Analysis of Bluetooth record player

Bluetooth record player is an innovative technology to enhance recreation to a larger extent. Here you will get a full explanation about this tech. We all know that old is gold. But what if there will be discovered which, when adds to old becomes priceless. Technology is always the best masterpiece of evolution. Many things try to change every moment. They are growing very fast to meet the needs and demands of people and solve many problems. Whether it is an industry approach or of a person, the power of imagination has been the primary seed for any kind of invention. Because we all know that imagination is better than knowledge.

Bluetooth record player

Starting from big projects to small industries everywhere, the use of modern tools is growing at a progressive rate. People are visualizing things and getting action very quickly. But I can say that sometimes the smallest discovery becomes a great milestone for every people who understand its value.


What changes the culture and need of the world was the invention of Bluetooth. “Bluetooth” is like an ideal way of transferring videos, photos, or music. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that we use to exchange data. It is used for short communication distances. Bluetooth is used or available for different devices like mobile phones, tablets, PC, or any other electronic devices. The basis of the technology is on radio waves, which will have no obstruction or barriers in their paths. Bluetooth uses a specific amount frequency, which describes its compatibility. It also focuses on a particular industry like music, dance, corporate sector.

Analysis of Bluetooth record player:

But the integration of Bluetooth with specific devices was marvelous. From that list of instruments comes the role of a record player. Have you heard of people playing songs on a roll? Yeah! It provides a great nostalgia sitting back at home and turning on the latest records at that time. This record player is great for computer geeks as well as people working at home. Make it play all day and night with slow, soft records, and enjoy your day. Do you want to dance like an old-style with old songs? So why not go for a record player and relive your moment. See Sony Bluetooth Speaker as well.

Technicality of Bluetooth Record Player:

So basically, the record player produces sounds from records. The record player comprises a turntable that helps in spinning the record at a constant speed. But alone, it cannot complete the process. There is a stylus that slides along with the grooves, and they catch the sound virtually with amplifiers and speakers. They are attached with speakers with wires and all messy stuff to start listening to the records. But as we know that technology is evolving, so there is an upgraded version which is called Bluetooth record player. This player is a refined version of a previously installed record player. That means the player will be devoid of wires and cables. So a Bluetooth record player will help you connect all your speakers or microphones directly from Bluetooth. It basically combines with turntables to play music wirelessly.

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But before buying the Bluetooth record player, we have to work and finalize on certain things.

Before buying anything, whether it is hardware or software, we must be clear about its mechanism. Then it will be easier to purchase the required device according to our filters and desires.

If we take the case of a Bluetooth record player, then the device is itself complex in nature. But the concept behind the method is straightforward and smart.

Firstly we shall know that the Bluetooth record player, also known as a vinyl record, runs from the outer edge to the center of the disc. The grooves are polished and inserted with a series of ridges that cannot

a naked eye cannot see it.

vinyl record

When a person places the turntable needle on top of a disc, the disc or the record starts spinning, and the needle begins to travel around the edge of the grove. Like this, it rotates in a particular pattern. When the groove rotates, then due to the spinning movement, the ridges cause the needle to vibrate, and it ultimately turns the shaking moment to the sound waves. Finally, the sound waves gest amplifies in the later stage through speakers.

Now the question comes as to how to use that Bluetooth record player because without knowing everything goes in vain.

How to use that Bluetooth record player

So at first, you will have to clean your disc. So, take the vinyl record by the edges to keep grease and take a brush. Then gently brush the whole surface to make it dust-free.

Secondly, very gently place that disc on to the turntable by lining up the hole in the disc having that center or spindle of that disc at the center of the platter.

Thirdly we have to set the speed according to our desires. So set the required pace for your convenience. This will make the song faster or slower.

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Now you have to take the tonearm to the right with adequate care, which has a needle attached to it. Now place the tonearm at the outer edge of the record.

The main point should be that you will not scratch the record with the needle while shifting it to the outer edge. Now just sit back and relax because the music will start playing automatically.

When the song finishes, kindly take off the needle from the outer edge. Now take the record and gently put it on the shelf.

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At the time of Purchase

When you are going to buy a Bluetooth record player, then you have to also buy according to the required sizes.

Yes, there are different sizes of a Bluetooth record player. With various sizes, they rotate at different speeds, which we measure in RPM or rotations per minute. But in most cases, the record players have a rate that you can change according to your mood and situations.

The first one is the seven-inch record, which plays at 45-50 RPM. It can work for five-minute music and is for singles.

Secondly, there comes the 12-inch record, which plays at 33-35 RPM. It can work for 22-minute music on each side.

The third size is scarce and is the 10-inch record, which plays at 78-80 RPM.

You can also note and acknowledge that not everything is perfect, so if a record is set to run at 30 RPM, that does not mean that it will run correctly. Many other external factors affect speed.

Perfect place

Now, as you are ready to buy your required size for your Bluetooth record player but we have not yet decided the perfect place or position to keep it.

We know that turntable produces vibrations. So they can also lead to external vibrations. This sound generally turns into a humming noise. So these excessive vibrations causing due to resonance will make the needle to skip and jump.

So you should buy some sort of turntable stands which will keep the record player safe and sound.

Now we have to know the functionality of each part of that upgraded Bluetooth record player. In the course of advancements, many milestones are achieved.

upgraded Bluetooth record player

But we can get to know about its amount of upgraded level through price bracket. Some pretty out of the box attachments make the record player look awesome. The parts are also replaceable, which means we can change the versions according to our needs.

  • First, comes the platter in the scene. It is the plate where food or music s served to users. It is the spinning plate where the discs rest on. We can get to some logical thinking that if we use a more substantial dish, it will reduce vibrations. There is also a platter mat with which we can add additional dampening.
  • Next comes the role of the tonearm. It is the primary and essential thing in a record player. It is the part that swings across the disc, making the needle to make contact with the drive. The quality of the tonearm will matter a lot in terms of accuracy and consistency with which the record rotates.
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Now the heart of the Bluetooth record player arrives, which is none other than the stylus. It is also called a needle. In the whole record player, this is the most natural part to upgrade, which will be worth upgrading. The stylus is responsible for streamlining the accuracy and the detailing of the sound production, and the replacement should be there within a specific time.

Now, as we have discussed every possible scenario of the Bluetooth record player, we will talk about how much you can spend on it.

In the old days, the retro record players are pretty cheap and handy to buy. But technology grows, everything becomes costlier.


So if you are going to buy a brand new Bluetooth record player, then the pocket may get warm. If you are going to have an excellent experience with music and want to have that richer sound, then you have to spend more money on the record player. Though re-rates may go high, we will not feel the pain because the music will soothe you by using some superb technology like Bluetooth. Simply you have to connect the speakers via Bluetooth and turntables. Now sit back and enjoy your rest of life.