How to Make Square Videos for Social Media

All sorts of marketers and organizations are hopping on the digital advertising train. You only need to visit Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to see the move toward video messaging. However, just like other content creation strategies, if your video doesn’t stand out, it may be overlooked in social media feeds.

How can you entice viewers to pause scrolling and focus on your videos? You’ve spent many hours and much effort recording and editing them, anyway. In this tutorial to create square videos, we will explore the varying social media platforms and suggest some practical ways to crop videos into a square for your media platforms.

How to Make Square Videos for Social Media

There is no denying that online video consumption is growing, and social media is largely responsible for it. According to a Buffer study, adopting square video increases views by 30-35% and engagement by 80-100%. One of the necessities for sharing social media videos is to modify their dimensions depending on the platform you’re using.

Why You Need Square Videos for Social Media 

If you’re wondering why you need to make square videos, consider the following:

  • Facebook

The fact that Facebook offers a variety of video formats and that mobile consumption is still growing makes it a top platform for companies and brands to connect with a large audience. Facebook seems logical to start if you want to examine how to boost your effectiveness on social media.

  • Instagram 

Instagram offers three video formats: square, vertical, and horizontal, similar to Facebook. However, because square videos take up more space, the viewer won’t be influenced by other postings nearby and will just see your video and its call to action.

  • Twitter

In part thanks to its optimization for handling video taken on mobile devices, Twitter receives 800 million monthly visits and supports all three forms of video, including landscape and square.

  • LinkedIn

Over 300 million impressions were created by LinkedIn video posts over the course of the year. Additionally, on average, they receive three times as much engagement as text posts.

LinkedIn has begun allowing users to add videos directly to pages and individual profiles. Native videos posted directly to a platform have performed better than videos posted as links on different social media platforms.

  • Snapchat

Over 186 million users use Snapchat every single day globally. There are numerous choices accessible to business owners running video advertisements on Snapchat, as we saw with Instagram and Facebook. Traditional snap ads, collection ads, and narrative advertisements are all options, and the targeting capabilities help you create specific audiences that focus on location, demographics, and interests.

Using square video certainly makes more sense when you learn how to do it. The advantages of controlling the available space and reaching a diverse audience are the same for you. A minimum size of 600 x 600 pixels and a maximal resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels are required for 1:1 aspect ratio video advertising.

How to Make Square Videos for Social Media 

Making your work stand out with unique proportions, branding, and subtitles will help to increase viewer engagement. The best thing, though? To improve your videos, you don’t need to invest in expensive software or be an expert in special effects. The following techniques will work for you if you’re just getting started with video and don’t want to spend time and money on a sophisticated editing application.

Method 1 

There are a ton of programs available to allow you to crop your videos into a square format if you’re filming and uploading square videos using your smartphone or desktop. The Video Cropper tool is the easiest and most straightforward of these.

This online video editing tool can crop video to square quickly and easily. Simply upload the desired file, crop the video to the desired size, choose the output format, and click save. You may now post your video to any social platform of your choice. By doing this, you may quickly modify movies to meet the standards of each social network.

 Method 2

Many people use iMovie, another free video editor. It does not, however, permit editing in various aspect ratios. But here’s how to use Keynote to create square films.

  • In iMovie, begin editing your video.
  • Import the videos next, and then launch Keynote.
  • Create a 1080×1080 square presentation.
  • From iMovie, load your video file onto Keynote.
  • Then save your Keynote presentation as a video file.
  • Upload to any social platform.


As discussed in this post, creating square videos is unquestionably a successful method of output optimization. The more screen space your material takes up on a user’s device, the better, as smartphone news feed space is limited. To distribute your films on different social media platforms, applications, and websites, it is recommended you crop videos to a square before uploading them to the different media platforms. Additionally, making square films is simple if you follow the methods above.