Reeshu Singh

I am Reeshu Singh, currently in the last year of engineering and I find myself a versatile and highly organized tech fanatic. I love engineering, technology and talking about it, explaining things. By nature, I tend to be a subtle person with adaptive skills and an OCD for adhering to the timeline, be it for my own studies or an extracurricular task assigned. I also have a helping side, that dreams to earn and make the most of it to help old age people and poor people.


Apps like Showbox

Apps like Showbox

Apps like Showbox: If you are a movie monster, you need be conscious of this title, ‘ShowBox.’ It is a name that has commenced expanding its sources in the industry. Various of you may revive this as a channel on your TV, which presents melodies, etc. This report will inform you all regarding the ShowBox and multiple apps comparable to it. Browse the full piece to grasp all other apps.

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