apkpure: Applications and personal reviews


apkpure is a very cool application for all tech users. It provides us with all types of apps that are blocked by Play Store and App Store.

In the ancient world, there is no means of communication. People or we can say the uneducated people are living their lives based on an unknown force. Till now, they have no idea what is going to happen in future generations. Like that, life goes, and there was no one to come forward and improves the way of living. But destiny has something else to show.

A revolutionary period started with the invention of the phone. At that time, it was only simple bulky stuff through which you can talk and communicate. At a later stage, the model improved, becoming more and more advanced. Then comes a period when the civilization moved to software or a portable generation. The advancement of mobile phones started becoming popular. And now, in every house, there are at least three phones. So the importance of a phone can be known from this instance.

Now a mobile phone is nothing without applications or apps. An application is a hard-coded software through which a user can do complex tasks very quickly. The apps are in different forms ranging from education to gaming. But the tech companies have developed some in-built application which comes with the phone. The advantage is that those apps are the most secure and reliable applications. But the main problem is that the in-built apps cannot be removed from the phone. So it ultimately takes the space on the phone.

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"apkpure": Applications and personal reviews

Uses of Apkpure

The usage of the phone is increasing at a steeper rate day by day. But people are using applications at a much higher rate than phones other features. So to meet the demand of consumers, the app creators are always on their move. They are developing new and advanced apps based on new technology. But this also goes worth creating.

Apps like Facebook, and all apps are excellent and very lovable applications. If they get vanished or being blocked by stores ,what will happen?

Sounds INSANE!!!

Not these applications, but some very productive applications always get blocked. The Play Store and App store are in constant surveillance. They prevent many forms in which they think that those apps will harm their community. But in this process, people miss the best apps of the century. The case can be different in some situations. People download those applications. But after some time, the Paly store and App store ban those applications due to some circumstances. So in this condition, people suffer from unavoidable situations. But the power rests with the more prominent organizations. And people become hopeless.

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There is an angel, or we can say a service which will avoid all those circumstances. They are the defenders of all blocked applications. In simple terms, a user can find any kind of apps which is somehow and somewhat blocked by Google and Apple stores. It is called “apkpure. It is an application within a bundle which you will download through their official website.

"apkpure": Applications and personal reviews


“apkpure ” is simply a website that provides mobile download free software. This app or an apk was founded in 2014. Now “APKPURE” has developed itself and it is growing and becoming very popular nowadays.

The “APKPURE” team has some specific goals and objectives that they claim to fulfill. They provide better and safer software to download. “APKPURE” is also a faster software to use and download the required software. They have the best collection of known, unknown and underrated applications which could have shaken the market. So “apkpure” has a fantastic selection of apps, games, and history version list. Some files or applications requires some additional data to start the installation process. So you have to download the other files or some extensions to do it. But “APKPURE” is far away from such type of things. “apkpure” does not have any file extension. So it is 100% sure that no apps will require additional extensions. A user only has to download the apk of the app you want to use and then directly install that app.

"apkpure": Applications and personal reviews

When a company or a small business earns its name and fame. it gets associated with significant and multinational companies. The “APKPURE” team get commissions out of the several downloads and sponsorships. But the app is way ahead of these things. “apkpure”does not associate with any multinational companies. So ultimately, the “apkpure” team takes full responsibility for any actions taken behind the applications. The “APKPURE” only shares the valid apps, which is also without a virus so that consumers’ phone doesn’t get hacked and their hopes with “APKPURE” will decrease.


“apkpure” is a software that is made using an android studio, which is an engine provided by Google to make android applications. It has a very classic and straightforward UI to make users easy to understand everything quite clearly. The creators have also used some javascript codes to make it more interactive.

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Besides this, the “apkpure” team also has a great way to solve another problem. And there is also a question

How do they get the applications?

The answer is my viewers and all my constant learners and app developers sitting somewhere in the middle of the world. The developers create some fantastic applications, and if their apps get removed by stores, then they opt for “apkpure.”

But as “apkpure” is fully authorized so it cannot fake its customers. The team cannot upload a fake app or a led virus application that can harm their servers. So the “apkpure” has developed a signature verification security option. The developers who want to download have to give a scanned signature to enter into the portal. So the application which the creators or developers will upload will go to the “apkpure” team. The team will verify that signature with their database. After the green signal, the team will upload that app on their website.

There is also a package downloader or an APK downloader through which a user can directly download any application with a specific ID. This feature is only restricted to free apps only. So you have to be a premium user to access all applications.

Now the question arrives as to how to download and install “apkpure”?

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How to download and install “apkpure”

Firstly you should have a phone.


The “apkpure” application is available for both Android and iOS operated phones.

So first and foremost, you have to go to their official website called “apkpure”.com. Then you have to sign up to their website using your phone number or your email.

Then you can see all the details, including some applications which are displayed for your proof and convenience.

There will be a QR code on the bottom right corner of the screen. So just open your phone and go to settings or search bar in the app menu. From there, each “scanner.” In some mobile phones, the scanner is being installed as default. But in some cases, it does not.

So you have to download a scanner app, which will be a third party application. After installing that app open the form. There will be a scanner ready to scan.

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Take your mobile phone and scan the QR code on the screen.

After scanning the photo, the software will automatically redirect the phone to their package installer website. There will be an option to download the file or the APK.

But before that, just go to settings. In there, search for “app permissions.” Head into that option or bar and swipe right the permission option to allow all other applications to get installed from browsers network.

After that, install the “apkpure” file. After some time, it will fit, and now you are ready to enjoy it.


I use that app. From my experience, I can say that as a technical and passionate fellow, it helped me a lot. I got some fantastic applications that are not available on google or App stores. It solved my many problems. I also recommend every reader to download and share this thought to your friends. Not mine, many users are super positive towards the “apkpure” application. So I can rate the app as a cent percent application.

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Lastly, I can conclude that in the world full of comprising attitude bearing environment, there are some guys out there always try to extend our compromises. Thanks to them!!

We are living in a world full of technologies and inventions. But now the advancements are converting to real-world applications. So a user has to access applications because if that app helps that user in any way, it is good. “apkpure” is one of the best services given by some dedicated developers out there. Humans are in a permanent move for changes. They have to adapt themselves to the speed of the real-world day to day revolutions in the market. And if mobile operating makes it easy, then the usage of phones are worthy enough. And it is our job to provide some services like “apkpure” which will make their way of living much more comfortable.