Odin mode

Odin mode: If you have a Samsung device, I’m sure you must be quite aware of the name Odin mode. Many people must have tried it and have also seen the Odin fails. And you must have also searched for its solution while you landed here. Many people must have never opted for experiencing this mode. So, this article covers almost everything about Odin mode, what is it, problems, solutions, etc. Read the full article to know all about the Odin mode.

Odin mode

Odin mode is only available for Samsung mobile phones; hence generally, it is known as Samsung Odin mode. Now in a gist, Odin mode can be explained as a software that is usedforflashing its devices by the Samsungcompany and also to present newly custom made firmware. Generally, customers switch to Odin mode solely in order to flash the device while some switch to this Odinmode by mistake and then find it difficult to exit the mode. The exit from Odin mode is easy until you encounter the situation of Odin fail.

This Odin fails to occur a lot in Samsung devices, and then people look out for its solution. If you ever get into this situation, do not worry; it is a very easy way out. You just first need to know why this happens. For those who don’t know about Odin mode, let’s first understand what it is.

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What is Odin mode

The Samsung Odin mode or also known as download mode is actually a mode in Samsung devices which occurs due to simultaneous pressing of buttons. In simpler words, this mode is used to root your phone and also to download software or flash it on your device. It doesn’t work for any button but, whenever you press the power button, the volume down button, and the home button together, the Odin mode is entered. Now, your Samsung Odin mode screen will give you options, and one will be press volume up button in order to continue. And the other option will be the press volume down button to cancel. To ensure whether you are in the Samsung Odin mode or not, just check out for a triangle with an enclosed android symbol that will display a message, ‘downloading.’ 

If you press the volume down button to cancel, you will automatically exit the Odin mode followed by a reboot

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If you press the volume up button to continue, you will be taken to an option for flashing your device to present a new firmware. But, in this process, when you press the volume down button, but still don’t exit the download mode, it is known as Odin fail. In this situation, your Samsung mobile phone will not reboot.

Odin mode while rooting your phone

Well, with the Odin mode while rooting your phone, you can unlock some new alterations, which never thought. You don’t need any other external app to do these alterations. Just with the help of phone buttons only. People are more likely to ask a question like whether it is safe? Or does it put our phone into trouble? It actually doesn’t put your device at any risk, but unlocking the bootloader can make you more prone to attacks. But it is more like a safe mode with you can do more things that you couldn’t have done normally. However, if you follow all safety measures, you won’t encounter any problem.

Odin has an important part of itself, known as the Odin program. These two are just two individual parts of a single piece. Odin program usually comes wrapped up in a chain fire zip file. When you require all the pieces, you need to have a successful root. It is not only used for rooting and serving as a rooting tool but, it serves more than that. It understands what software to flash on the Samsung device.

Now, for thosewho don’t know what rooting is, it is a method that lets you accessto the root of the Android operating system code of your device. Through this, you can alter the software codes on the devices or else install the software according to your needs. But as discussed earlier, you may face some Odin fails. Therefore, let’s know the steps to get out of this situation.

Steps to exit Odin mode

Method 1

Exiting Odin mode can be really easy if you follow all the steps properly. The following are the steps.

In the first step, as already mentioned above, you need to press the volume down button to stop the process of entering the Odin mode. And instruct your mobilephone to reboot.

Now, if it doesn’t exit the Odin mode and you still encounter Odin fail, you need to press and hold the volume down button and power button together. Now just wait for a few minutes while your mobile phone will start rebooting.

In the third step, look whether you have a removable battery or not. If yes, then you need to pluck out the battery for a while. Wait for two-three minutes and then again put the battery into its place. Now switch it on once again

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If you have tried all the steps mentioned above and still you ate not able to exit the Samsung Odin mode, then you need to check out other sections of this article. However, before you do that, just make sure that you have synced your photos or videos with some other devices or have done the backup of all photos and videos. This is because, if you make any changes to the firmware, you have chances of losing your data, media, or other files. Hence backup is a must that provides protection while the Odin fail issue.

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Method 2

While the method mentioned above doesn’t work and resets your phone back to its original condition. Much time, Odin fail will occur, and you will be stuck in the situation. For such cases, look out for an app called dr.fone – system repair. This is a free app and the best app for Android to repair the system and bring you out of Odin mode.

Now, the following are the steps.

The first step is to look for a dr.fone – system repair app on Google play store and then start downloading it.

Now, the next step is to open the dr.fone app and look out for the system repair option. Then click on the system repair option from the menu.

Then, you need to tether your Samsung device via a cable. After that, choose the option ‘Android repair,’ which will be in the three-dot menu option on the left side.

In the next step, you must enter your gadget information and ensure that you are correcting the right ROM. Now put 000000 as input code in order to confirm the repair process.

After this, you should follow the instructions being displayed on the screen. Since your device in Samsung Odin mode, you must click the menu until the ROM/ firmware starts the process of the download.

After you are done with the correct firmware download, the device will initiate the process of self-repairing.

Wait for a few minutes for this download to be done. Then your Samsung mobile phone will get into normal condition.

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Method 3

Coming out of this situation of Samsung Odin mode will appear really easy, but wait, there’s something else. Even if you have done the method 2, your problem may not have been solved. If you receive a textstating, “downloading… do not turn off”, it may be a problem yet to be solved. This method itself has two approaches. Let’s see them all.

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Approach 1 – to fix downloading without even using ROM/firmware

In this procedure, you just simply need to take out the removable battery from the device. Now insert it again after waiting for two-three minutes. After this, switch on your phone regularly. Then the next step is to connect it with a PC. Now, look whether the PC recognizes the Android device or not.

Approach 2 – to fix Odin downloading using flash tool

This method may appear a little bit irritating. So just follow the instructions. The first step is to download three things, firmware, Odin flash tool, and software driver. When the download is complete, right-click the downloaded file, then choose the ‘run as administrator.’ The next step is topress the volume up button, power button, and menu button together to reboot the device in Samsung Odin mode. After feeling a vibration, just remove the power button only. Next, press the volume up key for download. After that, connect your phone to a PC using a standard cable. The Odin will recognize your Android, and you can see a message saying, “added” in the Odin window. Then click on the PDA or AP and look out for downloaded firmware. Now, finally, press the start option.


The Samsung Odin modeis a well-known thing for Samsung users. The sole and most important purpose, it serves as explained above is to root your mobile phone or sometimes flash software on to it. The article explained to you in detail all about the Odin mode and, most importantly, how to solve the most common problem of exiting the Odin mode.