Remnant 2 Realmwalker set not showing up

Are you an avid gamer playing Remnant: From the Ashes and facing the frustrating issue of the ‘Realmwalker Set’ not showing up in your game? If so, you’re not alone. Many players have encountered this problem, and fortunately, there are solutions to resolve it. In this article, we will delve into the possible reasons behind this issue and provide you with detailed procedures to fix it.

Understanding the ‘Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set Not Showing Up’ Issue (100 words): Before we dive into the solutions, let’s understand the problem better. The Realmwalker Set is a sought-after gear in Remnant: From the Ashes, known for its powerful enchantments and unique appearance. However, some players have reported that despite fulfilling the necessary requirements, the set doesn’t appear in their inventory. This can be highly frustrating, especially if you’ve put in considerable effort to unlock it. Below, we will explore some common reasons why this issue might occur.

Remnant 2 Realmwalker set not showing up

Reasons for the Remnant 2 Realmwalker set not Showing Up issue

  1. Game Updates and Patches: The game developers frequently release updates and patches to enhance the gaming experience. These updates can sometimes lead to unexpected bugs, including issues with item appearances. A recent patch might be the root cause of the Realmwalker Set not showing up.
  2. Save File Corruption: In some cases, the save file can become corrupted, causing discrepancies in the game’s data. This corruption can prevent the Realmwalker Set from appearing even if you’ve met all the requirements.
  3. Unlock Conditions Not Met: The Realmwalker Set has specific unlock conditions, such as completing certain quests, defeating specific bosses, or reaching a particular level. Failing to fulfill these criteria will prevent the set from showing up in your inventory.
  4. In-game Glitches: Like any complex video game, Remnant: From the Ashes is susceptible to glitches. It’s possible that a glitch is preventing the appearance of the Realmwalker Set.
  5. Mods and Third-Party Software: Using mods or third-party software can cause conflicts in the game files, leading to various issues, including missing items like the Realmwalker Set.

How to fix Remnant 2 Realmwalker set not showing up issue?

Now that we understand the possible reasons, let’s explore the solutions to rectify the problem:

Fix 1: Check for Game Updates and Patches

To ensure you have the latest version of the game and that any known bugs have been addressed, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the Internet: Ensure that your gaming platform is connected to the internet, whether you are playing on PC, console, or another device.
  2. Launch the Game: Start Remnant: From the Ashes and proceed to the main menu.
  3. Check for Updates: Look for an option that allows you to check for updates within the game settings or options menu. On PC, this is often found under the “Settings” or “Updates” tab. On consoles, it’s usually in the game’s main menu or settings.
  4. Download and Install Updates: If an update is available, download and install it. Depending on the size of the update and your internet connection, this process may take a few minutes.
  5. Restart the Game: After the update is installed, exit the game completely and relaunch it. Sometimes, updates only take effect after a fresh start.
  6. Check for the Realmwalker Set: Once the game is running, check your inventory or appropriate locations to see if the Realmwalker Set is now showing up.
  7. Repeat if Necessary: If the issue persists, check for any additional updates that may have been released after your first attempt. Developers often release multiple patches to address various problems.
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Fix 2: Verify Save File Integrity

Corrupted save files can lead to various in-game issues. To verify the integrity of your save files, follow these steps:

  1. Locate Save Files: The location of save files varies depending on your gaming platform. On PC, you can usually find them in the game’s installation folder or in a dedicated folder within your Documents directory.
  2. Backup Save Files: Before proceeding, create a backup of your save files to ensure you don’t lose any progress.
  3. Verify Files (Steam): If you’re playing on Steam, right-click on Remnant: From the Ashes in your library, select “Properties,” then go to the “Local Files” tab and click “Verify Integrity of Game Files.” This will scan and repair any corrupted files.
  4. Verify Files (Other Platforms): For non-Steam platforms, look for similar options to verify the integrity of game files or perform a search online for specific instructions.
  5. Restart the Game: After the verification process is complete, restart the game and check if the Realmwalker Set now appears in your inventory.

Fix 3: Review Unlock Conditions

If you’ve met all the requirements to unlock the Realmwalker Set but it still won’t show up, double-check the following:

  1. Quest Completion: Ensure you have completed all relevant quests needed to unlock the set. Check your quest log to confirm.
  2. Boss Defeat: Make sure you’ve defeated the necessary bosses associated with obtaining the Realmwalker Set. Consult online guides if you’re unsure about which bosses are involved.
  3. Level Requirement: Verify that your character has reached the minimum level required to access the set.
  4. Area-Specific: Some items might only be available in specific areas or regions of the game. Ensure you are searching in the correct location.

Fix 4: Reload from a Previous Save

If you suspect a recent glitch caused the issue, try reverting to a previous save:

  1. Access Save Menu: In the game, access the menu where you can load different save files.
  2. Select Previous Save: Choose a save file from before the issue occurred. Be careful not to overwrite or delete any crucial progress.
  3. Load the Save: Confirm and load the selected save file.
  4. Check for the Realmwalker Set: After loading the previous save, check if the Realmwalker Set now appears in your inventory or appropriate location.

Fix 5: Disable Mods and Third-Party Software

If you have installed any mods or third-party software, they might be conflicting with the game and causing the issue. Follow these steps to disable them:

  1. Uninstall Mods: Remove any mods you have installed one by one. Start with the most recent ones and restart the game after each removal.
  2. Disable Third-Party Software: Temporarily disable any third-party software or overlays running in the background, as they can interfere with the game.
  3. Restart the Game: After removing mods and disabling third-party software, restart the game to check if the Realmwalker Set is now visible.

Fix 6: Check for In-game Glitches

In-game glitches can be a common cause of items not showing up as expected. To identify and resolve such glitches, follow these steps:

  1. Restart the Game: Sometimes, glitches occur due to temporary issues in the game’s code or memory. Exit the game completely and relaunch it to see if the Realmwalker Set now appears.
  2. Verify Game Files (PC): On PC, you can verify the game’s files through the game launcher or the digital distribution platform you purchased the game from. This process will ensure that all game files are intact and not corrupted.
  3. Clear Cache (Console): For console players, clearing the cache can sometimes resolve in-game glitches. Instructions for clearing cache vary depending on the console; refer to the official support documentation for your specific platform.
  4. Try a Different Character or Save Slot: Create a new character or use an alternate save slot to see if the issue is isolated to your current character or save file. Sometimes, character-specific issues can occur.
  5. Wait for a Patch: If the glitch is widespread and affecting many players, the game developers may release a patch or hotfix to address it. Keep an eye on official forums or social media channels for news on upcoming updates.
  6. Reinstall the Game: As a last resort, consider reinstalling the game. This process can help eliminate any potential issues related to installation or corrupted game files.
  7. Report the Glitch: If you believe the issue is a specific glitch or bug in the game, report it to the developers or the game’s official forums. Provide as much detail as possible, including when and where the issue occurred, to assist the developers in identifying and fixing the problem.
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Remember that glitches and bugs are not uncommon in video games, and developers are continuously working to address them. By following these steps and staying patient, you increase the chances of resolving the ‘Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set Not Showing Up’ issue and enjoying your gaming experience to the fullest.

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Fix 7: Check for Platform-Specific issues

Sometimes, issues with the Realmwalker Set not showing up can be specific to certain gaming platforms. To address platform-specific problems, follow these steps:

  1. Check Official Forums and Communities: Look for discussions and threads on the official game forums or community platforms related to your gaming platform. Other players may have encountered and solved similar issues.
  2. Console-Specific Troubleshooting: If you’re playing on a console, consult the console’s official support website for troubleshooting guides and known issues related to Remnant: From the Ashes.
  3. Driver and Firmware Updates: Ensure that your gaming platform’s drivers and firmware are up to date. For PCs, update your graphics card drivers, while console players should check for system updates.
  4. Network Connectivity: For online aspects of the game, such as interacting with other players or server-related activities, check your internet connection stability. A weak or intermittent connection can lead to items not appearing as expected.
  5. Restore Default Settings: If you have made any custom settings on your gaming platform, such as display or network settings, revert them to default and restart the game.
  6. Temporary Platform Outages: Sometimes, gaming platforms experience temporary outages or issues. Check the official status pages for your gaming platform to see if there are any ongoing problems that might affect your game.
  7. Cross-Platform Compatibility: If you are playing across different platforms (e.g., PC and console), verify if the game supports cross-platform item compatibility. Some games restrict item transfers between platforms, which might affect the appearance of the Realmwalker Set.
  8. Reinstall Game on Console: For console players, try reinstalling the game to eliminate any potential installation-related issues.

Remember that each gaming platform has its unique quirks and settings that can impact the gameplay experience. By checking for platform-specific issues and making necessary adjustments, you may successfully resolve the ‘Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set Not Showing Up’ problem on your specific platform.

Fix 8: Contact Customer Support

If you’ve followed all the previous steps and still can’t resolve the issue, it’s time to reach out to the game’s customer support:

  1. Collect Information: Gather details about your gaming platform, game version, and the steps you’ve taken to fix the issue.
  2. Visit the Official Support Page: Go to the game’s official website or support page and look for the appropriate contact options.
  3. Explain the Issue: In a clear and concise manner, describe the problem you’re facing and the steps you’ve already taken to address it.
  4. Provide Relevant Details: Be ready to share any error messages you encountered or any other relevant information that may help customer support troubleshoot the issue effectively.
  5. Follow Up: If you don’t receive an immediate solution, be patient and stay in touch with customer support to get updates on the progress of your case.

By following these detailed steps, you can increase your chances of resolving the ‘Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set Not Showing Up’ issue and get back to enjoying the game with this powerful gear at your disposal. Happy gaming!

Preventing the Remnant 2 Realmwalker set not Showing Up issue

To avoid encountering the frustrating issue of the Realmwalker Set not appearing in your Remnant: From the Ashes game, follow these preventive tips:

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Tip 1: Keep Your Game Updated

Regularly check for updates and patches for Remnant: From the Ashes. Developers often release updates to address bugs and improve gameplay. Staying up to date will help prevent potential issues, including missing items like the Realmwalker Set.

Tip 2: Maintain Backup Save Files

Periodically create backup copies of your save files. In case of any corruption or issues with your current save, having backups can save your progress and prevent you from losing valuable in-game achievements.

Tip 3: Avoid Unofficial Mods and Software

While mods and third-party software can enhance your gaming experience, they can also cause conflicts and issues within the game. Be cautious when using such modifications and ensure they are from reliable sources.

Tip 4: Fulfill Unlock Conditions

Before attempting to acquire the Realmwalker Set, familiarize yourself with its specific unlock conditions. Make sure you meet all the necessary requirements, such as completing quests, defeating bosses, or reaching the required level.

Tip 5: Verify In-Game Content Compatibility

If you are using downloadable content (DLC) or expansions, verify that they are compatible with the base game. Mismatched content can lead to discrepancies and prevent the appearance of certain items.

Tip 6: Regularly Check Forums and Official Support

Stay engaged with the game’s official forums, social media channels, and customer support for any news on known issues and fixes. Other players may also share their experiences and solutions, which can be valuable in preventing and addressing problems.

Tip 7: Avoid Forceful Game Exits

Avoid forcefully closing the game or abruptly shutting down your gaming platform while the game is running. Doing so can lead to data corruption and other issues that might affect item appearances.

Tip 8: Perform Regular System Maintenance

Maintain your gaming platform by performing regular system maintenance, including clearing cache and updating drivers. A well-maintained system is less likely to encounter technical issues.

Tip 9: Use Stable Internet Connection

For online aspects of the game, such as server interactions and updates, use a stable and reliable internet connection. A poor connection can lead to inconsistencies in the game’s performance.

Tip 10: Verify Cross-Platform Compatibility

If you plan to switch between different gaming platforms or utilize cross-platform features, ensure that the game supports such functionality and that items can be transferred seamlessly.

By following these preventive tips, you can minimize the chances of encountering the ‘Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set Not Showing Up’ issue and enjoy a smoother and more immersive gaming experience in Remnant: From the Ashes.


The ‘Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set Not Showing Up’ issue can be disheartening for players seeking to acquire this powerful gear. However, by understanding the possible reasons behind the problem and following the detailed procedures provided, you can increase your chances of resolving the issue. Keep in mind that game updates, save file integrity, unlock conditions, glitches, and third-party software can all play a role in causing this problem. By being patient and persistent in your troubleshooting efforts, you’ll likely be able to enjoy the benefits of the Realmwalker Set in Remnant: From the Ashes once again. Happy gaming!


Why is the Realmwalker Set not appearing in my inventory?

Possible reasons include updates, save file corruption, or not meeting unlock conditions.

How can I fix the issue if updates caused it?

Check for game updates, install them, and restart the game.

What if my save file is corrupted?

Verify save file integrity through the game launcher or platform.

What if I haven’t met the unlock conditions?

Double-check quest completion, boss defeats, and required level.

How can I deal with in-game glitches?

Restart the game, verify files, or reload from a previous save.

Can mods or third-party software affect the set’s appearance?

Yes, disable them, restart the game, and check again.

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