Xiaomi gentle breeze AC (air conditioner)

Xiaomi is a well-known name in the mobile industry all over the world. This brand took over the lead of mid-range smartphones too fast. And this famous mid-range brand is now out with something new, something you can’t imagine. Xiaomi is coming up with its own air conditioner this year. Yes, you heard it right, and it has been named as a gentle breeze. Read the full article to know all about the specifications and pricing of Xiaomi gentle breeze AC.

Xiaomi gentle breeze AC

The summer season has arrived, and amidst this hot weather, the Xiaomi company has launched its latest product. This is an unexpected air conditioner from a very famous mobile company. Xiaomi disclosed it long ago that it is going to launch this product in the near summer. The company named it a ‘gentle breeze air conditioner.’ But before knowing about the specifications and pricing of the Xiaomi air conditioner, let’s know what Xiaomi has been doing to date.

So basically, it is assumed that at this point in time, everyone must be knowing that Xiaomi has been producing mid-range smartphones. Xiaomi is actually a Chinese company that was started back in April 2010. It’s been 10 years, Xiaomi has been building a normal range of smartphones for middle-class people. But it’s not only known for smartphones, but Xiaomi also makes projectors, earphones, fitness bands, bags, etc. And finally, it has added another name to its list that is air conditioners. A fact about Xiaomi is that it has bagged the fourth rank in the list of companies that produce their own self made electronic chips. Before Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have been doing so already. The headquarters of Xiaomi is situated in Beijing, China.


It was August 2011, when Xiaomi launched its first product and hence started gaining popularity. By 2014, Xiaomi became the largest smartphone company in china, and by 2018, it became fourth-largest in the two biggest markets of the world that is China and India.

Well, coming back to the air conditioner, so it has got lots of features. The gentle breeze air conditioner was launched on 24 April 2020 and has been the most awaited product from the Xiaomi. As its name explains, it provides you with the feel of cool natural wind. Let’s know all the features of the gentle breeze air conditioner in detail. 



The gentle breeze air conditioner gives you a large coverage area for the outflow of air. It spreads the air evenly in the room. This AC is also designed to spread a cool breeze in a particular direction according to the person. It has thousands of holes that make it easy for three-dimensional airflow. This will have 1120 air vents in total for this airflow.

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Presently, the Xiaomi gentle breeze air conditioner is available in only two capacity variants. First is the 1-ton capacity version, and the other one is the 1.5-ton capacity version. The 1-ton capacity air conditioner circulates 620 cubic meters of air per hour. This has 10 square meters as its maximum range. Talking about the 1.5 capacity variant, it has a capacity of 660 cubic meters of airflow circulation per hour. Along with that, a maximum range of 16-meter square.


The gentle breeze takes DC input obviously, but it has extra technology involved as well. This explains as a full conversion of DC frequency. Due to this technology, the gentle breeze becomes energy efficient along with which, it gains a more APF value equal to 5.13. In comparison with the national standards of china for energy efficiency, that is 4.5, and this APF value is much higher.


This has to be the most amazing feature that could be incorporated in air conditioners. It is the Xiao AI voice assistant technology. The Xiaomi gentle breeze allows you to turn on or off the air conditioner using your voice only. This allowance is extended to voice controlling the temperature or switching of modes. And not only this, but you will able to connect it to other smart home devices like Alexa and Google home, etc. You could also connect it with your Mi smart home app if you have any mi smartphone. 


The Xiaomi air conditioner will have quite big fans for cooling the device. Its dimensions are 96mm each. It also has a unique round display in order to showcase the temperature and modes of the air conditioner.


It is obviously accompanied by a remote that has all the controls. It tends to have basic buttons for temperature control and direction of airflow along with the mode change buttons. The Xiaomi AI voice assistant can also be activated through this remote only, besides the Mi smart home app.


Presently, it is available in only white color and with a small black round display. But, if the product goes well, we may see some more color variants of a gentle breeze air conditioner.

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Since we all know that Xiaomi is a mid-range brand; therefore, it has set an acceptable price range for its air conditioners. Xiaomi’s newly launched air conditioner, Xiaomi gentle breeze AC, is priced at 2,199 Yuan that is the US $310, while its high model is about 2,499 Yuan that is the US $352 for the 1-ton variant. Whereas, for the 1.5-ton variant, you need to surely pay around 2,699 Yuan that is the US $381. Though the product has been launched, but the addition of this product on its official site is yet to be done. Also, until now, we have no records for when the product will be available in the market.

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The Chinese brand has just entered the air conditioner industry and will have to survive a tough battle with other companies. The three top brands of china that are in this battle are Midea, Haier, and Chigo. They tend to have a history of belief within the people of China for air conditioners. These brands are solely dedicated to air conditioner production and have been providing all features in their products.

Also, Xiaomi has few other products like Smartmi DC inverter air conditioner as well. This is a product made after lots of joint efforts of specialists from Panasonic and Hitachi. The SmartMi air conditioner had an airflow capacity of 700 cubic meters per hour, which is surely more than the gentle breeze. It also had less noise technology with which the machine hardly produced 21 decibels. This feature is due to the fans produced by Panasonic.

Though Xiaomi manufactures its products using its own technology and equipment. But this low noise feature could be compared to the chirping of birds. At the same time, we aren’t updated about the noise information and a few more things about the gentle breeze air conditioner. This is because the company hasn’t released any official news on its website yet. But the SmartMi turns out to be tough, competent for a gentle breeze under the same roof.

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Mijia pair

Since the Xiaomi gained popularity among the people through smartphones, it is expanding itself to other areas as well to achieve more profits

The gentle breeze air conditioner can also be paired with another product of Xiaomi that is a Mijia sweeping robot. Both the products work using the same app. The company tends to connect the gentle breeze with this sweeping robot in order to boost sales. This is an establishment of ecosystem production like Apple did by the interconnection of its products. Apple devices, including watches, laptops, and phones, are all connected.

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The Mijia is a robot vacuum cleaner, and the company puts it forward, saying, “the air conditioning is important with a healthy and dust proof environment within the room.” The Mijia vacuum cleaner is priced at 899 Yuan or the US $127.  It also has a water compartment of 200ml capacity. The Mijia has a traditional round shape, but it reaches out to every corner perfectly. It has a 2200 Pascal suction power. And surely its partner, the gentle breeze is an energy-efficient air conditioner. Hence you may save a lot of potential for Mijia smart cleaner.


We have discussed literally all about the Xiaomi gentle breeze AC. It has all that could have been imagined after hearing the name. Xiaomi continues to work, keeping in mind the affordability factor, be it smartphones, earphones, or anything. But Xiaomi, being a Chinese brand, may not receive any impressive responses on its new air conditioner. This may be due to the corona incident. As the pandemic has attacked the world, it has somewhere started the agenda of boycotting china. Hence the gentle breeze is supposed to do good in China and its neighboring countries only. Well, keeping that factor aside, for now, it has been packed with great three-dimensional airflow technology. It also supports the Xiao AI voice assistant and can also be operated using your Mi phone smart home app.

Along with this, you will be allowed to connect it from smart home products and all of this at such a reasonable price. I hope this article explained everything about the gentle breeze air conditioner. Follow for more updates on this product.