personalize this lightweight Android launcher from visiting the configurations tab.

2. Peek Android Launcher

Yet another Intriguing Android launcher, Peek Launcher lets You to launching programs via a completely various procedure. This supplies you using a keyboard and also you’ve got to key from the program’s couple personalities to establish it. By way of instance, to start whats app only strikes 9 and 4 (acquiring corresponding H and W personalities ). This can be the way you might obtain almost any program.

Few programs are set automagically in your own house display. All these Comprise Chrome, pics, YouTube, engage in a retail store, along with others. To bring a second program to your home display screen, long-press the program’s icon and then pat the icon. Besides this, it supplies the choice of entering a program or seeing its configurations site. A slick nonetheless intriguing Android launcher, yet.

3. AIO Android Launcher

Finish the listing of the Most Intriguing Android launchers will be the AIO Launcher. Its purpose is straightforward. To force you to take all of the tasks directly from your home display. It’s modest bubbles for many of your functionalities. This consists of obtaining programs, starting a mailbox, controlling alarms setting upward timer, and dial pad, and obtaining controller panel characteristics such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness, quantity, Apparatus preferences, plus a lot more.

These are all directly put on the single residence display screen. Each of You needs to complete is tap the desirable program or performance to automatically utilize it. The other helpful feature it beholds can be that a worldwide hunt pub. By way of instance, hunting whats app will demonstrate the program itself, your Contacts webpage, Program Placing or even a google-search. Decidedly among many very fascinating Android launchers to look out for there.

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Therefore with this, we finish this particular list. What Type is the Favorite? Moreover, can you really understand about some strange nevertheless intriguing Android launcher that isn’t cited inside this record? Don’t we all know in the remarks section under?

4. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft comes into the match, also Micro-Soft launcher (earlier termed ‘Arrow Launcher’) is still amongst many better programs it has delivered into your Google perform shop. The launcher Includes Numerous webpages each using its own Particular usage:

  • Recent– revealing lately captured photos and some other current Activities such as prompt concept previews.
  • Men and Women — your own dictionary to telephone, Concept or see contacts.
  • Widgets — an infinite site for the widgets of course.
  • Programs — that exhibits your preferred or your hottest programs.
  • Records — Your files Which Can Be synchronized with Your own One Drive paperwork.
  • Outlook — that could be stored off Line or synchronized with Wunderlist. It’s a good idea for anybody who employs Microsoft because of their everyday driver.

5. Sensible Launcher

Sensible launcher began out using one display with. Simplicity because its own aim and individuals adored it to get this. The program is quickly and also absorbs RAM for everybody it produces. The most important screen permits any range of programs that be included shortcuts at three distinct layouts, with all the default options being fully a dial form. The programs page includes the programs at many different folders that are classified. The program began simple-but once most upgrades it currently offers a pair of different pages such as widgets, however, hasn’t changed the memory intake far as the program continues to be little in dimension, fast and stable having a range of downloadable topics.

6. Nova Launcher

Anybody Who Has employed a launcher will Most Likely Be recognizable Using Nova launcher. It truly is most likely the highest-rated launcher and was since its beginning. The program is really tidy also lets all types of customization. You might certainly be alarmed whenever you find the total collection of alternatives offered from these preferences. It helps folder, effects and app customizations to mention a few. The program is safer and sometimes receives upgrades.

7. Ap15 Launcher

Ap15 can be really a rather mild launcher in each and every feeling of this phrase. Additionally, it does not have icons and also its particular dimensions are solely at KBs. Thus just how can you really consider that it exhibits these programs? The titles, naturally. Inside this launcher there’s but 1 monitor, therefore anybody seeking to become free from an excessive amount of sophistication should take a look at this particular, also this also particular screen is still a list of one’s programs in phrases, not icons. Also to create it appear trendy and also to enhance endurance, how big this program name develops every time you simply click and there is, in addition, the choice to switch the font, its colors and size. One of many others who exhibit icons this one will stick outside.

8. Launcher8

Perhaps you have come across anybody Working with a Windows telephone and Felt a small twinge of jealousy visiting with their elaborate tile display screen? But you would never have to find that as you will not waive the negative of this Androids. Stress not! Launcher8 is now to help save. It really is a fact there are lots of launchers from the program retail store to emulate the entire connection with a smartphone telephone, but as soon as you employ most them you may realize nobody will it easier compared to Launcher8 having its specific duplication of nearly every facet of their windows cell phone, for example, the standing pub, lock-screen and also the tiles that are wrought. It truly is something you need to truly try out.

9. KISS Launcher

Keep It Easy, Silly. That is certainly exactly what the KISS represents. ‘silly’ is how I imagined that it appeared once I set it to the very first moment. But the boy was wrong. It truly is what I’m using at the moment, also it’s quite wise. KISS launcher can be entirely free of charge, open-minded, lightweight launcher. The program itself measures than 200 KB, also goes easy about the RAM. The principal display screen shows that your own history, that comprises your the latest or generally obtained programs, phone calls, along with SMS. That was actually a search bar in the base that’s the secret quality of the launcher, you may employ to hunt the programs contacts, or only hunt the networking with any internet search supplier. For many those, similar to me, who would like to continue to keep their displays tidy, there’s the slick manner. This manner conceals your desktop computer and preferred programs and demonstrates them just once you tap the monitor. You may even trigger a fully reactive style, concealing the navigation and status pub, which makes nothing more in between you and your exquisite background.

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10. Motion Launcher

Motion Launcher Provides All the Qualities of all Pixel Launcher Along with Android Pie for a device — resembles inventory Android launcher but have someone of kind tweaks and characteristics, which means that you may efficiently create your house display screen sparkle.

Particular characteristics of Motion Launcher:

All of Pixel Launcher characteristics are readily available.

Google Currently integration with everybody.

Quicktime — colors by the background are traditionally Utilized to Mechanically customize and edit motif items in your own house display.

Quickbar — the Google search bar in the Summit of this Display with widgets and programs of one’s choice.

Quick edit — possess choice pub ideas instantaneously Delivered for your requirements personally, without to dig icon packs.

Handles — an advanced spin on conventional folders. Pairing A protect heaps a program, snapping at a Cover unlocks a concealed folder that you’ve tailored.

Download: Motion Launcher

11.C-1 Launcher

C-1 Launcher is arguably the Most Basic launcher for both Android in history and Makes your Android mobile brighter. Your dwelling screen appears tidy, easy and not the same as the remaining open launchers. I believe that this could be actually the sole launcher which means it is straightforward to find installed programs — that I believe that you just need to rearrange a letter to locate exactly what you would like.

Specific attributes of C-1 Launcher:

Scrawl/draw a word to Look for connections and Software.

Establish Appscontacts, sites or anything you need in Moments.

Plenty of wallpapers to personalize your expertise.

12. Rovers Floating Launcher

Can it Resemble a widget however really Rovers Floating Launcher is still among many better and most special launchers out there for Android? The wonderful point about any of its launcher will be you never possess to eliminate one’s favorite launcher to use this particular. Rovers Floating Launcher performs at the very top of one’s current launcher along with software. It’s likewise extremely customizable.

Particular attributes of Rovers Floating Launcher:

Practiced Mutually with Other Android launchers.

Whenever available your favorite programs.

Voice controls can also be offered.

13. Floatoo

The Same as Rovers, Floatoo can also be a flying launcher to get Android — that could be utilized alongside different launchers. Swipe and establish some short-cut out of some other app/anywhere.

Particular attributes of Floatoo:

Material style & search.

Floating widgets.

Battery Indicator in Addition to your display.

IconPacks assist.

14. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher Supports to Execute your Android command economically without The requirement for lots of outrageous and never-ending installation choices. With very low dimensions, Evie Launcher comes with a tasteful interface along with an outstanding processing rate.

Specific attributes of Evie Launcher:

Look indoors most of your programs in 1 position.

Long media search leads to make custom made menus. .

Publish and personalize the design, background, icon dimensions, program Icons, icon size, size, or begin from scratch.

Program folder and drawer power personalization.

15. Complete Launcher

Complete Launcher is still among the Absolute Most customizable exceptional Launchers from the Android marketplace. Besides its own customizations, it’s the quickly and more rapid launcher in contrast to additional beasty launchers. Complete Launcher is ideal for the two casual and power consumers.

Particular attributes of Absolute Launcher:

  • No limits on design.
  • Stylish one of a kind 3 d outcomes.
  • Entirely customizable text, picture, and widgets.
  • Various designs for landscape and portrait style.
  • Dynamic user interface.

16. Lucid Launcher

Lucid Launcher constructed up on equilibrium, attributes, and endurance And it’s not the same kind of launcher out of all of the remainder of the You shouldn’t be deceived by how big Lucid Launcher packs a punch when maintaining turbo speed functionality.

Particular attributes of Lucid Launcher:

  • Sufficiently-functional Web-browser in the launcher.
  • Upward scrolling pages.
  • Icon subject assist and celebrity modifying.
  • Endless widgets.
  • Sidebar (comprises your favorite programs ).
  • Split up portrait and landscape home-page designs.

17. Apolo Launcher

Apolo Launcher Has an advanced interface with no Limit for personalization. That the launcher incorporates an inbuilt promoter to turn your smartphone fluid. Apolo Launcher’s brand new port motivated by Android Q and Fuschia.

Specific attributes of Apolo Launcher:

Alter your display producing by assessing the Number of Columns or rows, size, size, coloration plus far more.

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Shift into the darkened aspect with nighttime manner.

Hide and then also make confident that the software that you Wish to ProTect.

Customize every pub separately or completely Customise your Smartphone along with your favorite motif.

Get into a library of over 350,000 backgrounds. Just in a single click, increase your RAM and expand your apparatus Freedom.

18. ARC Launcher

ARC Launcher alters the Whole Appearance of One’s Android Smart-phone. This really is but one of those exceptionally performance & customizable driven 3 d Launcher using a trendy appearance.

Specific attributes of ARC Launcher:

ARC launcher Includes a Builtin Music-player, Overall Administration Centre, also To-Do Notes and Remembrance.

Raise ram by tapping Ram Thoroughly Clean.

Integral adopting Arc AI Voice Assistant.

19. Computer System Launcher

Computer System Launcher supplies a Windows background appearance for an Android gadget. Customize your mobile using a single appearance and texture of the quickest launcher. Amaze your loved ones with all a computer appearance of one’s Android.

  • Specific attributes of Computer Keyboard Launcher:
  • Windows navigation and looks encounter.
  • Constructed assistance of Windows such as File Explorer and File Supervisor.
  • List of most Your pushes, sdcard, Storage, sound and audio data files and graphics from pc-style.
  • Computer Keyboard Launcher Task Bar.
  • Set the documents to Recycle Bin and then delete afterward in triumph x mode
  • Constructed ZIP service Gives You the Ability to decompress or infusion ZIP/RAR documents

20. Launcher iOS 13

As Its Name suggests the launcher program for Android attracts the iPhone practical experience on your Android cellphone. Perhaps not merely will you have the proprietary icons, but you’ll even find advancement in operation whilst still navigation.

It is incredible the way shut that the launcher would be into this actual I-phone practical experience. Very long-pressing an icon introduces an iOS-like menu of alternatives to rearrange and eradicate a program. The launcher also supplies the iPhone’s home screen-like widget department.

Users May Also receive the I-OS controller panel along with assistive Touch, on downloading the various programs from your programmer. The one issue is the fact that the i-OS 1 3 launcher program is full of tabbed advertisements making it hard to tweak preferences. Price Tag — Totally Free.

21. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher Is among those stunning launcher programs With tens of 1000s of topics and pub packs you may download from your engage in a retail store. It’s a Light Weight launcher to get Android optimized for the two tablets and smartphones, and that you will not See in Many Other launchers

It’s possible for you to add around 9 customizable house displays and conceal programs On your program drawer you don’t require. The launcher forms apps while in the program drawer in line with this name, setup date and just how usually you utilize them.

Acquiring the expert variant will unlock additional gesture Choices, Powerful program drawer customizations, and lots of other capabilities. Price tag — no-cost / top quality $3.99

22. Niagara Launcher

Niagra is for Android consumers Who Are Searching for a Minimalistic launcher with more jumble of programs and also options. Very similar to Evie, Niagra hasn’t bundled with a number of unnecessary alternatives and configurations thanks to that it’s among the quickest Android launchers on Google engage in the retail store.

Considering that the launcher program Is Centered on Decluttering your Android distance, the program is sold clean without a bloat-ware or sponsored adverts. Using its Lower dimensions, the launcher program performs smoothly over the lower-end gadgets too. In case You want a huge selection of personalization choices, this program may perhaps not be suited to you personally. However, Granted its gorgeous layout, I’d Advise You to Strive it. Price Tag — Totally Free


To be frank, they don’t really possess the abundance of characteristics that the abovementioned launcher beholds. What’s more, you will possibly perhaps not be capable of using these for at least a time or 2. But they deserve your awareness, at least on one occasion. That stated, above is a number of the absolute most intriguing Android launchers.

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