Are banks closed on veterans day- Understanding Holiday

Veterans Day, observed annually on November 11th, is a time when the United States pays homage to military veterans who have served their country. It’s a federal holiday marked by ceremonies, parades, and various commemorative events. For many, it’s also a day off work, including for employees in various sectors. But what about banks? Are they closed on Veterans Day?

The Banking Sector on Veterans Day

Traditionally, Veterans Day is recognized as a federal holiday, which means that most government offices, including post offices and other public services, are closed. For banks, the norm is generally to follow suit. The majority of banks across the country close their doors on Veterans Day in observance of the holiday.

However, it’s important to note that not all banks adhere to this practice. Some branches, especially those located in retail spaces like shopping malls, might remain open. These exceptions are, however, quite rare. The best course of action for customers is to check with their specific bank for holiday hours.

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Online Banking: A 24/7 Service

In today’s digital age, even when physical bank branches are closed, online banking services remain operational. Customers can perform a variety of transactions – from checking balances to transferring funds – through their bank’s website or mobile app. This convenience ensures that banking needs are not entirely stalled by the holiday closure.

Planning Ahead for Veterans Day

For those who rely on in-person banking services, it’s wise to plan ahead. Completing necessary transactions in the days leading up to Veterans Day can save from any inconvenience caused by the closures. Moreover, ATMs will continue to operate, providing access to cash.

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An Opportunity to Reflect

While the closure of banks on Veterans Day might bring minor disruptions to financial routines, it also offers a moment to pause and reflect on the significance of the day. This holiday is not just another day off but a time to honor the sacrifices and contributions of the nation’s veterans. By closing their doors, banks, too, participate in this day of respect and remembrance.


In summary, most banks in the United States close on Veterans Day, adhering to the standard practice for federal holidays. While this might require some pre-planning for in-person banking needs, the omnipresence of online banking services ensures continuous access to most banking functions. Above all, Veterans Day stands as a poignant reminder of the bravery and service of military veterans, and the temporary closure of banks plays a small part in acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the nation.