Apps like Showbox

If you are a movie freak, you must be aware of this name, ‘ShowBox.’ It is a name that has started spreading its roots in the industry. Many of you may recall this as a channel on your TV, which plays songs, etc. Apps like Showbox: will tell you all about the ShowBox and many apps similar to it. Read the full article to know all other apps.

Apps like Showbox

I’m sure you all must be pretty aware about the ‘Zee etc. Bollywood’ channel and ‘9XM’ on your TV. So basically, in a gist, ShowBox is just like them. What’s more here isthat you may find this even as an app on your play store as well. For all those who aren’t familiar with it, let’s know this app in detail first and then look out for other alternatives as well. 

ShowBox actually keeps you engaged in hundreds of movies, TV shows, and songs, that too from your convenience of the device. TheShowBox website also provides you free unlimited movies. This is a really good app, and people may assume it to be flawless, but it appears that there are some cautions to be followed as well. Hence, people usually lookout for alternatives. But before coming to the alternatives of ShowBox, you must know a bit more about this app.

ShowBox is actually a Korean film distribution firm which was founded in 1966. It is involved in various things like movie production, investment, and distribution branch of media plex, incorporate. The ShowBox is new to the entertainment industry, but still, it has bagged the top six blockbusters out of 10 in the Korean box office. Here are list of apps like Showbox.

Alternative Apps like Showbox

1- PlayBox HD

The PlayBox site is very similar in looks to the ShowBox site and not only this, but it resembles the performance of the latter as well. This is the strategy by PlayBox, in order to get more sales under the deception of ShowBox. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to differentiate between the two apps. But although the theme that the PlayBox has adopted is blue, unlike the ShowBox. PlayBox has an extensive collection of HD movies for a streamer. Also, you have the allowance of accessing it through any laptop or smartphone or anything. However, to enjoy the best video quality, you must go for some big-screen device. Infact, the PlayBox is supported by Android and iOS both. The only problem is that it is not available on Google play store as well as the Apple app store, but you need to visit the official site of PlayBox.

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2- MegaBox HD

The next comes in the MegaBox site, which is also appreciated by people. The icon will appear black and white, with a bold ‘MegaBox HD’ written on it. You won’t be able to find this app either in your play stores. This site will provide you free unlimited movies, TV shows, and Live TV as well. The interface is easy to understand. However, the only problem is that only Android supports it, though it can be played on any device like tab or phone, etc.

Also, another thing to disturb is continuous ads. Otherwise, it seems to be a really nice app.

3- Movie Box

This is another app as an alternative to ShowBox that has actually copied the logo style of ShowBox. It resembles the ShowBox in the working as well. But the only drawback of this app is the language barrier. It only supports the English language and the Russian language. Also, you have to compulsorily watch the trailer of any movie before starting the movie. Therefore, it may become irritating sometimes.

4- popcorn time

Well, before telling you about the details of this app, you must know that presently this app has been banned in the US and UK. Though the app is legal but the content uploaded on it is totally copyrighted by some other stream service provider. You may be able to get some fantastic Netflix series and movies on this site. However, you can simply use a VPN to use this app and enjoy any show or movie. Popcorn time is available for Android, iOS, andLinux, all of them. The performance is fast, and settings can be altered according to your needs. Therefore, it comes out to be the best if you could dodge the ban through the VPN.

5- Crackle

This is also a perfect app as an alternative for ShowBox. Crackle has around 20M users. This app allows you to watch movies and shows without any ad or disturbance. The most amazing thing is that it has a smart TV support feature. With this facility, you can easily tether your TV with this app. But the problem of Crackle is that it needs to be updated every month. Therefore, there is a reduction in content potential.

6- Hub streaming

Hub streaming is another reliable app as an alternative to ShowBox. It is an excellent app and also allows you to download the content apart from the typical streaming of movies. The logo, with the app name on a red TV, seems to attract people. Again, like the Crackle, this app is also available for only Android users.

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7- Hulu

Hulu is a great alternative to ShowBox, as it is an app that updates its content on a daily basis. All the access in this app has been really just one click away. The Hulu app can be identified easily because of its sole green-colored ‘Hulu’ word. But the most disappointing factor for this app is its limitation of only being a web-based service.

8- Sky HD

For those who haven’t used any of these apps, you may get confused between PlayBox and Sky HD. The customer experience and the interface of the apps are very similar to each other. It is simply a clone of PlayBox HD, except for when it comes to supporting. Sky HD is supported by only Android devices and not iOS or Linux. Also, Sky HD has a more red theme to be recognized easily.

9- Movies HD

Movies HD is a fast pace app, and it provides you the best quality video experience. It has HD quality content along with healthy and low-quality video content. This app also allows you both facilities, to stream videos online and also download them. Therefore, you don’t need to depend on your internet connection while using this app. It is an easily identifiable app with a yellow logo. 

10- Cinema Box

This is another app that resembles the ShowBox. The UI of this app is very much similar to the ShowBox. This is a perfect app for your streaming as well as downloading the content. Cinema box justifies its name and gives cinema-quality experience to both Android and iOS users. So you could watch your movie or any TV show through any device without the use of WI-FI, once you download the content. It has a very simple interface and does not give you something new, but it is really the best app with all that it has.

11- Stremio

Stremio is an app you must try for sure for good quality streaming as it is different from other apps. You may get content of Prime, Netflix, iTunes, etc. on the Stremio app. Also, it has such an organized UI that it is straightforward to search for any movie or series. More than that, Stremio will give you independence in terms of platform. That is, you can use it on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, or Mac.

12- Freeflix

As the name suggests, the free flix app provides you movies or TV series free of cost to download. Therefore, you do not need to stick to your WI-FI router. This app, too, is platform-independent and can support Android, iOS, Windows. But what’s different is that it supports Firestick as well. This app will get you updates for movies and TV shows daily.

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13- Bobby movie box

Though the name may appear strange to you, but this is the only app by far, that is purely for iPhone users. It is a nice alternative to ShowBox and is a stable app. The Bobby Movie box is also themed blue, with a search bar that will find you your favorites. The user interface is smooth. It has all the popular movies.

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14- TubiTV

This app is a trusted app and downloaded by a million people. It is a movie site and has around 40,000 movies on its site. The user interface is organized according to the genre and has easy navigation techniques. The updation of this app occurs every week to bring you more entertaining movies.

15- Mod bro

This app is a very simple app on which you can find perfect high-quality videos. Unlike many other apps, you cannot download content but only stream online. It provides you a list with possible servers for any TV show or movie. So basically, it is not a streaming app, but more like a search engine for movies and shows. It is available only for Android.


Apps like Showbox: The Korean company, ShowBox, is an entertainment site, where you get all kinds of movies and TV shows. But this site was blocked for a long time, because of the allegations of being illegal. Though the site was legal, however, it had many copyrighted contents. This is the reason people look out for alternatives to this site. We discussed all the alternatives that are better apps for movies and TV shows, even from Netflix and prime, etc. However, the ShowBox ban has been lifted now.