CQATest App: Certified Quality Auditor Test Application

CQATest App: From almost more than a decade of arriving on the smartphones, this palm-sized device has almost taken over the world. Every person you cross paths with must have at least one of these devices. Some even may have 4-5 maybe! 15 to 18 years back ago from now, who would have thought that a tiny device which almost the size of your palm or we can also say 5 to 6 inches in size, weighing up to 0.6 grams or so, will be able to do work of almost 4-5 different electronic device. Of course, if we remember the old times of the initial of the 2000s, there were specific devices for every task which only one device nowadays can do all that. We had cameras for clicking pictures. Video recorder for recording videos. Voice recorder for recording voice. Computers to work on documents and writing emails.

We had separate consoles for playing any game. Hard disks for storing large devices. Needed floppy disk (a sharing device like a pen drive but bigger) for sharing files. No video calls available on phone. And no watching shows on phone, like on Netflix. And this list goes on and on. So, as we know that our phone works overtime to save us from rushing into the different electronic devices for every time. And as a nice owner, it is our responsibility to take care of our little friend (or lifesaver). Take good care of its health so that it functions as better as when newly bought.

CQATest App
CQATest App

And when it comes to android devices such as Samsung and Motorola. There is a vast variety of apps available on the Play Store and on the web. Where you can find every type of phone heath booster apps. With a specific phone, the model comes a specific phone device health tracker and booster. And no doubt there are many such apps which excel in their job in this. And CQATest App is the one such app that keeps track of the sources in the device and makes sure their long-life stability.

What is CQATest App

CQA Test App is a source tracker and device health tracker app. The abbreviation CQA stands for the Certified Quality Auditor. This CQA Test App is specially designed for the performance checking of the Android Devices and Motorola devices. This app also helps this device to maintain its high-quality performance for a longer duration. This app is currently not developed for the iPhone device but soon in upcoming years, we will get to know for iPhone stable CQA Test App too. Because of just a few minimum requirements, CQATest App should work smoothly on your Android and Motorola devices. No glitches must occur while you working with this app. Also because of the lightweight of this CQA Test App the power (battery) consumption is all less compared to other apps.

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Worry not if this CQATest App pops up suddenly in your device system. This app would only be going through your device for checking the working speed and process of your device. It would check the pre-installed software and third-party software are if casing any harm to your device you’re not. And what all apps are decreasing the performance capacity of the device by attacking it.

CQATest keeps a check on the weakness, its strengths, and finds techniques for the detection of minor or major issues that is or may occur in the future. In fact, there are many smartphones developing (great tech giants) companies that prefer to add this application as a diagnostic tool for the Android and Motorola devices. The main reason why companies prefer this app because this app can help the device run smoothly and can make the upcoming versions of Android even more expressible and impressive.

Where can the CQATest App be found?

It is quite possible that the CQA Test App is already installed and is hidden in your device. (Also, maybe in the one you are reading this article from.) As this app is a hidden diagnostic tool so it is not easy to find them around. This application is not shown on your app drawer o app menu. And also, it is not necessary that every device has this app. Only specified models have this app in them. So, the easiest way for finding this application on your device is by on the device’s “Settings” App and then scroll down to the option, “Apps”. Tap on it. A list of apps present on your device will appear and there you will find this “CQA Test” App.

What is the Full Form of the CQA Test App?

The complete full form of the CQA Test App is the “Certified Quality Auditor” Test App. This name itself can describe the task of this app.

What does the CQATest App do?

Well, scary news for you. CQA Test App lets the developing company of your device get access to the system’s information on your device. This means they have the track on your device every time you download or install any type of application or software on it. This app doesn’t share any other personal type of data from your device, such as phone numbers, pictures, or documents. This device only shares the data of software installed on your device. Content report of the working of your device gets shared and system status, only. And your device functioning, error occurring and harmful apps you installed on your device which may affect your device negatively.  CQATest App doesn’t bother much and likely it runs quietly and smoothly without causing any trouble to the user.

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Not only data of the device get shared, but also some data is sent from the company too for the better functioning of the device. Along with the functioning status of the apps you have on it and other important data. Keep in mind that the company gets the overall record of your device to make sure that you follow the security rules. These rules include that, you are using a standard version of Android, legal apps, legal software, check on every product of your device to make sure they are at the best version of themself. You accept these “Terms and Conditions” while you initially buy an Android device. Accepting these “Terms and Conditions” is important for activating your device.

So, in short, we can say that the CQA Test App is a manager along with caretaker traits and with bodyguard features for your Android and Motorola mobile phone.

Problems that may be caused by the CQATest App

As this application stays hidden and on the background of the device. There are very few rare cases in which this application may cause any problem. But if it does cause any issues then it may cause trouble with the loudspeaker, the touch of the screen, torch, microphone, or camera. This app is mainly utilized to test the functioning of these external components. If their gets’ any type of glitch or error the possibly your Motorola or Android phone would get slow down. Working speed nay gets reduced and performance quality may also get affected. Also, the device would start showing error messages while SIM detection and battery indicator would get disabled and similar issues may occur.

Problems that may be caused by the CQATest App

Disable the CQATest App from your device

As previously said the CQA Test App hardly ever causes any trouble to its user and runs quietly and smoothly on the backside of the device. But sometimes it may lose its controlled and may show you some errors as listed above. Along with those errors, you may also get to see an error message “CQA Test conserver has started”. (Yes, this is not a normal message, it is an error). Plus, you may also be able to see the results executed by this app on the display screen of your device.

If you are facing this problem, then follow the below given easy steps for getting out of this trouble. There are two ways in which you can solve this issue.

Method 1:

Step 1: Open the home screen of your device.

Step 2: Search for the “Settings” App of the device. Tap on that.

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Step 3: Now scroll down to find the option of “Apps”. Tap on that.

Show system Apps

Step 4: Now the list of installed apps will be displayed. Find the name of the CQATest App.

 CQATest App

Step 5: Now you may disable the app or force stop it by pressing the “Force Uninstall” button. Or you may also go with the “Clear Cache” button.

Now CQA Test App on your device has been disabled successfully. With no more error or glitch occurring.

Method 2:

In this method, you will have to hard reset your device for getting it back to normal.

  • Step 1: Open the home screen of your device.
  • Step 2: Search for the “Settings” App of the device. Tap on it.
  • Step 3: Now scroll down to find the option of “Back up and Reset”. Tap on that.
  • Step 4: Now hit on the option of “Factory Data Reset”. Please make sure that before tapping on this, you have already backed up all the data and information from the device. As on hitting this, your entire device memory will be gone like when it was newly bought. This change will be permanent and thus can’t be undone.
  • Step 5: Before doing this please remove your SIM and Memory card from the device so that this procedure doesn’t affect the memory in these.

Once you are done with this, your phone will get back to normal and will work like it used to before. With the CQA Test App working on the background.


So, this was all that we could bring out for you regarding the CQATest App. And it is strictly recommended to not mess with this app until this app itself starts to annoy you. This app is involved with some major tasks in your device. So, to keep your device healthy and effective. DON’T MESS WITH ITS SYSTEM. Hope we were able to provide you some useful content you were looking for.