Minecraft Earth and it’s APK

Minecraft Earth and it’s APK

Minecraft Earth and it’s APK, I’m sure you guys have heard this name before. It’s one of the most popular games in the world. But, still, there are people who are unaware of the game, or maybe don’t know how you play this game, what are versions, etc. Read the full article to know all about Minecraft Earth which is a new version for the new generation.


Minecraft was developed by Mojang and created by Markus “Notch” Persson. It is a 3D sandbox video game coded in java programming language. It was first released in 2009 as an alpha version for personal computers. This happened long before being the official release that took place in November 2011. Minecraft was initially released for Windows and since then, it has been ported to various other platforms including iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo, etc. Hence, Minecraft turned into the bestseller of all time, with around 180 million copies sold across all the platforms. Also, it got around 112 million active players monthly by the end of 2019.

Seeing the popularity of A.R i.e. augmented reality games and mobile devices, Minecraft came up with a new version in 2019, known as Minecraft Earth.

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Minecraft has actually impressed people a lot and is critically acclaimed. It has won numerous awards such as:

  • 4rth game to play at work by PC Gamer in 2010.
  • PC Gamer UK awarded it with ‘Game of the year’title.
  • Nominated in the category for Best Debut Game.
  • Best Downloadable Game.
  • Received the award of ‘Video Game Art’ and ‘Innovation award’.
  • Chosen in the top 80 games at Smithsonian American Art Museum in May 2011. This art museum was a part of The Art of Video Games exhibition which was inaugurated in March 2012.
  • This game has no end in terms of awards. In the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards function, Minecraft game grabbed accolades for the best independent game’ under the PC game title.
  • Minecraft’s recently launched version, that is, XBLAhas also been honored by a golden joystick award under the title of the best downloadable game.
  • Minecraft game added another accolade in its name, the TIGA game of the year for its console edition in 2014.
  • After this also, the list of awards didn’t stop for Minecraft. It was later crowned as the ‘Most Addicting Video Game of the century’.
  • In addition to the list, this game has itself has won the ‘Still Playing’ accolade in 2019 Golden Joystick Awards.
  • Minecraft Earth has won the Best VR/AR game award.
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In 2014, Microsoft purchased the Minecraft intellectual property and Mojang in approximately US$2.5 billion. This leads to the production of a number of games, such as Minecraft Story Mode, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth.

The Minecraft Earth is a free version available on the Android and iOS platforms, whereas the real Minecraft is priced as ₹480( $10-20) on the play store. But otherwise, you could find the free trial version of Minecraft in free also.


If we take an overview of the game, Minecraft is both, a single-player and a multi-player game. Here, players explore through a blocky, 3Dgenerated world. Here, new crafts, tools, and infrastructure can be built using different materials. You can play in single-player mode competing with other players or can play together in multiplayer mode.

There exist different modes in the game, which include a ‘Survival mode’. In this survival mode, all the contestants should compulsorily choose resources to build their own world. Along with this they also need to maintain their life as well.

The second mode is the ‘Creative mode’, where all the contestants will be getting unlimited and abundant resources.

The third mode of the game is the ‘Hardcore mode’, where the gamer needs to face the most difficult settings and will need to deal with permanent death. It means the game vanishes the world permanently if the player dies. Now, if a gamer dies in the game in multiplayer server mode, that is being set to hardcore mode, they are forwarded into the Spectator mode.

A fourth mode is ‘Adventure mode’, where players can experience user-crafted custom maps and various adventures. You can also the default setting of the games in this mode which is a unique feature.

Download Minecraft Earth apk

The two new modes added with Minecraft Earth are –

  1. Build mode, which allows you to construct buildings on the build-plate. You can also take help from your friends and build together.
  2. Play mode, where you can capture, create and explore real-life infrastructures in full size using your phone camera.

Download Minecraft Earth apk: click here


Talking about the gameplay, Minecraft Earth is very similar to the original Minecraft except for its augmented reality feature. It allows the player to build various infrastructures and gather various resources using the mobile camera. There is a feature called ‘ tappable’ which allows a player to collect items shown on the map. To finish the game, you have to complete different tasks and puzzles. Other than the new feature, the game continues with its original gameplay i.e.

3D objects

The game world comprises of some rough 3D objects, i.e. mainly fluids and cubes, and commonly called as “blocks”. These blocks represent various materials, such as stones, dirt, ores, water, tree trunks, and lava and various other materials that exist in the real world. The fundamental gameplay whirls around lifting the objects and keeping them. The blocks are staged in a 3Dimensional grid arrangement, where players can move freely or bluntly inside the game world.

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Many gamers around the world have expressed the game’s physical system as somewhat unrealistic by elucidating some examples. For instance, the liquids inside, flow for a fixed linear distance from the starting block. This can easily be removed by placing a material such as a solid block in its place or by picking it up and moving it into a bucket.


Minecraft has a very unique material called a red-stone. It can be used to make primary electrical and mechanical devices, which can be used to construct different items.

The world inside is infinite and keep on being generated as the players move in it, by a map seed. The map seed is gained through the system clock at the start or can be manually specified by the player. Although, there are limits on the vertical movement, but Minecraft allows a never-ending and enormous game world to be generated on the horizontal plane.


There is a small technical glitch. Because of this, a barrier arrives as soon as you reach any extremely distant point. It is done by fragmenting the world data into tiny sections which are called ‘chunks. These chunks are only loaded and created when players are near to that location.

The Game has real-world biomes, such as jungles, deserts, snowfields, etc. Also, there are different terrain like: forests, mountains, grasslands, volcanic/lava, and various water bodies. The game has a day and night cycle, where, once the cycle is equal to twenty real-world minutes.

When a player starts a new world, he must choose one of the five-game modes. Along with this, one of the four difficulties, which are ranging from peaceful to hard.


When the difficulty is increased, a more difficult mob tries to attack us. A peaceful difficulty stops the hostile mobs from spawning in the game. Whereas, in hard difficulty, the hunger bar goes down rapidly to a certain level. You can also alter the difficulty settings anytime.

Default characters

The new players can choose either Alex or Steve, which are default characters. There also exist various other computer-controlled characters like mobs, wild animals, rural people, passive mobs, such as cows, pigs, and chickens. Players can hunt these animals and use them as food or any other thing. They spawn in the daytime, while the hostile mobs including large spiders, skeletons, and even the zombies spawn out during the night time or in any dark places such as caves. Some of the hostile mobs, such as skeleton, zombies and drowned creatures burn under the sun if they have no headgear with them.

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The rest of the unique creatures include the creepers i.e. an exploding creature that sneaks up and keeps a vigil on the player. And the ‘Ender man i.e. a creature with the teleporting powers. Different mobs appear in different areas and conditions. For example, the zombies have a husk type that can come in deserts.


Minecraft also has two alternative dimensions other than the overworld i.e. the main world which are known as the Nether and the End.

The Nether, a type of hell-like world acquired through portals and it contains many unique materials. This world is like a place where you can travel great distances in a short time as every block traversed in here is equal to 8 traversed in the other world. You can also create an additional mob called boss mob called using the materials you get in this world.

The other unique world, The End is a plain land comprising of small islands. There is a boss dragon known as Ender Dragon. He lives on the main island of this game world. When you kill this dragon, an exit portal gets open. When you get inside it, it gives the game’s ending with a beautiful poem. After this beautiful poem, the player is returned back to its original position. From there the player can resume his play anywhere indefinitely in the game world.


Minecraft Earth and its APK is a newer version of a well-known game and for those who were unaware of the gameplay, I’m sure you would have understood by now. Its popularity can be gauged by its awards itself. The modes, gameplay, and pricing have been explained well in the article above covering all segments of Minecraft.