Every process or a group of processes has a parent process to maintain them, and look after them. Similarly, our cell phones consist of multiple packages, and to take care of these packages during the initial setup, we require a parent package. That is configAPK. Now I know, many of you have seen this package on your devices but are completely clueless about its working and thought of disabling it. But you shouldn’t be doing so. Few users have disabled this apk and no adverse effects are caused to their phones. So, to know everything about configAPK let’s just get started.

What is configAPK?

APK is a bundle design for cell phones and represents the Android application package; for this situation, it’s called android.autoinstalls.config. ConfigAPK is the underlying application

accountable for running the APK bundles. This apk is accountable for the automated installation or uninstallation process of the first setup technique when the gadget is first bought and is just 20KB huge, which implies that it simply takes any space. Nonetheless, numerous Android clients raised worries about Config APK, asserting that the application hinders the phone and depletes its battery rather rapidly. Although it’s expected that users should not worry if they see this application running because in that case, this apk doesn’t make any negative impacts.

This application doesn’t need any authorizations for its appropriate working. You can see it by checking the application settings.

You can go to the application settings by going into the phone’s settings and afterward  search for the system applications, after this, you simply need to take a view at the authorization choices.

This application was launched by the android manufacturers when Lollipop was introduced in the market. That is Android version 5.0. Before this version configAPK was not loaded onto the lower versions of Android.

ConfigAPK is a part of Android App Bundle

Android App Bundle is another transfer configuration of use on play store. It incorporates DEX bytecode, assets and shows which are needed to produce unique and streamline APK as indicated by a client. Client has diverse CPU structures and language inclinations so it upholds dynamic conveyance. Google play produces APK as per client inclinations from the application pack so engineer no compelling reason to keep up with different APK.

Advantages of App Bundle

Application Bundle upholds Dynamic conveyance in which it follows split APKs components. Split APKs system became an integral factor with Instant Apps accessible on Android 5.0 or higher. As the name recommends it parts APK into three significant APKs which can powerfully serve as indicated by their sort.

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Base APK as the name proposes it is base which incorporates code and assets which other Split APKs can get to. It gives the essential usefulness of your application when the client introduces Apk interestingly from the play store.

Configuration APKs comprises numerous setup APKs relying upon Android OS design, assets for various screen thickness and language inclinations of the client. At the point when the client downloads the application from play store, client explicit design APK gets introduced alongside the Base APK.

Dynamic Feature APKs contain code and assets compared to various screen thicknesses. It gets downloaded and introduced just when it’s required.

Advantages of configAPK:

This apk consists of

  1. Local libraries
  2. Computes Android OS architecture
  3. Assets and Language Choice.

How to disable configAPK?

As only a few system applications have the disable button enabled. Otherwise mostly all system applications have the disable option faded out.

ConfigAPK is a significant piece of software for our android gadgets. A few clients might want to uninstall this bundle since they are confronting a few circumstances identified with the ConfigAPK. In any case, this is an exceptionally valuable interior application and extremely required when introducing an APK pack.

But if you feel like restricting this app from using your background data usage you can off the switch.

How to disable configAPK?

Is configAPK a virus?

I am completely certain that ConfigAPK isn’t malware. You may think this is a dubious application either on the grounds that it is depleting your battery or in light of the fact that it continues to show a peculiar message. In any such case, I don’t dispose of that your android framework might be contaminated by malware.

To figure out what’s causing the issue, you should physically go through all your applications, investigating each application you don’t perceive until you run over the guilty party. Then again, you can utilize an anti-virus application to examine your Android gadget. This would be a much snappier alternative in light of the fact that the anti-virus would discover the issue for you and dispose of it. Another alternative could be to factory reset your device.

Few antivirus apps:

  • Avast mobile security: This is a free application and widely used by all android users. This app will check every unnecessary apks and save you from infected malwares. Avast also has its paid version where more features are available.
  • Bitdefender mobile security: This app provides a huge amount of security from malware as this is a paid application.
  • Norton: Another paid application, however, this application has disabled its anti-theft functions which puts this app in the back of the list.

Now if you search you will find many such antivirus applications, download according to your choice.

configAPK on Samsung devices

The functionalities of this apk are the same as on other android devices. configAPK is Samsung’s execution of the “essential applications” that should be downloaded upon first setting up the gadget. It’s just that Samsung devices have this package pre-installed while on the other hand, few android devices need to install it separately for the initial setup.

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Explicitly installing Configuration app:

Settings App : Available on google play store. Diverse applications need various arrangements and settings. Settings application assists you with changing various arrangements of settings for each of your applications independently. It backups volume, instruction, network requirements, Bluetooth link, screen radiance, keep screen notify, etc. You can create an outline for particular application. Exactly when you transmit the application, the matching profile gets applied. Starting there forward, you can change the settings as anyone might expect.The profile is to fill in as a setting design for your application, and it very well may be applied when your application starts.Kindly likewise set up the default profile. It will be applied when you are running any remaining applications, and when your screen is off.

This assists you with saving time and battery, since you don’t have to turn off framework work physically. You can lessen the splendor of the screen when required, and turn  off again in the default profile. It guarantees you make sure to turn some power distant features, similar to WIFI and Bluetooth.You can organize your applications manner by modifying the account in this app. For instance, when you are understanding information and watching video, you should conform to a determined direction and keep the screen conscious.


configAPK consumes battery life:

This is a successive issue with this ConfigAPK application. As it’s only a 20KB implicit application and has no excuse for exhausting your battery except if it gets influenced by some malware. You can likewise see it running at the back, however despite the fact that it should not use any battery whatsoever.

A decent solution will be to examine your gadget. In the event that it doesn’t work, you can attempt to clear the store or stop the application capacities to check on the off chance that it works.

Even after disabling configAPK it starts on its own:

As this apk is the default application provided by android OS, it will function on its own when it’s required by the system. So, there’s nothing to worry, this application is completely safe for the device and won’t cause any harm.

Creating a build for configAPK

You can decrease your application’s APK size on every client’s gadget by setting up your work for design configAPK. This places your application’s DEX code and gadget skeptic assets in one APK and each set of gadget subordinate local code and assets in independent APKs. Gadgets at that point demand just the APKs expected to run your application. This permits you to decrease the downloaded size of your application by making APKs that contain files for explicit screen solidities, ABIs.

Difference between ConfigAPK and Multiple APK.

ConfigAPKs are like Multiple APKs, with a couple of significant contrasts:

Presently, Multiple APKs are accessible just for introduced applications, and setup APKs are just for moment applications.

  • With Multiple APKs, one APK tends to work for every blend of properties.
  • Also with arrangement APKs, there is one base APK with gadget-free DEX code, and one APK for each estimation of each fluctuating measurement. 
  • With Multiple APKs, precisely one APK gets conveyed to some random gadget.
  • Also, with arrangement APKs, the gadget gets a base APK furthermore, possibly, at least one asset APKs in every one of the upheld measurements (right now language, thickness, and ABI).
  • With Multiple APKs, adaptation codes are utilized to choose among numerous viable APKs for a given gadget. The request gets controlled by paying attention to the accessible APKs.
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Arrangement APKs support the new focus on measurement language. Multiple APKs don’t.

Language based build for configAPK

android {
//mentions whether to create APK splits or multiple APKs from config in the Splits block
  generatePureSplits = true 
  splits {
    abi {
      enable = true
    density {
      enable = true
    language {
      enable = true
      include "es-rMX", "zh", "en"  //en is default value

To write a java code for configAPK, the required package is  :


To explain launcher3 in a few words, it is a default launcher provided by the Android OS to launch. To get a detailed explanation of launcher 3 have a look at the following article


So, under this package, we have to import a ton of android.content, android database, android.os, android.util,, org.xmlpull.v1,, java.util libraries,  to build the apk.

Layout parsing code for auto installs layout

//Auto installs layout code
public class AutoInstallsLayout {
private static final String TAG = "AutoInstalls";
private static final boolean LOGD = false;
//Launcher customization defined by marker action to find the package.

 And after that accordingly start the coding by creating the grid size for default launcher, object tags and everything else.


So basically, I have discussed everything related to configAPK and also gave a glimpse of its coding. This package is required for the first setup of your android device and for auto-installs. Samsung’s implementation of this apk is for installing only the required applications upon the first setup. And yes lastly, configAPK is not a virus and its running in the background won’t affect your phone’s battery.