Password tried too many times, please wait in facebook recovery

Facebook is the most popular web application. Everyone nowadays has a facebook account. Let us know what facebook is first. Facebook is a social networking app allows you to share your pictures, videos , memories and much more with all other people who are friends in your account. Facebook was created with an aim of capturing all the beautiful and happy moments of a person. To be in touch with all our friends, relatives and it will also enable us to perform video calls which fulfills the need to see the person. It also allows you to chat with different stickers and GIF’s.

It has created a standard good looking interface for interaction with privacy keeping in mind, in accordance of the user. Facebook has filled by connecting the gap of bridge for a  lot of people from different states and even countries. It has made an option of grouping people by creating groups which has served as a helpful for creating groups related to entertainment/social service/Education etc.

Password tried too many time

How to login to facebook account

Facebook allows you to face the whole world in your palm. It is helpful to know events, news, media, entertainment, and everything. So for this to happen and to achieve this, we need to login to the account with our credentials, which are email id and password. So if you don’t know how to login to your account, follow the below steps carefully. Every process has a step by step procedure, let me guide you in this process with a step by step approach of how to successfully login to your account. Follow the below mentioned steps carefully.

  • Open a new tab in your system or you can also achieve that through a shortcut called(Ctrl+t). It will automatically results you to a new tab
  • Type the below mentioned link which will direct you to a facebook web page,where you can login with your credentials.

  • Now you can see a webpage with two search boxes, which are for your email id and password
  • Once you enter the correct credentials, you will be directed to your facebook account.

Until now you know what facebook is . And You know how to login to your account .If you ever encountered a thought about what will happen if we forgot our password.Or what will happen if we entered the wrong password. Forgetting passwords is very common nowadays . Keeping a strong password and remembering that password was an uphill task. Many questions may arise in your mind about passwords of facebook accounts locking etc. Let us discuss each and every minute details with clarity in the below mentioned article.

Reasons for locking of facebook account

There may be plenty of reasons for facebook account to be locked, primary among them were as mentioned below

  • Password tried too many times
  • An attempt to change the password in a day for more than a limited number of times.

What will happen if we type password too many times

Generally any account, not only facebook, but any account will have a limit to enter password. Even while withdrawing money from the ATM, we have to type the password correctly else our transaction will be canceled or aborted. Then we have to initiate the transaction again from the start. If it happens twice or thrice, the card gets blocked and we have to file the complaint to get back our account. 

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In a similar way, if we don’t enter a correct password to the facebook account, we cannot initiate the transaction. You might get a doubt that how many times can we enter the wrong password. Is there really a count to enter the wrong password? Yes facebook is designed in such a way that it achieves security with very strong authorisation. So it will immediately notice the count of wrong entering of the password in facebook. So if the password of the facebook account is typed wrong more than 5 times, then the facebook will immediately block the users account and will send a formal mail to the users account and maintain its privacy and security.

After locking the account, the account will be in facebook recovery. We have to recover our account by clicking on the link that is sent to our mail. In this way facebook alerts the user from frauds and accounts getting hacked . This way it achieves the security and maintains privacy of the users details and information stored in its database. 

Mistakes while typing password

We make many mistakes while typing the password.Knowingly or unknowingly we commit these mistakes and will become responsible to get our accounts locked by ourselves. To avoid these mistakes we have to type the password carefully, let us see some of the common mistakes and try to avoid them.

  • Check whether caps lock  is turned on or not: Sometimes in a hurry to log in to our account, we forget whether the caps lock is turned on or not. Though how many times we enter, it may show us wring only if the caps lock is turned. So take a moment and check whether the caps lock is either turned on or not.

NOTE: Some keep the first letter as capital, so in that case you can keep the first letter in caps lock and remain normal.

  • Typing the old password: You may sometimes forget that you are typing the old password and continue 4-5 times typing the same password, but it wont work. So always remember the changed password and type in the new password instead of typing the old one.
  • Keeping suggested passwords: Sometimes, some websites help us with some strong passwords, but they are very difficult to remember. Suggested passwords will be like, hard enough to hack and also remember.
  • Confusion between numbers and letters: sometimes we keep numbers in between our passwords to strengthen the password. But while typing we type the words of the numbers instead of typing the actual number. 

Don’t make this silly mistake 4-5 times and let yourself be locked. If we overcome these small mistakes while creating the password. Or while typing the password, we may escape from these mistake and can get a safe and secured connectivity through the facebook

How many times can we change the password

The urge to change passwords arises in everyone. Some may change it normally because of their intention of changing it. Some change for security purposes. While some change to keep a nice one. Anyway, facebook also allows you to change passwords in a day for only a limited number of times only. This is also for security reasons only. So it allows its users to change the password in a day for only one time. If you want to change the password again , then you have to wait until the next 24 hours to change the password again.  

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Recovering facebook account

If you do any of the above mentioned acts like typing the wrong passwords many times. If it is more than a limited number of times, then your account will be blocked and you have to recover it. In such cases it wont simply lock your account without informing you, it will lock your account by sending a mail to your account. So that the account can be easily recovered from that recovery mail. So in order to recover your account, check your gmail account to which you have linked your facebook account. And then immediately click on unlock my account which will be a link and after clicking redirects you to another link. There you can unlock your account.

Security Check

Once you have completed clicking the link to unlock your account, your account will be under security check for safety conditions. Though your account is locked and is under security check you will be notified by other people and still others can view your account .You have to just wait for 24 hours after the account is under security check. After 24 hours you can use your account back. In this way a security check helps you with all the necessary precautions to take care of your account. Security check is done for the data privacy of the user account.

So that his account cannot be logged in by any other hackers also for twenty four hours, This will enable an increase in security and privacy for the account. Security check will be enabled if and only if the user clicked the confirmation formal mail of the unlock account. A link inside that account will redirect the user to go for the security check.


Finally ,we got to know about Facebook Recovery. So to activate wh have to go through the link sent by facebook recovery team to our mail.Also we have read about the stuff related to common mistakes that occur while typing password and how to avoid those mistakes for a smooth transaction to go on without any errors. After that we can’t use our account once we’re in a security check. Although we’re in a security check our account will be active to others and others will be able to fetch our account, but we cant use the account when it is locked.

We can use it 24 hours after it is out of the security check. And if we type the wrong password more than 5 times, then also there will be chances of the account getting locked. So be aware of what you play with the passwords of facebook.

In this way facebook helps you to maintain its privacy, security and many other things such that it allows you to have secured, free and privacy connectivity with everyone present over. Facebook has stood in the first place due to its privacy and security of the data of its users.This made it be in peaks of the mountain while coming to social  connectivity. So finally we have got to know fully clarified information about facebook recovery. As well as we got to know about the importance of the passwords which play a major role in facebook account privacy.

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Though we have read everything so clearly about how account recovery in facebook works and how changing passwords in facebook affect our account to lock etc. We may have some doubts that will be a hindrance to achieve our goal. Let us clarify our doubts from the below mentioned Frequently asked questions by some of the people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can we type the wrong password on facebook?

We have an option to type the wrong password for only five times. If the count exceeds five, our account will be locked. And we need to unlock it by reacting to the notification or alert or trigger mail that is sent to us through mail. In this way we can recover our account

How long will it take to unlock my facebook account?

It will almost take 24 hours in our security check of the facebook account. So as soon as possible you get a confirmation mail that your account is locked, unlock the account. From then onwards you have to wait for 24 hours for your account to be  back to normal again. This 24 hours is the period of security check of your facebook account.

How many times can we change passwords?

You can change the password of your facebook account as many times you want. But in a day you can only change the password of your account only once. An attempt to change the password twice in a day notifies you that you have changed the password recently.

What are mistakes while typing passwords?

People make many mistakes while typing passwords. Some of them are mentioned below. These small mistakes may seem to not matter a lot, but will make a huge difference once we make sure.
Forgetting to turn off caps lock
1. Typing old password
2. Typing the number in words instead of typing number
3. Typing mistakes in cases of suggested passwords which were very strong enough to hack and hard enough to remember.