Joyose: The Revolutionary Operating System by Xiaomi

Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics behemoth, has positioned itself as a major manufacturer. Mainly of low-cost smartphones, wearables, and other gadgets with superior user experiences. One of the company’s most notable achievements is the creation of Joyose. A novel operating system meant to improve the performance of Xiaomi smartphones.

Joyose, com.xiaomi.joyose, is a modified Android-based operating system that is only available on Xiaomi smartphones. It has various distinguishing characteristics and perks that set it different from other operating systems on the market. The operating system has been designed to ensure excellent performance. And also speed, providing consumers with a smooth and seamless experience.

The user UI of Joyose is among its most distinctive features. The user experience was considered during the operating system’s creation. Moreover, by making the device straightforward for users to navigate and operate. With the help of Joyose, users can easily customize the user experience to suit their specific requirements. Through the operating system’s theme store, users can load a variety of themes, wallpapers, and fonts on their devices.

A unique aspect of Joyose is a virtual assistant that is intelligent and helps users with a variety of tasks. It is referred to as the AI Assistant. The AI helper allows for the establishment of reminders, answering questions, and placing of calls. It is an excellent tool for helping people remain organized and manage their daily responsibilities.

Joyose also has amazing power management technology. In this, the operating system’s goal is to conserve battery life. This allows users to use their devices for a longer duration without worrying about running out of juice. It also features a called the “built-in power-saving mode”. That can be used to substantially optimize battery usage.

It has also improved its security controls mainly to protect consumers’ data from unauthorized access. The operating system also has a security center with features such as virus scanning, app lock, and privacy protection. These features’ core is to help consumers keep their personal information safe and secure.


Xiaomi’s Joyose operating system is a show-stopper in the world of so many operating systems. It provides a variety of unique features and benefits that improve the user experience while also providing high speed and performance. The operating system’s appealing user interface, AI assistant, battery management system, and enhanced security features distinguish it from the competition. With Joyose.experience, Xiaomi has once again proved its commitment to providing the best possible experience for its customers.

What is Joyose?

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics business that primarily manufactures smartphones, laptops, and other smart devices. Which created Joyose, a proprietary operating system. It is a mix of two words: “Joy” and “OS,” implying Xiaomi’s desire to produce an operating system that gives delight to its consumers.

User Experience: How does Joyose enhance the user experience?

The interface is one of the most visible differences when compared to a Joyose and an Android. It has a sleeker as well as a simpler user interface that Xiaomi developed to appear and feel more modern. Joyose also has a special look and feel as a result of Xiaomi’s implementation of its design language, which is known as MIUI.

Privacy and Security: What features does Joyose have to protect users’ privacy and security?

Joyose’s emphasis on privacy and security is another crucial feature that keeps them in this fast-paced competition. This is because it incorporates many of Xiaomi’s “privacy and security” features. This primarily helps to protect the consumers’ data and personal information. The best example is Joyose’s new “Privacy Protection” feature. The key reason for this is that it prohibits unwanted access to personal information like as contacts, messages, and call logs.

Performance: How does Joyose optimize battery life and improve device speed?

It has many performance tweaks that assist boost battery life and device speed. Joyose, for example, includes a feature called “Dynamic Resource Allocation”. This intelligently manages the device’s resources to guarantee that the apps that the user is currently using have priority access to system resources. By keeping background programs from absorbing too much power. This function can dramatically enhance the device’s battery life.

Exclusive to Xiaomi: Why is Joyose exclusive to Xiaomi devices?

It is likewise a Xiaomi-only app that cannot be loaded on other Android smartphones. Its exclusivity enables Xiaomi to guarantee that Joyose is tailored for its hardware, ensuring a flawless user experience.

Promoting Joyose: How is Xiaomi positioning Joyose as a differentiator in the market?

In recent years, Xiaomi has actively promoted Joyose, presenting its operating system as a fundamental differentiator between its smartphones and its competitors. The business has committed to keep investing in Joyose and to provide frequent updates to improve the user experience even more.

To sum up all the above content in one para: It is a proprietary operating system built by Xiaomi. It comes to provide a more efficient and seamless user experience than Android. Joyose is a crucial differentiator between Xiaomi’s devices as well as its competitors. The main reason behind this is because of its emphasis on privacy, security, and performance. Xiaomi’s investment in Joyose illustrates the company’s dedication to offering its customers a one-of-a-kind and happy experience.

Why was Joyose Created?

Such an operating system was initially released in 2020 but has since gained popularity due to its distinct features and benefits.

What was the point of establishing Joyose in the first place? What inspired Xiaomi to create its operating system? Joyose was the result of a series of circumstances.


One of the key reasons Xiaomi introduced Joyose was to provide its customers with a more customized and optimized experience. Xiaomi is known because of its user-centric approach but also strives to provide the greatest possible experience to its own consumers. Yet, there are limits to how much the Android OS, which itself is utilized by Xiaomi devices, may be customized.

To remedy this limitation, Xiaomi created Joyose, its operating system. Its operating system is built on Android but emphasizes customization. Xiaomi has adapted Joyose to the particular needs of all its devices, leading to an improved and optimized operating system with numerous diverse features and benefits.


Another reason Xiaomi developed Joyose was to set itself apart from its competition. It might be difficult for a firm to stand out and provide its consumers with a distinctive experience in a crowded market. Especially when multiple manufacturers utilize stock Android.

Xiaomi may leverage Joyose to separate itself from the competition and provide its consumers with a one-of-a-kind experience. Xiaomi has total control over the user interface, app store, and other features because it created its operating system. This amount of control enables Xiaomi to give a more personalized experience to its consumers. Perhaps making its smartphones more desirable to users.

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When it comes to operating systems, security is vital. Xiaomi has always been devoted to giving its consumers a safe experience, and It is no exception. The operating system has a built-in security center, anti-virus software, and privacy protection. Xiaomi created Joyose with security in mind, and the operating system is intended to deliver a safe and stable user experience. By developing its operating system, Xiaomi has total control over the security aspects, guaranteeing that its devices are as safe as possible.

AI-Enhanced Battery Management

Since more gadgets rely on battery power, battery life has become an important consideration for users. Xiaomi spotted this trend and created Joyose, a smartphone with AI-enhanced battery management.

Joyose’s AI-enhanced energy management extends battery life by learning the user’s usage habits and altering power settings as needed. The function is intended to give customers more efficient and consistent battery life. Allowing them to use their devices for extended periods without having to recharge them.

Joyose was developed to give Xiaomi consumers a more personalized, safe, and optimal experience. The operating system has various unique features and advantages that increase user experience, performance, and security. Xiaomi has total control over the user experience by developing its operating system. Guaranteeing that its devices are as user-friendly and safe as possible. Xiaomi has taken a huge step towards differentiating in a competitive market and giving its consumers a one-of-a-kind experience with Joyose.

How is Joyose Different from other Operating Systems

Joyose, Xiaomi’s own operating system, is very different from those other operating systems that are currently available. Joyose is mostly developed on top of Android, however, it differs from the official Android OS in a number of areas. The following are some of the main differences that set Joyose apart from other operating systems.

  1. User Interface

One of the most noticeable differences between Joyose and other operating systems that are doing the rounds is their user interface. Yes, It has been upgraded by Xiaomi to appear and feel more contemporary, sleek, and intuitive. Because of the adoption of the company’s own design language, MIUI, It does have a very distinct appearance and feel. Its interface design is clean and uncomplicated, making it simple for users to use and receive the functionality they seek.

  1. Customization

Joyose offers tremendous customization, thus allowing customers to customize their gadgets to a lot of extents. Xiaomi has made a number of customization options accessible to consumers in order for them to alter the visual and tactile characteristics of their smartphones. Joyose, for example, features a “Super Wallpaper” function. This feature allows users to create a live wallpaper that changes dependent on the user’s time and location.

  1. Privacy and Security

Another notable distinction of Joyose when compared to other software platforms is Xiaomi’s emphasis on security and secrecy. Joyose uses a number of privacy and security safeguards, which are there to protect the user’s personal information and data. Joyose does indeed have a “Privacy Protection” feature that prevents unwanted access to personal information. Especially such as contact information, chats, and call records. Apart from these Joyose also features a “Private Area” function that allows you to establish a distinct, private location on your phone for important data.

  1. Performance

It is performance-optimized, giving consumers a smooth and efficient user experience. Many improvements are included in the operating system to aid increase battery life and device performance. Joyose, for example, offers a feature called “Dynamic Resource Allocation” that intelligently manages the device’s resources to guarantee that the applications that the user is currently using have priority access to system resources. By keeping background programs from absorbing too much power, this function can dramatically enhance the device’s battery life.

  1. AI Features

It has some AI capabilities that assist users in getting the most from their gadgets. Joyose, for example, includes an “AI Call Assistant” function that instantly filters out spammers. And then presents users with a synopsis of the call before their response. Joyose also features a “Smart Assistant” function that offers users tailored suggestions based on their internet habits.

  1. Exclusive to Xiaomi Devices

Joyose is only available on Xiaomi handsets and cannot be installed on other Android devices. Its exclusivity helps Xiaomi to guarantee that Joyose is tailored for its hardware, giving a flawless experience to its consumers. Xiaomi may differentiate its gadgets from the competition by enhancing its operating system.

Joyose is unlike any other operating system on the market. Xiaomi has tweaked Joyose to improve the user experience, performance, and battery life. The operating system offers numerous distinct features. Including a slick user interface, a high degree of customization, an emphasis on privacy and security, AI capabilities, and exclusivity to Xiaomi devices. Xiaomi’s investment in Joyose illustrates the company’s dedication to giving its users a unique and joyful experience.

Features of Joyose:

  1. Smart App Launcher:

Joyose has a smart app launcher that organizes apps into groups depending on their use. Apps that are often used, for example, are placed in the “Frequently Used” category, whereas apps that are infrequently used are placed in the “Infrequent” group. This feature allows users to rapidly discover the programs they require.

  1. System-wide Dark Mode:

Dark mode is a popular feature that is available in many operating systems. Joyose takes it a step further by including a system-wide dark mode. The dark mode not only looks amazing, but it also saves battery life, which is especially useful for smartphones with OLED screens.

  1. AI-Enhanced Battery Management:

Joyose employs artificial intelligence to improve energy use on Xiaomi smartphones. The AI-enhanced battery management analyzes the user’s usage habits and adjusts the power settings of the device accordingly. This function extends the device’s life the battery, allowing it to last longer.

  1. Quick Ball:

Quick Ball is a programmable shortcut function that allows users to rapidly access commonly used apps. The Quick Ball shows on the screen as a floating ball and may be configured to launch particular apps or execute specified activities.

  1. Face Unlock:

Joyose includes a quick and dependable face unlock function that uses AI to detect the user’s face. Face unlocking works even in low-light situations, making it a handy and secure method of unlocking the smartphone.

Benefits of Joyose:

  1. Improved User Experience:

It is intended to give a streamlined and user-friendly interface. Users can easily access the applications they need thanks to the smart app interface, Quick Ball, and many other features. The device’s dark theme and AI-enhanced power management serve to extend the battery life of the device, leading to an improved user experience.

  1. Enhanced Performance:

Joyose has been tuned for Xiaomi smartphones, thus it is quicker and smoother than standard Android. The personalized operating system boosts device performance, making it more responsive and efficient.

  1. Better Security:

Joyose includes a number of security features, such as face unlock, app lock, and an encrypted keyboard. These features aid in the protection of the user’s information and the security of their device.

  1. Regular Updates:

Xiaomi is dedicated to delivering regular updates to Joyose, so customers can anticipate new features, bug fixes, and security patches on a regular basis.

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How to use Joyose?

Using Joyose: A Guide for Xiaomi Device Users

Joyose is a one-of-a-kind Xiaomi operating system that is exclusively accessible on its devices. If you own a Xiaomi smartphone, you may be wondering how to use Joyose and take use of its unique features. In this lesson, we’ll offer you a short overview of Joyose as well as some recommendations to get you started.

The first thing you’ll notice about Joyose is its slick and contemporary UI. The user interface is simple and easy, allowing you to quickly access your favorite apps and services. The home screen has a collection of program icons, and you can access the app drawer by sliding up from the bottom of the screen.

You may go through the displays by swiping left or right. Simply touch on the “Settings” icon, which is normally displayed on the home screen or in the app drawer, to access the settings. You may then tailor numerous settings and features to your taste.

Customizing the Interface

Joyose’s ability to modify the UI is one of its major features. Xiaomi has included several customization tools that enable users to create the way it looks and feels of your smartphone. Some of the customizing possibilities are as follows:

  • Themes: Joyose includes an assortment of pre-installed themes from which to pick. To modify the template, go to “Settings” > “Themes” and pick the desired theme.
  • Wallpapers: To change your device’s wallpaper, go to “Settings” > “Wallpaper,” and then pick the wallpaper you wish to use.
  • Icons: You may customize the form and appearance of any app icons using Joyose. To do so, navigate to “Settings” > “Home Screen & Recents” > “Icon Style” and choose the style you wish to use.
  • Font: To change the font on your device, go to “Settings” > “Display & Brightness” > “Font Size & Style,” and then pick the font.
  • Always-On Display: You may modify the Always-On Display function in Joyose. To do so, navigate to “Settings” > “Display & Brightness” > “Always-On Display,” and then pick the desired style.

Using Joyose’s Unique Features

Joyose has many features not seen in vanilla Android. Listed below are a few of the distinctive features available on Joyose:

  • Joyose has a privacy protection function that allows you to restrict unauthorized access to your data. Go to “Settings” > “Privacy & Security” > “Privacy Protection” to enable it.
  • Joyose includes a Super Wallpaper function that lets anyone set an animation background that varies according to the time of day. Go to “Settings” > “Wallpaper” > “Super Wallpaper” to enable this function.
  • Joyose includes a Game Turbo mode that enhances the device’s gaming performance. Go to “Settings” > “Game Turbo” to enable it.
  • Joyose has a Dark Mode, which minimizes the degree of blue light radiated by your smartphone, reducing the strain on your eyes. Go to “Settings” > “Display & Brightness” > “Dark Mode” to enable this option.
  • Gesture Navigation: Joyose supports gesture navigation for navigating the UI. Go to “Settings” > “System & Device” > “Additional Settings” > “Full-Screen Display” > “Gesture Navigation” to enable this function.

Final Thoughts

Joyose is a one-of-a-kind operating system developed to improve user experience and give a happy experience for Xiaomi gadget users. By using the ideas in this tutorial, you may modify the interface to your liking and take advantage of the unique features that Joyose provides.

The Mi AI Assistant is another function available on Xiaomi smartphones. This is an artificial intelligence assistant that can aid you in managing your device and swiftly accessing information. After the device is unlocked, press and hold the home button or speak “Hey, Xiaomi” to activate the Mi AI Assistant.

Setting reminders, accessing the internet, calling others, and managing smart devices are all things that the Mi AI Assistant can assist you with. You may also personalize the Mi AI Assistant by including your preferred services and shortcuts.

Xiaomi smartphones provide a variety of pre-installed apps, including Mi Browser, Mi Video, and Mi Music, in addition to the Mi AI Assistant. These apps are intended to operate in tandem with Joyose to provide a unified user experience.

To take full advantage of your Xiaomi gadget with Joyose, keep your device up-to-date by installing the latest software updates. Xiaomi provides updates regularly to enhance speed, correct issues, and introduce new features.

Go to “Settings” > “System & Device” > “System Update,” and then select “Check for updates.” If an update is available, you may download and set it up from this screen.

Finally, Joyose is a one-of-a-kind operating system that provides a variety of functions and customization possibilities for Xiaomi gadget users. You may build a personalized and happy experience on your smartphone by following the recommendations in this tutorial and exploring the many features and settings available.

The potential of Joyose

Xiaomi’s Commitment to Innovation and User Experience

It can change the face of operating systems. Xiaomi has a devoted following, and the company’s dedication to technology and customer engagement has enabled it to emerge as one of the world’s leading smartphone makers. Joyose exemplifies Xiaomi’s commitment to giving its consumers the finest possible experience.

Enhancing Efficiency and Streamlining

Joyose’s personalization is one of its primary features. Xiaomi has adapted the operating system known as Android and tailored it to the demands of its devices. This amount of customization has led to a more efficient and streamlined operating system with various distinct features and advantages.

A Differentiator for Xiaomi

Another possible advantage of Joyose is its capacity to assist Xiaomi in differentiating itself from the competition. In a congested market where many manufacturers utilize stock Android, Joyose allows Xiaomi to stand out and provide its consumers with a unique experience.

A Potential Game-Changer for Xiaomi

Another possible game changer is Joyose’s AI-enhanced battery management. Since more gadgets rely on battery power, battery life has become an important consideration for users. Joyose’s AI-enhanced energy management extends battery life by learning the user’s usage habits and altering power settings as needed. This functionality might provide Xiaomi with a competitive advantage and make its smartphones more enticing to customers.

Which Bloatware can be Removed from Joyose?

While some of Joyose’s pre-installed apps are required for the operating system to work properly, others may be securely deleted without compromising the device’s productivity or stability. Among the apps that may be uninstalled from Joyose are as follows:

  1. Mi Web Browser: While the Mi Browser has several important features, such as built-in ad-blockers and multiple tab support, many users prefer to use other browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Deleting the Mi Browser on Joyose can help free up storage space and perhaps enhance device performance.
  2. Mi Community: Mi Community is a form of social networking software that allows Xiaomi users to interact and exchange device-related information. While the software may be beneficial for certain users, it may be superfluous for others. Eliminating Mi Community from Joyose can help clear up storage space and decrease device clutter.
  3. Mi Credit: is a financial app that provides loans to Xiaomi customers. While the app may be beneficial for certain users, it may be useless for individuals who do not require a loan. Eliminating Mi Credit from Joyose can free up storage space and minimize the amount of pre-installed apps.
  4. Mi Drop: is a file-sharing program that lets users transfer data across Xiaomi devices. While the program may be beneficial for certain users, people who prefer to utilize other file-sharing applications may find it useless. Deleting Mi Drop from Joyose might free storage space and minimize clutter on the smartphone.
  5. Mi Remote: Mi Remote is an app that converts the Xiaomi gadget into a smart device for controlling Televisions, air conditioners, and other devices. While the app may be beneficial for certain users, individuals who prefer to utilize physical or remote apps may find it useless. Deleting the Mi Remote from Joyose might free up storage space and decrease clutter on the device.
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It’s crucial to remember that deleting these applications from Joyose may require rooting the device. Rooting a smartphone may violate its warranty and cause security risks. As a result, before attempting to delete pre-installed apps, it is critical to investigate the ramifications of rooting the device.


Joyose, com.xiaomi.joyose, is indeed a groundbreaking operating system created by Xiaomi. The operating system has various unique features and advantages that increase user experience, performance, and security. Joyose’s revolutionary potential resides in its personalization, AI-enhanced power management, and its capacity to assist Xiaomi to separate itself from the competition.

It will be fascinating to observe how the operating system matures and the way it helps Xiaomi stand out in a competitive market as Xiaomi keeps finding ways to improve and enhance Joyose. Xiaomi is positioned to become a big player in the world of hardware and software because of its dedication to offering regular upgrades and enhancing the user experience. Joyose is only the starting point for what promises to be an entertaining trip.


Which Bloatware to Remove from Joyose?

Joyose, Xiaomi’s operating system, provides a plethora of advantages and features to its customers. Nonetheless, Joyose, like many operating systems, comes pre-installed with a number of programs that may or may not be helpful to all users. Bloatware is a term used to describe programs that take up valuable memory and may slow down the phone’s performance. In this post, we’ll go through which bloatware can be uninstalled on Joyose.

What is Bloatware?

Bloatware refers to pre-installed software on devices that provide no or little user benefit. These apps are frequently introduced by device makers or operators and can use important device storage space. Bloatware may range from trial versions of software to games and utility apps.

Can I Uninstall In-built apps?

Xiaomi’s Joyose operating system usually comes with pre-installed applications. Some of these programs are required for an operating system to work properly, whilst others may not be required for all users. Several Joyose users may wonder, “Can I delete pre-installed apps?” This post will look into the answer to that question.

Can I Uninstall In-built Apps on Joyose?

The simple answer is no. Joyose, like most operating systems, has several pre-installed software that cannot be removed. These programs are referred to as system apps, and they are essential to the operation of the operating system. System apps are stored in the read-only memory (ROM) of the device, which means they cannot be deleted by the user.
Conversely, a few Joyose users may choose to uninstall pre-installed programs that they no longer use or require. Some customers, for example, might choose to utilize Google’s suite of apps, such as Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Drive, rather than the pre-installed Xiaomi apps. These apps, however, cannot be removed from the smartphone.

Can In-built Apps be Disabled on Joyose?

While built-in apps on Joyose cannot be deleted, they may be deactivated. When you disable an app, it is no longer visible on the device and no longer runs in the background. Stopping an app can free up device storage space and perhaps enhance its performance.

To disable an in-built app on Joyose, follow these steps

Choose “Apps & notifications” from the device’s settings.
Choose the program you wish to deactivate.
Click the “Disable” button.
After a program has been deactivated, it’s going to no longer display in the phone’s app drawer and will no longer get alerts. It really is important to remember, however, that deactivating some apps may cause potential failures or impair the functionality of other programs. As a result, it is advised that only applications that are not required for the device’s operation be deactivated.

Can I Remove In-built Apps by Rooting my Joyose Device?

Rooting a device entails eliminating the device manufacturer’s constraints and getting complete access to the device’s computer system. Users can delete in-built items that cannot be removed or disabled by rooting their smartphone. Rooting a Joyose device, on the other hand, may destroy the product’s warranty and cause security concerns.
Moreover, uninstalling in-built apps via rooting may cause instability and degrade device performance. Thus, it is essential that consumers investigate the ramifications of rooting their devices before attempting to do so.

Can I remove Joyose from MIUI?

MIUI, Xiaomi’s modified Android operating system, includes Joyose, a proprietary system program that adds features and functionality to the gadget. While Joyose has a number of advantages, some users may opt to delete it all from their devices. In this post, we’ll look into whether it’s feasible to uninstall Joyose from MIUI.

What is Joyose?

Joyose is a Xiaomi system software that adds superior energy management, app locking, and storage optimization to MIUI. Joyose is exclusive to Xiaomi smartphones and can’t be found on all other Android handsets.

Can Joyose be Removed from MIUI?

Joyose cannot be deleted from MIUI without rooting your smartphone, in short. Rooting a smartphone may violate its warranty and cause security risks. As a result, before attempting to uninstall Joyose, it is critical to investigate the repercussions of rooting the device.