KWFinder Tool: A deep analysis of the tool

KWFinder Tool: A deep analysis of the tool. The whole network of searching and filtration of searches on the internet works on the basic principle of playing with keywords. Whether it is the hashtags on Instagram or the tags on Youtube videos, it is just the use of keywords to rank your content a bit higher in the searches performed by various users around the globe. Digital Marketing, a whole new technique of promoting or marketing products and services by use of digital media rather than printed advertisements, works solely on keywords. Keywords can be thought of as connectors of your content to the search engines.

KWFinder Tool

They are the words or phrases used in your web content that make your content easily accessible to the users by means of web search. Hence it is important to play with the correct set of words in your content so that you can reach out to maximum people easily. For this purpose currently, people working in the fields of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation use a set of tools. One such application is the KWFinder tool developed by Mangools team, a leading member in the game of Search Engine Optimisation. This article consists of the KWFinder tool description, the paid plans provided by the company, usage of the tool, and how one can take the software’s free trial.

KWFinder Tool

The Gameplay:

I am solely discussing here about KWFinder leaving the other tools by Mangools for some other day. The KWFinder, once registered, would open the dashboard for you where you can see two types of searching one is based directly on the keywords, and the other is based on domain, and both have their own importance. The former one is applicable when you are specific to your own content and want to search for keywords regarding your content so that you may use them in order to make your website easily accessible in google searches. The search by domain feature comes in handy when you want to know what keywords are being used or are beneficial for your competitors or any domain. Here I am describing both the methods provided by the KWFinder tool for searching for keywords related to your content or the keywords used by other content creators out there.

Search by keyword

This feature, as stated before, works simply on the words provided by you, for instance, I used the word technology here, and it gives me a list of related keywords to the term “gossipfunda” Also, it displays a specification table where it shows numerical figures of certain parameters. The different parameters are Trend, Search, CPC, PPC.

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Search: This parameter shows the average number of searches of the keywords, performed by various users over the internet within the last 12 months.

Trend: This parameter works similarly to the search parameter. Apart from the fact that it shows the graphical representation of the data collected by the search parameter i.e., it showcases the average number of searches of the keywords just in graphical form, which seems more appealing as images attract the human brain more than text or numbers.

CPC: The CPC parameter displays the cost per click of the keywords on Google Ads This figure can be displayed in the desired currency, the default currency set to the dollar.

PPC: The PPC shows the level of competition in pay per click on Google Ads i.e., how many posts, articles, links, or websites are using the specified keyword.

The SWFinder finds not only the keywords related to the word provided by you but also questions about the words, which are asked by various users on Google and even the statistics related to the questions. For instance, when I used the word “technology” to search for the keywords, the app provided me with the statistics of various questions such as, “how far technology has advanced?”

Use KWFinder Tool: Click Here

Search By Domain

The Search By Domain feature comes into play when you are confused about initiating your search for keywords. In that case, your search for the keywords used by other players in your game. All you need to do is to type a URL in the search field, and the tool will display the various keywords used by the domain specified by you. The parameters and results are the same as in the previous method. The only difference is the nature of search and filtration. The former way searches through multiple websites for the keywords, while the latter one focuses on the keywords used by a single domain.

The Money Matter

Mangools provide different plans for its products and services, on a monthly as well as annual basis. The different plans are named Mangools Basic, Mangools Premium and Mangools Agency, in increasing order of pricing and services provided.

KWFinder paid plans

Mangools Basic: The cheapest plan among all the three. This comes with essential services and limited searches of keywords. It is optimum for beginners and organizations willing to invest less while getting decent benefits of the services. In my opinion, you should go for it in the beginning and get used to the company’s paid services, and you can upgrade at any time you want. It would cost you 26.91$ a month.

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Mangools Premium: The most popular plan among the users out there and offers you more features and lesser restrictions than the previous one.t Currently at a price of 35.91$ for a month.

Mangools Agency: This plan is suitable for very large organizations tending to invest the right amount on SEO. 79.91$ a month is what you gotta pay to avail the services under this plan

The Free Trial:

KWFinder comes with a free 10-day trial offer; all you need is to fill a signup form with your email and set a decent password. Then your email is verified through an activation link sent to your email by the Mangools team. Though the free trial comes with certain restrictions, it is good to go, so that you understand the working of the software and its capabilities before paying the company. Also, it is always better to take trials rather than regretting later on. Using the free trial would even allow you to try out the alternatives to this keyword searching software. Creating a Mangools account gives you free access to 5 of its SEO tools, including the KWFinder, for instance, the SERPchecker for SERP analysis, SERP watcher for rank tracing, LinkMiner for backlink analysis and SiteProfiler for SEO metrics and insights.

The Excess Package

In addition to the KWFinder, the other tools provided by the Mangools company are also worthed, giving a try. For instance, the SERP checker is a handy tool for displaying the web pages shown by a search engine in response to a query generated by the user. Also, the LinkMiner comes into use while working on analyzing how different web pages are connected on the internet. The question arising over here is regarding the necessity of the paid plans of the company. Well, in my opinion, if you are really interested in promoting your content, then it is essential to play with the concepts of Search Engine Optimisation. And for that, the tools provided by the Mangools company come at a decent price.

Alternatives to KWFinder

KWFinder isn’t the sole survivor in the SEO race. There are a number of other players in the game. For instance, Keywords Explorer by Moz, Topvisor, Uber Suggest are few of the other competitors of KWFinder. Each of them has its own pros and cons, which I am describing in brief over here despite knowing the fact that each of these deserves a separate article for description.

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Topvisor: This tool is quite popular among iOS users. The features provided in this one are quite decent, and the plans are also based on no searches rather than the need to avail of a monthly subscription.

Uber Suggest: Uber Suggest is currently owned by Neil Patel and gives you the feel of SEO tools at a cheap price. The free trial comes with a longer duration than that of KWFinder, but it also comes with lesser content as compared to the former.

Semrush: Enrol for free.


Concluding the conversation, I leave it up to you to choose a tool according to your work and demand. KWFinder is worth giving a try seeing the amount of data provided by it, coming at an affordable price. Also, availing a subscription to Mangools plans makes you applicable for learning the SEO courses and techniques offered by the company. The plan to be chosen also depends on your organization’s nature and the amount of money you are ready to spend on the marketing of your content. In my opinion, the premium plan is most suitable for maximum people out there because of a balance between the price and the services provided.

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