What Is Social Media Monitoring?

Have you ever wondered how a brand, individual, or product knows about news, reviews, and other commentaries about them? Social media monitoring is the process of keeping an eye on what’s being talked about regarding a brand, individual, product, and service across the internet. It is sometimes known as Social Listening, Social Media Measurement, Social Media Management, and Online Analytics.

How Does It Work?

Social media monitoring works by collecting possible keywords used in posts and comments about a brand or an individual. Once the keywords are set, the searching begins for each social media page. Sometimes, hashtags are also used to search for posts depending on the brand’s campaign.

Significant mentions and comments are noted for the report that includes both positive and negative feedback. If there are multiple comments and posts with the same sentiments, they are given priority in the reports. If most of the sentiments are bad, improvements will be made, while those with positive comments are maintained to keep the good points the product already has.

Why Is Social Media Monitoring Important?

The mentions, comments, reviews, and other postings about a brand or an individual are important to determine their popularity. You’ll know that your product or service is effective if people have the time to say something positive about it.

You’ll also know if there’s something wrong with it if people rant about it on social media. It’ll be an additional way for you to assess the quality and impact of products and services so you can make the necessary changes.

Here are more ways that social media monitoring can help you and your business:

  • Opportunity to interact with customers and immediately respond to their claims. You can either thank them for the compliment or do something about the negative comments by offering returns for defective products or freebies for the inconvenience.
  • You can build your brand’s credibility by continuously responding to customer inquiries and improving your products and services.
  • You can predict your sales by seeing how your products or services are doing. If people love it, your sales will increase. Conversely, if people don’t like your products, you’ll end up with lesser sales.
  • Determine which social media campaigns work best for your brand. You can remove the platforms with the lowest engagement and move the budget to the channels that are working best to reach out to more customers.
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Ways to Incorporate Social Media Monitoring in Your Brand

If you’re just starting out, you’ll be confused about using social media monitoring in your brand. So here are some ways to include them in your marketing strategies:

  • Do paid advertising on social media and click on the activation button for analytics to see the engagement rate.
  • Use your products in your page’s photos and follow the sizing of photos to avoid cropped-out, displeasing displays. For example, you should know that Facebook cover photo size is different from post sizes. Make sure to look them over! This will help your customer focus on the beauty of your products and not how unflattering your cover photo looks.
  • You may also use social media influencers for advertising your product on their social media pages or YouTube channels. You can read their followers’ comments to have an idea of how your product is doing.
  • Create a campaign with a hashtag to easily search for your customer’s feedback. Hashtags are popular on all social media pages for a reason. It easily isolates a word from thousands of others. For instance, if your product is a new clothing line, you can use a hashtag like #BrandNameNewCollection, and ask your followers and customers to tag you and use the hashtag when they buy.
  • Open a 24/7 support team in different social media accounts. You can also opt for a customer chatbox that works from 8 am to 5 pm. You’ll be able to listen and read messages in real-time. You’ll not only know the problem, but you can act on it immediately to avoid further damages to your brand.
  • You can add a product review once online orders are completed. They can rate the product with 1-5 stars and even add comments. Also, leave your social media account page in your products and add details like “For more information/promos/discounts, visit our Facebook page @BrandName” so customers can easily reach you.
  • Analyze and chart reactions of your different product campaigns. You can create a line chart of the monthly campaign and their total engagement and discuss the peaks and lows. It helps to have a statistician to have a credible analysis of the trend on your products. You can consult them and ask for a thorough report to better understand your brand position.
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One of the ways to improve your brand is through social media monitoring. Your customers reflect how successful or unsuccessful your products and services are and you need to listen to them. This is so you can continuously improve and grow your brand to become one of the best brands that attend to clients’ needs.