Visor- various uses

Visor- various uses

Are you a biker or an aspiring astronaut or maybe a golf player? If yes, this article has to do a lot with you all. Even if not, you may still learn something new today.
Visor, this is a word most people must have heard somewhere or the other but don’t know exactly what it means. Read the full article to know all about this product. The following article consists of history, its usage, and its method of preparation.


In the alarming global warming era, most equatorial countries have to bear the scorching heat of the sun every day. Being equatorial makes it difficult for them as well as for non equatorial countries. The solution to this is what we call ‘visor.’ In detail, a visor can be explained as a surface that provides protection to our eyes from sun rays or any other bright light. It is pronounced as ‘vizor.

These visors were first developed on 24 April 1849 in New York. It was the team knickerbockers who wore it for the first time. After then, it began getting popular. The first car visor wad invented by a man named Hathaway. He invented visors for cars in 1924. Hathaway named it glare shield initially, but later it emerged as ‘visor.’ Nowadays, we may see visors as transparent as glass, but earlier, it used to be opaque due to lack of technology. A visor can also be called as a shading substance.

Various uses

safety Shields

It is used in helmets mainly. The major part of a helmet that protects our eyes is made visor only so that the driver doesn’t affect his eyes due to sunlight. The police riot helmets or motorcycle helmets have a transparent or nearly transparent visor. They act as safety Shields.
The visors in helmets are produced by companies manufacturing poly carbonate plastics. These visors are scratch proof and UV resistant. Visors maybe rainbow-colored instead of pure transparent.

Many visors also claim to have anti-fog technology and give you a clear view of foggy conditions. The helmet visors have 1 top vent and 1 mouth vent along with 2 back exhaust vent. These visors are not universal and are different for different models of helmets. You need just to know your bike model, and you can easily get your visor. For motorcycle and bikes, it is preferred to get tinted visors. It is really cheap in price and will cost hardly $0.5 – $1.5.

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In automobiles as sun visors

The visor is used in automobiles as well like a device or equipment that is used to protect the front passengers from blazing light of the sun at the time of driving. These are known as sun visors and can be easily lowered down under the windshield by the driver or front passenger.
A sun visor is a shield against bright light or sunlight for drivers or front passengers. It is located internally right above the windscreen. It consists of a flap-over on it, which shades the driver’s eyes precisely. The sun visors were started by the Ford company when in 1924, they started installing it inside the car.

Nowadays, we have two sun visors in the cars, one for the driver and another for the side passenger. These visors are typically mounted on a board of metal. Also, the visors are not only internally present for front passengers but outside a car as well. Yes, if you look closely at the windowpane of your car from outside, you may realize that you have been missing out on this thing. The outer part of the window pane has black translucent visors in order to provide shade from the sideways as well.

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In the sports category

Another usage of visors is in the sports category. The visor also acts as a sports equipment to protect the eyes of the sports person from the scorching sunlight. It looks much like a crownless hat having only the brim. This is done so that the players do not get distracted due to any bright glare or actually protect them from direct sunlight. It is available in multiple colors and can be adjusted easily. It is curved as well as flat along with adjustable straps. These visors are generally used in sports like golf, tennis or softball.

As space helmets

These visors are also used in spacecraft organizations like NASA and ISRO. They use this visor in space helmets as while the astronauts go out fir spacewalk. The spacesuit helmets are huge plastic bubbles with visors. These helmet visors are having cameras attached to them to record extravehicular activities. Space helmets actually have two visors attached. The first one is the Polysulfone tinted visor, and next is the normal transparent visor. This is because, while space walks, there’s a high probability of eyesight problems because of super close proximity to the sun.

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Also, if you play poker in casinos, you must have seen somewhere, pokers even wearing green visors. The poker is an old game, and in old times it was believed that green reduces strain on the eyes. Hence, mostly accountants, casino dealers, and bankers used to wear green shades. But these days, you might not find such a tradition anywhere.


The visors are basically a curved or twisted piece of any material that protects the eyes.
Well, generally, these visors are made up of poly carbonate material, which makes it super light. The material is precisely poly carbonate plastic. If these visors are supposed to be used by astronauts, then these visors have an additional layer. A thin layer of gold covers poly carbonate plastic. This gold layer is important for the ultimate protection of astronauts walking in space near the sun.

Smart visors

The above-listed visors are pretty normal ones and can be availed easily. Check the next section to know which brands and where to get those visors. But in this time of changing technologies, we surely can think of visors to having a tint of technology. Yes, we have got special visors as well, which ate known as smart visors. These visors act in a multi functional way. So let’s know more about them.

The new smart visors have touchscreens embedded into the traditional visors. These visors can easily display four different modes of camera view. The four views are ‘see me’ or ‘selfie’ view, ‘polarized front’ view, and lastly ‘rear passenger’ view.

Display mode

The see me or selfie view

this view will let the front passengers look at themselves in the touchscreen panel on the visor. It also enables them to take their own pictures or even videos. Not only this, but you can also share those media with anyone on social networking sites merely through the visor. Isn’t it cool?

Rear passengers view

this view will allow the front passenger to look at the passengers sitting on the back of the car. This will help you as even the driver does not need to move or turn backward to have a rearview. He can easily switch its visor to the rear passenger view and look at them on the digital touch screen.

Polarized front view

it is the most useful view and can give you sights that will be really difficult for you. For instance, traffic lights or road signs. These are some usual scenarios that you won’t be able to view by getting down and focus on driving as well. Hence this polarized view will provide you a clear view without any sun glare.

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Many brands in the world produce these multiple types of visors. Some of the brands are listed here:
Nike is one of the top brands producing visors, under the name of ‘tech visor.’ Another model by this brand called aerobill Featherlite visor. This is for women.
The under armour company also launched a visor named ‘AV visor.’ Another model has been launched by this company called ‘golf visor.’
Adidas has also been producing this product by the name match visor for women. Adidas also has a visor for men named adizero ll visor.

Car visors

The car visors are not bought separately but through the car company itself. The same goes for the sun visors for bikes and motorcycles. They sell it under their name only. Rest, if you go online on Flipkart or any other site, you may get all types of visors available there. You may also see some loose and unbranded visors for bikes. Apart from all these features, it also gives you cloud storage and Bluetooth connectivity.


In order to conclude, visors have been in fashion since the 1800s and still going on. Though with years passing by, people have started advancements in the visors like smart visors. It is really a good and effective thing if you buy carefully. Usually, the transparent ones don’t help, but the tinted one does. Now, after reading the article, I’m sure you must notify the car visors, even those on the window panes more carefully. I hope this article explained to you all about visors in detail.