Quetext Plagiarism Checker

Quetext Plagiarism Checker

Quetext is an online Plagiarism checker that detects and rectifies Plagiarism. The plagiarized text in the content is highlighted. The only thing you need to do once the plagiarism report is served is to interpret the report. You can also try the paid version of an online plagiarism checker for educators and students. But, what is Plagiarism? Plagiarism or Piracy is defined as stealing or the act of practicing of taking someone else’s work, thoughts, language, text or ideas and passing them off as one’s own or original very common among students. There are steps to interpret the report.

Quetext works efficiently. Want to know how does it work? Get started! First, visit www.quetext.com  website. If you want a free trial, they just copy-paste your content in the box. If you want a monthly subscription, then Create your account today and sign up. You just need to add your email ID and password to your Quetext account. Now, check for plagiarism by clicking on the start button on the screen. That’s how it goes. Within a few seconds, you will get your result. The text highlighted in red symbolizes plagiarized content. Navigate towards them and rectify it by tips and suggestions mentioned on the right side.


They commit to your own Peace of mind while you are rushing to meet your deadlines. As we all know, Mistakes often occur either knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, the team of quetext is here to help you out of your woes. The team is privileged to benefit students, teachers, and professionals with the detection and correction of world-class plagiarism checker. We stand and safeguard for our privileges.

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The main objective of our goal is to abide by our rules, including providing the best quality product for the humankind. The tools will always ensure your work is flawless. The advanced tech buzz nowadays has also helped our system to be equipped with engaging customer feedback and suggestions. It does not matter wherever, and whenever you are operating from, we would not leave a stone unturned for influential citation. Now you are free to write as you desire. Your dream to become an author is not far away.


Trust is like a sheet of paper. Once torn, it cannot be the same as it was. They assure you of the privacy of your content. Any other party or individual cannot steal your content being uploaded. The property and privacy rights are our utmost priority of responsibility. There is no disclosure of your content to the third party. The website is scanned on a regular basis for vulnerabilities. All the transactions are not stored rather are processed by our server. Even if cookies are being used to promote our product, but we keep an eye on the advertisements as well. However, they collect information about the subscriber, new visitor, conversation in live chat, and the one who registers.


Quetext is one of the leading technical software company in Plagiarism checker. Thus, they cannot tolerate any silly mistakes from our side. Since ages, we have been providing flawless services without any loophole. Accuracy runs in their veins. The superior technical quality of their site updates and tracks every single activity over the site.     

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This is a Quetext proprietary algorithm from plagiarism checkers. The function of this tool is to match the already written phrase in the content to inspect if it has been copied or not. It uses contextual plagiarism instead of phrase match procedure. You cannot get rid of plagiarism even if you are changing the sequence of words.

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Large Database

To illustrate, Quetext has a large database to be explored around. In addition, it has 35 billion web pages, 20 million online books, and 1 million academic journals to scan and navigate for plagiarized content. Nevertheless, almost every plagiarism checker doesn’t have a sufficient database.

Multiple File Upload

This feature of Quetext makes the scanning of plagiarized content as easy as pie. At once, you can upload 5 documents. Moreover, it supports different file formats such as PDF, MS Word, and other Text Files.

PDF Reports

I know it is a tedious task to upload a document for checking plagiarism and then copying the checked content to file. But you can do that with quetext easily. You just have to upload the content, and after making it free from plagiarism, quetext will make that content into a document file of whichever format you require. Then you can download it as and when required.

Exclude Sources

Quetext also has this privilege of excluding specific content that you might not like while checking for plagiarism in the uploaded content. You can surely just kick them out by not selecting them. Therefore, your content will not get matched with the deselected content.


This software is no doubt is also freely available but requires a paid subscription to scan more than 3 documents of 500 plus words. Moreover, you might have trust issues regarding the lack of site consistency.

Quetext Free software

The following features are available in the free version of Quetext.

  • Conditional Settings
  • 5 Free Checks
  • Contextual Analysis
  • ColorGrade Feedback
  • Fuzzy Matching

Quetext PRO

The following features are available in the PRO version of Quetext.

  • Includes all the free features
  • Deep Search Extended
  • Citation Assistant- MLA, APA, Chicago
  • URL & Domain Exclusive Tool
  • Premium Support
  • Download Originality Report
  • Interactive Snippet Text


In a nutshell, Quetext is one of the free online plagiarism checkers. With Deep Search advanced technology, its prime purpose is to keep notes and content uploaded on the site of quetext for checking plagiarism. But needless to say, Grammarly is a better option with more features of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. In spite of Quetext, you can choose any alternative such as ProWritingAid, Duplichecker, Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker, or any other small SEO Tool Plagiarism Checker.

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Last but not least, Quetext is fast, efficient, and crafted by experts. It is reliable in case of protection and privacy of content with accuracy. If you are looking for free Plagiarism checker, then you can go for this one.