Facebook App Crashing: Fix the glitch of your application in just a snap

Facebook App Crashing

When a device/Facebook app crashing, Android finishes the application process with a dialog that tells the user that the program stops.
An application doesn’t have to run in the front to crash.

What does App Crashing Means?

If an unintended exit is caused by an uncontrolled exception or signal, an Android app crashes. When you throw the untreated exception defined by the throwable class an app that is written with Java crashes. If an untreated signal such as SIGSEGV is shown, an device written in native-code languages collides.

When a device crashes, Android finishes the application process with a dialog that tells the user that the program stops.
An application doesn’t have to run in the front to crash. Each component of the device may cause a device to crash, including components such as broadcast receivers or service providers running in the background. Such crashes also confuse users, so they don’t engage the software actively.

You may use the instructions on this page to diagnose and fix the issue if your application has crashing.


If a computer program like a software application or a business system ceases running and leaves, a crash or system failure happens on the computer. The liable software can appear before a collision reporting service records the crash and any specifics thereof. If the software is a crucial part of the operating system, the existing system may crash or linger, often causing kernel panic or catastrophic system failure.

Common Reasons

Facebook App Crashing Reasons

The most popular triggers are right program counters, buffer overflow, overwriting part of the machine code associated with an earlier bug; exposure to uncontrolled memory addresses; unauthorized use or cause uncontrolled deviation. The typical cause of the crash is the original software bug that started this sequence of events, discovered during the debugging process. The initial error can be deleted from the crashing application.

App Crashes

An application crashes usually when an action is performed which the operating system does not permit. Special provisions or signal is triggered in the program by the operating system. Traditionally, Unix applications adapted by dropping core to this signal. Some programs in Windows and Unix GUI react with the option to add a debugger when one is installed by showing a dialog box (e.g. the one to the right). Many apps attempt to recover and run rather than exit from the mistake.

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Why do facebook app crash?

It is true that the Facebook app crashes rather than other devices for different reasons. One of the biggest causes your Facebook app starts to crash might be your inability to upgrade the program for some time. This can create issues by signing into and using the software when you don’t have the new update enabled.

The other explanation may be that the mobile computer is too hot or has capacity difficulties. The apps can also crash accidentally due to memory problems or if the device of your computer can not function well.

Another big reason the Facebook app continues to crash might be that the server of the social media network can be fixed only by social networking.

How can we stop our Facebook app by crashing?

Facebook App Crashing Solutions

At one time nearly all users were on Facebook. Most young people now switch to Instagram. Most still using the software on the smartphones on Facebook (FB).If a social media company does not face a problem, an individual can use these techniques to prevent Facebook app crashes and Facebook app freezes. Sadly, often, the Facebook app is not error free, comparable to other apps. You have come to the right location if you face a question as the Facebook app starts crashing on your Android smartphone.In a few minutes these strategies will help to solve the problem.

1. Clearing the space

It is recommended to clear any room or it may cause Facebook App to freeze or other Apps to not function properly if you have storage issues on your Smartphone. Clearing the volume not only increases the efficiency of the device but also helps it operate without being interrupted or pendulous. Therefore, remove the Facebook data cache, which can help you better access the social media service.

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2. Restarting your device

Continue to shut down the phone and restart the issue again though these approaches have been used. Often while the phone is hot, the phones fail or other applications are running overloaded. The reset should make you update your phone and work well.

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3.Keeping application updated

Update the software for the newest version to work. In order to provide the customer with new functionality, Facebook strives to remove all previous issues. The new capabilities of the program are also made possible by an upgraded app.

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4.Reinstalling the application

You may also try removing the Facebook program and reinstalling it on your computer. Go to the Play Store to find Facebook to delete the app. Tap Uninstall. Then press Uninstall.

Go to Applications & Alerts or the Configuration App Manager. Tap and hit the Uninstall button on Facebook. Afterwards reinstall by downloading it from the Play Store.If the app is being removed and updated to its latest version, and the Facebook app starts to fail, attempt to disable or kill it. There could be several causes why the device freezes and you launch a new and improved version by removing and launching a new Facebook update.

5. Loging out from the facebook application

Try logging out of the Facebook program next. Often, with your account session, an issue prevails and logging out can resolve it.

>>Open the Facebook app

>>Click on top right corner of the three-bar icon.

>>Search for log out.

>>Once logout than again login once.

6. Keeping your cache clear

Just when the system was restarted, clearing the cache was also an significant lifesaver for other people. Clearing cache solves issues by removing temporary files without erasing sensitive information.

>> To clear the cache for the Facebook app.

>>Open user settings on your phone and tap Apps & Notices or App Manager.

>>Tap all apps, then press Installed programs if the devices are available first.

>> Press on Facebook with Activated Devices.

>> Push the Simple cache button and push Shop.

7. Clearing data

If the clearing of the cache does not solve the problem, the Facebook application needs to take a step forward and clear data. Clearing data is not the same as clearing cache, because it will log out the app and cancel the device settings and Facebook internet.

If you have installed Facebook photos using a file explorer or collection to upload the picture from the Facebook folder to some other tab. That is why data clearing improves because everything that is in the Facebook archive is cleaned clean.

Repeat steps 1-3 for Transparent cache of clear data from the Facebook device. Tap Store and select Clear Storage / Clear data instead of clicking on the Clear cache option.

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8. Sometimes older work better than new

If the issue is not fixed by downloading or uninstalling the program, you can consider reverting to an earlier framework update.

Here are some solutions you can do.

>> Unistall the facebook app first.

>> Head to the Facebook update website at ApkMirror.com. The APK file for the previous edition of Facebook can be downloaded from there.

>> You do not require the Unknown Roots option, because you have not imported the Google Play Store’s APK. APK file can be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat and below. Tap Security / Privacy on Settings on your computer. Switch on Undisclosed Sources and progress to phase 4.

Follow next move for smartphones with Android 8.0 Oreo and higher.

>> Tap the window to install the APK package that was downloaded. When you tap on the APK file in Android 8.0 and beyond, you are asked to go to Settings. Activate the Allow from that source next to the toggle in the Settings. This means the APK files are enabled safely.

Facebook App Crashing

9. Disabling the power saving mode

Quite often the Facebook app crash could be triggered by the power saving mode or battery optimizer mode. You need to deactivate the power saving mode to check that it is safe.

To do this, go to Device Settings and tap Battery. Uncheck Power Saver mode here. Instead, from the Fast Settings control screen, shut Power Saver mode off.

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Unless the Facebook app crashing starts even after testing out all of the above fixes, I suggest you wait for the next update.

In the meantime, if it is available in your region, you can use Facebook from your device’s website or check out the Facebook Lite App.

Facebook software is a perfect data-friendly solution. The code is very small and has no power. You will turn to the Lite version by using the original Facebook app in disguise.