Arlo App For PC

Arlo App For PC

In this article, we discuss about the Arlo app in PC. What is it, and what are the features we will get in this application? How to install it in your PC. We also discuss about the emulators. What is it and which best suits this application.

All about Arlo

Arlo App For PC
Arlo App For PC

Today, this era and generation are known for mobile phones or smartphones. Everything around us as well the services today is available on our mobile devices. The thing which we want to do and thing things we want to serve is done by only tapping some options in our machine. For improving this, Arlo technologies had started and manufactured our smartphones in our hand handle the cameras which are used for our security.

But some of the users still want that they should control their cameras or we can say multiple cameras from their computers as well as laptops. For the solution, now Arlo is on the PC. This van is suitable for PC users.

Why Arlo??

Several things will tell you to use this Arlo application on your PC. The first reason is that Arlo is an absolutely free application that will help in many scenarios. You can connect your Arlo branded camera to it. After connecting and login to your Arlo account, you can keep track of your home as well as of your office that what are different types of activities holding on your home as well as your office in your absence.

Initially, many users use this application on their phone. But there are some of the users who want to use their application on the desktop. But although there is no official application is available for the desktop but one can still use in on the PC.

Options Available In PC

If anyone downloads the Arlo application in his Windows PC, then these are the features well as options that are available inside this application.

  • Monitoring of Video with the support of the audio as well as the motion detection system.
  • The users who are using this application with the paring of Arlo cameras then this application with extra options is free from them.
  • With the application, the users have an extra advantage because they get a high-quality premium styled camera absolutely free with it.
  • This application is capable of viewing high-quality video as well as audio.
  • It can pair with multiple cameras of Arlo within few seconds.
  • There is the option of recording the video with the audio as well you can replay it.
  • The best options for this application areen11 as well as Cloud Activity Zones.
  • You have access to enabling the notifications of any activity that is holding in your camera, which is connected.
  • The way of managing the Arlo Camera is straightforward and not complicated.
  • For operating the cameras perfectly, it has the best user interface and very simple also.
  • The video available is in High Definition(HD).
  • When you are away from the location of the camera, then also you can keep the check on the people who pass by your camera.
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Options Available In PC Arlo App
Options Available In PC Arlo App

There are other many features available in this application. You can get the benefit passes request by downloading it on your PC. You can download this app by an application known as an emulator. This emulator helps us that, it will accept the way of the Android operating system, and it will convert it into your PC system.

Due to this, you can use any application in your PC, which is already in your Android. So due to this fantastic function of this application,  you can just use the Android application of the Arlo app on your desktop.


There are many emulators from which you can run any application on your PC. In the world of the internet, there are many numbers of available if we talk about the actors. But all of them are not created for all the purposes. So to run the particular application in your PC, you have to select a perfect emulator for this.

So from the many numbers of emulators present in the market, we have selected the Bluestaks emulator for this purpose.

Bluestacks Emulator

In all over the internet the most downloaded emulator as well as the most used email, or is the Bluestaks emulator. There are many numbers of reasons for it. It is most famous because numbers emulator we can get the best graphics or we can say the best background for any application. It also has the best staff for the support and customization of any application.

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The main or the most used application of this emulator is to play the highly rated games on the PC. But it is also the best emulator on the internet for the app like the Arlo. The user can get the bright, undisturbed as well the high-quality video as well as the audio experience and also the full screen displaying on our computer desktop.

How to download the Bluestaks app in your PC
  1. Open any browser and on the text bar type Bluestaks and search it.
  2. Click on the first link or the top link that appears on your desktop.
  3. Confirm the application by checking that the logo would be official with the copyright and after checking click on the download button.
  4. After the download gets over, go to the download section on your PC and click the install button.
  5. All the permission that this application will ask you to do.
  6. After that, set up the Bluestacks emulator.
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How to download Arlo app in your PC

Especially for the users of the PC who are interested in this application only in their PC, there is a method for downloading the Arlo application. The development team of the Arlo technologies has not made a version of the app for PC users. But due to some of the experts, the users of the PC can download and use this Arlo application in their PC.

  1. Download and install the Bluestacks Emulator if you did not download it previously from the above steps.
  2. Open the Bluestaks application, and now at the homepage of this application, you can see the search bar on the top.
  3. Type Arlo Camera App in it and click on the download. (For checking that whether the application is official or not you can check it by seeing the number of downloads.)
  4. After the downloading gets over, l. Then go to the download section in your PC and click the install button.
  5. After installing, allow the permissions and turn on them and now this application is set up, and it is ready to use.

After it had been downloaded and installed, you can set up this application for using it by the above steps. Now you can set up your account in this application by just tapping the option of Arlo Login. By using this application, pair all the Arlo cameras to your Arlo application on your PC.

Linking Multiple Cameras

As we have mentioned earlier, one of the essential features of using this application is that the linking of multiple cameras to the application. Also, if we use this app on PC., then even on our desktop, we can get the best experience out of it.

If we link the multiple cameras to it, then this process does not take enough time to do it, but it takes only a few steps. Also, after that, the excellent quality of the camera does not reduce. After connecting the cameras to it, if the connection is made, it stays reliable, and it does not drop signals, and there is no loss of video as well as audio.

Security Parameters

There are many features available in this application as I have mentioned earlier, but here are some of the main important features of this application. These are the features required when you are on the go and are not present in the location of the camera. This app has the support of detecting the sound near to the camera. It there is any disturbance on the standard audio, and if the application through camera hears a loud noise, it will alert you by notification on your phone or PC.

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By this feature, any casualty can be prevented. For example, it can protect your home as well as the office by if someone breaks in, there you get the notification as well the camera samples with high quality and when the alarm goes off.

The main benefit that will get is for the Arlo branded camera users, it will be free of cost for those users, and you don’t have to pay a single penny for this application.

Simple to Use

The user interface for this application is very some and not confusing. The methods of login, as well as connecting the cameras, are about to 3-4 steps. This is also a factor that makes the Arlo application is user recommended.

Quick Support

There can be a possibility, ty that can be still confused about how to download as well as install the application. Or you don’t know how to use this application. You can call the toll-free number of Arlo technologies. +1 888-352-3810


Here we discussed the Arlo application also the steps to download it and about the emulators and why we use them also, which is the best emulator that suits this application. We had also discussed the features of this application and how it is helpful to them.