Find my friends not working

If you care about the protection of relatives and friends, you’ve landed in the right location, and you’ll find the most up-to-date answer of Find my friends not working. The Find My Friend application for Android or to find a dead iPhone, will be discussed in this post. Also included are the benefits of using such an app along with some of its capabilities.

Finally, we’ll look at other replacements to the Find My Friend application. This program allows you to stay in touch with friends and family at all times and pay attention to them. This application is a position-sharing application that will assist users with a range of applications. The Google Play Store program is where users may get the program.

‘Use Find My Members to keep sight of our traveling pals while on holiday,’ according to the description. Alternatively, you may check to see whether the kids remain home after school. Or even to locate the pals you’ll be seeing for supper’ and is a Transport & Gps application. 

Find my friends not working
Find my friends not working

The best features are provided by the Find my friend application

The following are some of them:-

  • If users wish to communicate with their relatives but their present location does not allow users to share or receive data, Then users can use this software to talk with their buddies.
  • One can track down their friends or discover what they’re doing right now and at any moment.
  • When you and a colleague are parted at a location, one can use this app to acquire directions to their friend.
  • Anyone may find out all these things, as well as data mostly on ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) and the physical location of the acquaintance, by utilizing this program.

If you are not even with your companion and are wandering or moving from one location to another. And then you see some interesting stuff while you were there. For example, if one notices that a new cafe is operating in a particular spot or that a particular retailer is having a deal, then one can discuss these things with other friends using this application.

If visitors want to let their friends know where they are at any given point in time or in any specified place, there seems to be an option in the application to share the actual position with them.

Pros of finding my Friend Application

This software can make finding friends and relatives simple and enjoyable. All one must do is ask individuals to register him as a connection on the application, and once they do, you’ll be able wherever they’re.

The program also has a lot of privacy protections that are quite useful. If you don’t want particular people to know where you have been (for example, whether you’re having a surprise birthday party or would not want to be harassed), then you can restrict those friends with mute function and they simply will not be able to watch your real-time location. The software is also beneficial in that it can assist you in keeping your pals secure. 

If you are worried about a friend’s safety and haven’t received any update from them in quite a while, then users can check in on them through the application.

The Drawbacks of Find My Friends

One disadvantage of the application is that it is not free to use. Sometimes Find My Friends not working properly. There is a one-time cost of 99 cents for Find My Friends. Because of the charge, many individuals may be hesitant to install the application, resulting in a reduced customer base than some other mobile applications like Twitter and Facebook. Another disadvantage of Find My Friends is that you could receive invitations from people who you don’t know or who you would not want to discover your whereabouts. That is not a significant deal all of the time, but it might be inconvenient to continually deny others access to users.

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Lastly, this software has a huge flaw in that attackers can obtain entry to it, steal any personally identifiable information, and track you down. Hackers might well have accessibility to the location while they have your geolocation. While you install this software, consider the advantages and disadvantages.

How to fix Find my friends not working?

The problem of Find My Friends Position not being accessible for contacts could be caused by a number of factors, including:

It’s possible that the smartphone is set to the incorrect date. The phone is turned off or is just not linked to the internet via cellular or Wifi. Switched on hiding My Location. Location Services had been switched off. There are a few minor issues with the iPhone.

Method 1: Force Restart Find My Friends

For iPhone X and after, 

  • Slide up from the bottom of the device and hold in the centre of the frame on the Main screen.
  • Locate Find My Friends by swiping right or left.
  • To exit the Find My Friends preview, slide up.

For previous models,

  • Tap the Home button twice on your keyboard.
  • Locate Find My Friends by swiping right or left.
  • To exit the Find My Friends window, slide up.
  • Restart Find My iPhone to determine if the issue has been resolved. Or else, proceed to the next step.

Method 2: Refresh Location Services

Users may get the Find My Friends no location detected or any other troubles if the GPS on your or other friends’ device is not functioning. Ensure you have switched on location-based services for both of users. It is indeed possible users switched it off to conserve battery power.

Navigate to Settings > Switch on Location Services by going to Privacy > Location Services. You may switch it off and again enable it after 10-20 seconds once it’s on. This will fix the Find My Friends not working issue.

Method 3: Set Date and Time properly

Find My Friends will not work properly if the date and time are wrong. Users might have to change the date and time immediately if both you and your contacts manually set the time. The program would get the current time from the networks under this manner, and it will operate correctly.

Navigate to Settings > Go to General > Select Date & Time from the drop-down menu. Put Automatically is turned on. If it already has it, switch it off for 10-20 seconds and enable it again.

Method 4: Switch on Share My Location in iCloud

Your Share My Location feature in iCloud must be switched on for Find My Friends to operate. This really is crucial to the success of Find My Friends. Many individuals overlook this, resulting in the Find My Friends not functioning problem. Switch on Share My Location by going to Settings > iCloud account then moving to Find My and over there switch on  Share My Location.

Method 5: Make sure to switch off Hide my location feature

To protect their privacy, customers could choose to turn off location sharing. It’s possible that your contact has activated the Hide My Location setting, resulting in the message “location not found.” To switch on Share My Location, have the friend launch the Find My Friends application.

Method 6: Hard reset your device

Force restarting the iPhone can clean off all running programmes and update the memory, which can resolve small problems that lead to the Find My Friends not working bug.

Alternatives for Find my friend’s applications

  1. OwnTracks- OwnTracks is a personal geolocation assistant, allowing users to keep control of their position. Users can keep the location journal personal or post it along with family members and friends.
  2. Glympse – Glympse is a simple and secure way to communicate your current location in live time. There is no matter to register. There’s no need to operate an online community. Simply send someone a Glympse via mail, Text. The geolocation is only disclosed for the time period you set, after which it is turned off.
  3. Life360- Life360 lets you monitor the bustle of everyday family situations by telling you the truth: concerned with information all members of the family are -What surrounding security spots and hazards are. A complimentary bridge family is also accessible.
  4. Mapple- By just utilizing a mobile phone in the pocket, Mapple. I straddle the line across time allotted and accessible contacts, allowing you to establish social connections in everyday life. Though with people you may have forgotten about or with whom you have lost contact.
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Find My Friends and Family is software that allows you to locate your relatives and friends. One can use GPS to find a path to the target place and then get an estimate of how long it will take the visitor to arrive at the destination. If you or one of your colleagues becomes split from you, all you should do is hit the symbol in the application, and this will reconnect you with the companion.

As a result, one might conclude that if you need to make a trip plan, you can use the Find My Friend application. If you are equipped, all you have to do now is organize & ready for your next journey.

Create a Find My Friends account

Find My Friends is factory downloaded on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod if you’re running iOS 9 or higher. Log in to when you’re using iOS 8 or older. The Find My application is available on iOS 13 and later, as well as macOS Catalina and afterward. Find My Friends is immediately signed in only when you login into it with the Apple ID.

Navigate to the Apple Watch application on the iPhone to enable Find My Friends alerts on the Apple Watch. Now move to My Watch, press Notifications, slide down and Find Friends, and click to enable Mirror iPhone alerts. If the user is operating watchOS 4 or 5, users may also enable alerts from the Notification Center. To access Location Services, move to Settings then navigate forward to General, and after that tap on Location Services. Then select Share My Location from the drop-down menu.

One could also broadcast the current location with the family using the Find My Friends via the Family Share option available over there.

How to add a friend on Find My Friends

If you want to utilize Find My Friends, make sure the mates have it installed on the devices as well. On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, users could only establish friends through Find My Friends.

  • Step1: Run the app Finds My Friends.
  • Step2: Click on add.
  • Step3: To submit the request, select a friend or input one‘s email address, then touch Send or Done.
  • Step4: Users can see their friend’s position in a menu or on a map in the Find My Friends application when they decide to accept their location.

Share Your Location with Others

You can also start sharing the position with particular individuals and participants of one’s Apple Family. 

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings then move to Privacy.
  • Step 2: Finally click on Location Services to enable this feature. 
  • Step 3: Turn the Location Tracking toggle on.
  • Step 4: Select Share My Location. 
  • Step 5: Switch on the Share My Location option.

This location is now visible to all representatives of your Apple Family. Click the name of a member of the family to verify that you are revealing your position with them. Your position is presently getting shared if indeed the option indicates Stop Sharing My Location.

Share Location With Phone Contacts 

  • Step 1:Click the People tab in the Find My application on the iPhone to disclose your position with someone from outside your Apple Family. 
  • Step 2:Just choose the identity of a person with whom you would like to disclose your current location by tapping the Share My Location option. Alternatively, you can insert that person’s contact form.
  • Step 3:Select if you feel the need to share your current position with that individual for a time, till the middle of a day, or forever after tapping Send.
  • Step 4:Individuals will then be requested to submit their location with the people on the receiving end of the line. 
  • Step 5:People will be able to get in touch with you immediately, obtain routes to your current location, and receive updates about you, just the same as you.
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How to stop sharing location

To stop the location from being shared, go to the Me page and deactivate Share My Location (it will not delete other location-based services). To refuse to share a current position with a specific individual, go to the People page and click that person. Visitors can then opt to conceal themselves from them by selecting Stop Sharing My Location, or eliminate them by selecting Remove Friend.

How to find a lost iOS device with the Find my Friends application

The Find My app could also help you locate a misplaced Apple product, such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Smartwatch, AirPods, and any other AirTag-enabled gadget. To see a catalog of Apple products connected to the Apple ID or Apple Family, go to the Devices section within the application.

To see the location of the lost gadget on the maps, click the entry. One can then make a device produce a ringtone, obtain turn-by-turn instructions, leave a message for the missing gadget, close it down, or wipe all of its information.

Group Communicator

You may also join a team to debate several of the issues more efficiently. One could use it as an organizer to help you prepare out some of your tasks. Bring your friends’ ideas and viewpoints into consideration as well. One could also talk about your upcoming group excursions and vacations. Additional preparation for the journey, such as what goods are required and where to buy, can indeed be performed.

One can indeed talk about the interesting things you are planning to do with this vacation. So you and other pals can determine how to get there hiking and what attractions to see with your buddies, as well as when to go. After you’ve planned everything, one may start to prepare for the vacation, such as collecting personal belongings.

The greatest aspect of the vacation, whether it was a debate that you’re doing the finest preparation with some colleagues and you do not even get to use the additional applications, which might cause some problems, is that you can do better preparation with fellow companions. Users also would not need to have a tour, and you would not have to deal with the hassle of having to look at a handbook while touring. While using a program, that has provided everyone this security, will become the finest traveling or trip with other buddies.


This is all there is to it as to how to fix Find my friends not working or not functioning properly. Check to see if you and your friends have always had the needed settings switched on.

Find My Friends is a generally secure application for finding one another’s whereabouts. One can protect their digital privacy by using a solid account passcode. One may, however, approve or eliminate persons from the listing if you no longer would like them to be able to find the location. One can also utilize fake location applications in an emergency. It is reasonable to try.


How to fix find my friend if it works only with wifi ?

Begin by double-checking the time and date on the iPhone before linking to Wi-Fi.
Verify the mobile data connection to see whether you have quite enough current internet connections if that still doesn’t answer. To inquire about the current membership state, you can utilize the USSD code or contact the service provider’s contact center.
If the subscription state is correct but the difficulty continues, upgrade the iPhone to remedy the issues. Simply navigate to System then move to Settings and further click on Software Updates and select Check for Updates. If an upgrade is discovered, install it and then try a fresh.