Razer Pikachu wireless earbuds

Razer Pikachu wireless earbuds: Wireless earbuds are just the latest trends in today’s generation. Almost every sound company is going wireless, and why not when the world is changing. Continuing this trend, the famous Razer company has announced another product that is Razer Pikachu wireless earbuds. Read the full article to know all about this product.

Razer Pikachu wireless earbuds

The Razer company is a well-known brand in the gaming hardware manufacturing. This company is also in the financial services and esports industry. Razer incorporates established in San Diego in the year 2005. Min-Liang tan and Robert Krakoff founded this company with the savings they got from Temasek Holdings and Li Ka – Shing. Though it’s a 2005 company, it took them 12 years to get listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange. Now, after 3 years, Razer has become well known. Well, the birth of earbuds was when Apple launched its wireless Airpods in the industry since the world is going crazy over wireless earpod technology.
In order to grab the world’s attention more towards them, they’ve come up with the quirkiest earbuds. The newly launched Razer Pikachu wireless earbuds are simply amazing. We love the looks of this weirdly different earbuds. Though the Apple Airpods were applauded a lot, but I suppose it can’t match the looks of this Razer earbud. I mean, which brand do you know has come up with such crazy but amazing idea for an earbuds case.

‘ About Pokémon Go’

The company chose an exciting red and yellow theme inspired from the Pokémon cartoon to boost sales. Obviously, the Pokémon online game, ‘Pokémon Go,’ when launched, created a lot of buzzes and became the most popular to be downloaded. The ‘Pokémon Go’ got the maximum downloads in the shortest time span of a day. Hence it became a maximum downloaded game in the world. Using this idea for the business is what probably Razer company must have thought. The earbuds come inside a Pokeball, which is super unusual. I’m sure after learning about the specifications of the Razer Pikachu wireless earbuds, you go, ” I definitely want these.” So let’s look at some of the features about this product known till date.


The gaming hardware manufacturers seem to be analyzing the sales of this product by first launching it in China. Yes, clearly speaking, the company has announced the sales of the wireless earbuds only in China for now. So, if you belong to any other country, you need to wait a little bit. Let’s start with the features of the China model of this product.

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The specialty of this product is its charger. It comes with a ‘case charger’; hence in order to recharge the product, you just need to put it back into its case. By case, I mean the Pokeball. Sounds interesting, right? The Razer Pokeball is a normal wireless charger and is specially designed for people with a craze for Pokémon. The charging capacity of this is roughly around 3 hours; that means you can use your earbuds straight for a long 3 hours without charging.

Also, these Razer Pikachu earbuds promise a total of 15 hours considering earbuds and Pokeball charger both. That means you can charge the earbuds five times from a single Pokeball charge. Also, to mention that the Pokeball charger is charged through a normal type – C charger.

Pikachu wireless earbuds

  • Next comes in the sound quality. This product also promises the right noise cancellation technology. The frequency response of these earbuds is 20Hz-20KHz.
  • The Razer Pikachu wireless earbuds give you Bluetooth connectivity of the 5.0 version.
  • It has an LED in the middle of the Pokeball, near the button. This LED indicates the battery level of the Pokeball. It blinks lights with different colors.
  • These earbuds also have a gaming mode that has a 60ms latency rate. This model supports low latency rate, which is good.
  • According to sources, it was known before the launch that this product would have the Hammerhead’s voice replaced. Since it is a Pikachu edition, it had to be Pikachu’s voice.
  • The Razer wireless Pikachu earbuds have got an IPX4 rating. Many people misinterpret it with waterproof nature, but precisely it is sweatproof in nature. Hence, you can easily use it for your workouts.
  • This product has it each Earbud driver of the size of 13mm.
  • The Razer Pikachu earbuds can be activated using a smartphone as well. It works with virtual assistants too. Since the product is designed by getting inspired by the Pikachu character, it needed to have the voice of Pikachu. At present, the app is supported by only a few smartphones like some Redmi models, Meizu pro 7 plus, and Huawei smartphones with Android 10. This app will help you remap the notifications tunes of Pikachu earbuds
  • It has all basic operations like play, pause, previous, and skip options. These earbuds give calling controls as well, like accept or reject and switch or end. All of these operations are controlled by touch.
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Now let’s come to the pricing factor of the Pikachu earbuds. Since these earbuds are launched in China only for now, so the company has decided a price of 999 Chinese Yuan. This is almost equal to $140, or you can say ₹10,760. The price seems pretty standard for wireless Earbud technology. As comparing it with Apple Airpods, which prices for $185 (₹13,999), it’s a good deal.


Razer is a company that has been designing products in collaboration with Pokémon and Nintendo for a long. This company has produced many of its Pokémon edition hardware. For instance, a Pokémon-themed mouse and mouse pad. It had other products like the Pikachu keyboard and Nintendo’s poke ball accessory. The problem with that product was that it worked with only the ‘Pokémon Go’ game and some specific switch titles.

Another product, Jabra 75t, could easily beat these earbuds in terms of battery while being the child of the same company. The Jabra 75t battery was 7.5 hours on one charge, which double than these wireless earbuds. Also, the Apple Airpods could be a tough competition as it hardly takes 15 minutes of charge time in order to give 3 hours of battery. The Apple Airpods can stay good and charged up to 5 hours straight.The Razer brand is known to launch tough gaming equipment like the Razer blade sheath.

Another famous earbud by Razer, the Hammerhead, did well. It had almost the same feature, what this Pikachu model is giving. The difference lies only in the looks and pricing as the Razer hammerhead was priced at $99.99, where the Pikachu model is for $140. The Hammerhead also had color variants, and we can’t really say whether this Pikachu model will have some funky combinations or not. I mean, which brand do you know has come up with such crazy but amazing idea for an earbuds case.

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What’s in the box

Talking about the whole package for which you will pay the money so as soon as you buy the product, the box will have fewer items. Let’s know them all one by one unboxes the product virtually. The box may look like a cute burger sized box that opens up to the Pikachu wireless earpods directly. It has no plastic cover on it, and the earpods are put inside the case itself. The specifications have been mentioned above.

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The next, you see a yellow Pikachu inspired paper box. It contains a type – C charger to charge the Pokeball and grip band to attach to the Pokeball. After that, you see an information guide to learn how to use the product. And finally a warranty card. The Razer gives you a warranty of 2 years and also promises free and hassle-free returns. This return is applicable only within 14 days and if you buy the product from the Razer store.


In the article above, we learned all the details about the Razer Pikachu wireless earbuds that are available to date now. We have seen the Razer brand history and how they landed up making Pikachu and Pokémon-inspired products. The brand is a Hong Kong-based brand and is trying all it could do to widen the number of its customers. It is actually giving good quality products at regular prices. We also compared it to other devices launched under the same name, Razer. This product has all you could ask from a wireless earbud.

The battery may seem to disappoint a bit, but the looks are to die for. I’m sure no one would say a no this product even if you don’t watch Pokémon. The Pokeball charger is the show-stopper and is available only in its traditional color combination that is red and yellow. In the future, other color variants may come into the markets. The product also gives a 2-year warranty similar to its previous Hammerhead model. Since it’s a recent launch that too only in china, hence we have less known specifications for now. As soon as it starts exporting to other countries, we may update you with the latest updates in design and the price.